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Issue: 2753

Dated: 04 May 2021

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Boris Johnson’s crimes deserve full reckoning

“These were always going to be difficult elections for us. We’re not expecting miracles on Thursday night.” Those were the words of Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy on Sunday—at the end of a week of scandal and crisis for the Tories.

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Back Sharon Graham for Unite union general secretary

The Unite union general secretary election race is about to begin following Len McCluskey’s announcement earlier this month that he will step down from the role.

Victory against outsourcer Mitie at Carlisle hospital

Solid strikes by more than 150 workers have won a commitment to unsocial hours payments

Police officer beat black woman 34 times—but he isn’t facing assault charges

'Rather than helping her as he should have done, he violently assaulted her,' says the victim's cousin

Thousands join marches against Tory police bill across Britain

Around 4,000 people marched against the Tories’ protest-smashing police bill in London on International Workers’ Day, Saturday.

Activists hold day of action for Scottish independence

Activists across Scotland staged a day of action for independence on Saturday.

XR activists acquitted over printing plant protests

The protests were able to delay the distribution of newspapers including The Sun, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail. The estimated cost of this delay was £1.2 million.

Woolwich ferry + Go North West + Goodlord + Devonport + Bromley + ENCIRC

Ferry workers in Woolwich, east London, have voted overwhelmingly to strike in solidarity with a victimised union representative.

Britain remains in danger despite lockdown lifting

The media is abuzz with talk of relaxing and lifting lockdown restrictions and virus cases are low in Britain at the moment. But that doesn’t mean that the risks have gone away completely.

Fight brews at coffee giant Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Workers at Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) in Banbury, Oxfordshire, were set to strike for 24 hours this Saturday.

Nazi cop jailed under terror law

A British police officer has been jailed for four years and four months for being a neo‑Nazi.

Education workers strike in Stockport and Redbridge

Workers at Marple and Cheadle Sixth Form in Stockport, and Beal High School in Redbridge, struck last week

Jobcentres safety ballot + Thurrock fightbacks + University jobs battles + Sandwell strikes

The PCS union is to ballot Jobcentre members over the return to unsafe workplaces

Police were ‘kicking the shit’ out of Dalian Atkinson before his death, jury hears

At least two kicks by a police officer to Dalian Atkinson’s forehead had “enough force to leave imprints”, a court has heard.

Students occupy at four universities after ‘consistent let downs’ in pandemic

Students in Sheffield, Manchester and Nottingham are furious over the way they have been treated by Tories and vice chancellors during the pandemic.

The European Union paid and trained the military thugs in Myanmar

The EU provided more than £35 million to the Myanmar police between 2016 and 2021

Scottish college lecturers show strikes are way to beat fire and rehire threats

Scottish college lecturers have won a major victory against the threat of nation-wide fire and rehire.

School strikes fight victimisations of union reps

A series of strikes are hitting schools across England this week—many of them sparked by the victimisation of union reps.

Grenfell survivors’ anger as they say authorities have tried to shift blame

Grenfell Community Campaigners protested on Wednesday outside the inquiry into the fire that killed 72 people in 2017.

Plea to open Leppings Lane gate was ‘deleted’ from Hillsborough police statement, court hears

A jury has been shown the first amended statements from officers on duty during the 1989 Hillsborough football disaster.


Splits at top over India’s Covid crisis

India’s hard right prime minister Narendra Modi is finally feeling the heat after weeks of Covid-19 devastating the country.

Movement in Myanmar could turn towards armed struggle

The slaughter of democracy protesters in Myanmar ramped up again last weekend

Revolt over tax increase in Colombia

Furious protests in Colombia have forced the right wing government to back down from plans to raise taxes on goods bought by ordinary people

Vaccine used to attack rights in New Zealand and Hong Kong

New Zealand’s customs agency has sacked nine border workers, while in Hong Kong hundreds of thousands of migrant workers could lose their jobs

French government’s racist crackdowns fuel far right coup threats

The French government is ramping up measures against migrants and Muslims—just as far right forces threaten a coup.


New book shows how the British state could break

The Scottish elections could pose a major threat to Boris Johnson’s government.

The roots of armed struggle in Northern Ireland

​​​​​​​Repression led to uprising and armed struggle, explains Simon Basketter

Neoliberalism is alive and useful to rulers

Is neoliberalism over? This is what many of its defenders are beginning to fear. Chris Giles, the economics editor of the Financial Times, recently lamented, “The left is winning the economic battle of ideas.”


How does culture affect the human brain?

John Parrington spoke to Sophie Squire about his new book Mind Shift

Israeli apartheid unmasked

An explosive report has laid bare the horror of Israel’s apartheid state. It also underlines that the state relies on the continued repression of Palestinians, writes Nick Clark. And to change that we need a movement of resistance

Vaccine disparity—is imperialism in workers’ interests?

As India’s health system collapses under a new wave of Covid-19, Socialist Worker examines whether Western workers are gaining from the way imperialism operates


Cowboys—a Western that’s also a coming out journey

A trans boy and his father go on the run in search of freedom, in this welcome exploration of the tensions that can accompany coming out

Beast Beast—growing up and shattered innocence in a US suburb

Beast Beast brings together the lives of three young people in what feels like a long hazy summer, coming-of-age drama.

The Bike Thief tells a story of precarity, poverty and survival

The family of a Romanian delivery driver teeters on the brink when his motorbike goes missing, in The Bike Thief

What We Think

DUP haters gonna hate

The 100th anniversary of the sectarian state in Northern Ireland was marked by the announcement that Edwin Poots and Jeffrey Donaldson are bidding to lead the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

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Ian Gregory 1953-2021

He will be fondly remembered in Sheffield and London by the many comrades whose lives he touched.

LETTERS—How medical monopolies wreck the lives of millions

The vaccine rollout is a cause for celebration for many, but it also shines a spotlight on Western domination over the Global South.

Oil and gas firms lobbying for the military in Myanmar

Oil and gas firms are pressing governments hard not to impose any measures on Myanmar that might hurt their profits.

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