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Issue: 2754

Dated: 11 May 2021

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Attacks on Palestinians show Israel is a racist state

Israel’s drive to force Palestinians from their homes is at the root of its renewed assault on the Gaza Strip

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Big pharma giant Pfizer rakes in bumper profits after cashing in on public money

Pfizer, one of the richest drug companies in the world, is making hundreds of millions of pounds in profits from its Covid-19 vaccine.

Over 2,000 refugees die after EU state pushbacks

More than 2,000 refugees have died during the pandemic as a result of illegal pushbacks by countries in the European Union (EU).

Madrid elections see left punished for record in government

The conservatives and the far right surged to new heights and will govern the capital

Vote left in Unison national executive elections

Voting has begun in the elections for the Unison union’s leading body, the national executive committee (NEC).

Solicitor advised police officer to ‘review’ criticism of top cops after Hillsborough disaster

A solicitor advised a police officer to review his criticism of senior officers on duty during the Hillsborough football disaster, a court heard on Wednesday.

Labour’s turn to the right fails in Hartlepool by-election

The result should be proof that working class people are not easily won over by flag-waving and pledges of support for the army and the cops.

The cops murdered anti-fascist Blair Peach—then spied on his partner

Celia Stubbs gave evidence to the Undercover Policing Inquiry (UCPI) on Thursday.

Fire sweeps 19-storey building with cladding similar to Grenfell

Parts of the eighth, ninth and tenth floors of the high-rise in east London were ablaze on Friday

Letters—Protests against football bosses show contradictions

To see thousands of football fans on the streets opposing the way the billionaire owners had planned to rig the game and stop the European Super League has been brilliant.

Marxism 2021 online event debates where next for the left

A weekend of discussion brought socialists together in the aftermath of elections that underlined Labour's failings

Tories celebrate local election results while Starmer signals further shift to right

The Tories are celebrating following Thursday’s local elections in England. 

Scottish activists say mass mobilisations needed to win independence after election

Parties in favour of Scottish independence have won a majority in the Scottish parliament elections

Vile queen’s speech sets out Tories’ vicious agenda

The Queen’s Speech read in parliament on Tuesday unveiled the Tories’ plans for future attacks.

JDE coffee workers’ strike is an instant hit

“We’re aiming for a knockout in round three, but if we have to go the full 12 rounds then we’re ready.”

Britain’s crimes in Northern Ireland covered up

The government’s plan to announce a bar on prosecutions of soldiers who killed in Northern Ireland was due on the same day as the inquest report into the Ballymurphy massacre. That saw British soldiers kill ten people in 1971.

Strikes get Huddersfield union rep reinstated as school fights grow

Suspended NEU union rep Louise Lewis returns to work following a series of strikes at North Huddersfield Trust School.

Social care plans a sham

Attacks on ordinary people are being masked by proposals to support the adult social care system and NHS.

The Labour left is angry with Starmer, but pushes a failed project of ‘unity’

Left wing Labour MPs responded to the election results by appealing to Keir Starmer to bring them back into the fold. Meanwhile, Starmer prepared a further shift to the right.

DVLA pickets stand firm despite management intimidation + Bolt drivers revolt + Norwich council

Strikers at the Driver, and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) defied bosses’ threats and kept up pickets during their four-day walkout last week.

Greens gain but are limited

The Green Party gained more than 80 council seats in England and Wales.

Liverpool university set for 14 days of strikes + Leicester resistance

Workers at the University of Liverpool are set to stage three weeks of strikes to defend jobs. The action by nearly 1,300 UCU union members will see walkouts between 24 to 28 May, 1 to 4 June and 7 to 11 June.

Keep up local battles in Scottish FE

After the successful national strike in Scotland by EIS-Fela union college lecturers, battles continue at individual colleges.

Bus drivers angry after strikes end in let down over pay

Strikes by London bus workers have ended after an offer was made to workers that many felt wasn’t good enough, reports Sam Ord

Cops in Dalian Atkinson case ‘colluded’, court hears

The two West Mercia police officers, on trial over the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson in August 2016, have been accused of “collusion”.

After 50 years, Ballymurphy massacre victims declared ‘entirely innocent’

John McKerr's daughter Anne Ferguson said, “I wondered, with the length of time that had passed, whether it was all going to be worth it. In the end, it is.


Mexico City maintenance workers issued over a dozen warnings before metro disaster

The horrific disaster on Mexico City’s metro railway system—with at least 24 people dead and dozens more seriously injured—was long in the making.

International roundup—Fear as Covid-19 spreads from India to Nepal

India’s Covid-19 crisis is spreading across the border into neighbouring Nepal.

Fear of resistance sees Palestine election pulled

Caught in a three-way ­stand-off with a jailed ­resistance fighter and an exiled chief torturer, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas dived for cover.

Colombian protesters and strikers face down corrupt president Duque

Protests and strikes have erupted throughout Colombia in response to assaults by right wing president Ivan Duque. 

Resistance to Sheikh Jarrah evictions exposes Israeli state’s racism

An explosion of resistance against attempts to force Palestinians out of Jerusalem has exposed Israel’s racism and brutality.

History of Lydd and Ramle, cities at the heart of Palestinian revolt

Palestinians in Lydd and Ramle have faced decades of racist violence designed to drive them out and keep them a minority. It's the background to what is happening today.


Northern Ireland—the impact of imperialism and sectarianism today

Continuing division in Northern Ireland is a product of how the peace process was conducted by those at the top, writes Simon Basketter

Do the election results mean that class is dead?

Elections in Britain last week have led to announcements of the death of class and the end of a clear divide between “left and right”.


Podemos—trapped by the system

Radical left party Podemos sought to be an alternative to the corrupt political establishment but came to mirror its features. Sam Ord says hope for change in the Spanish state lies on organising outside of elections

Hartlepool and beyond—what went wrong with Labour’s vote?

After Labour’s disastrous showing in Hartlepool and in the local elections, Nick Clark asks why so many working class people have turned away from the party


The End of Men is a pandemic-era novel that cuts very close to the bone

This is a stunning book with an unfortunately horribly familiar theme—how to cope with a deadly pandemic

BBC documentary Extra Life explores the long history of racism and vaccines

Extra Life explores previous global pandemics to learn lessons in the fight against Covid-19

What We Think

Build united fightback to stop fire and rehire

Three quarters of people in Britain want bosses’ outrageous fire and rehire tactics scrapped. A poll conducted by Survation on behalf of the GMB union discovered that 76 percent of people believe the practice should be outlawed.

Lockdown eases, but virus hasn’t gone away

Boris Johnson has confirmed that the latest planned easing of coronavirus restrictions in England will go ahead.

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Royals for hire to lobby the Russian government

Prince Michael of Kent was willing to use his royal status for profit, and to seek favours from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Mental health made worse in pandemic by class and poverty

Depression and poor mental health have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Sadie Robinson explores a new report that shows how class affects people’s health and lives

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