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Issue: 2755

Dated: 18 May 2021

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It’s right to resist—Israel’s bloody assault is not ‘self-defence’

Israel’s latest assault has exposed it as a racist, violent state. Palestinians who resist are challenging that oppression. People who say ‘both sides’ must end violence are really siding with the oppressor

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Top cop said there was ‘nothing sinister’ about changes to police officer’s statement after Hillsborough

A former chief inspector told an officer there was “nothing sinister” about changes made to his statement on the Hillsborough disaster, a court has heard.

Anti-racists across Britain plan to take knee on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

The one-year anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd will see anti-racists in Britain mobilise against institutional racism.

Boris Johnson calls inquiry amid anger over Tories’ handling of pandemic

Boris Johnson has been forced to announce a public inquiry into the government’s handling of the pandemic.

XR co-founder arrested for conspiracy as state ramps up repression

The co-founder of Extinction Rebellion (XR) has been arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud and criminal damage on Tuesday.

Join protests for Palestine

Protests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for #SaveSheikhJarrah #StopBombingGaza #FreePalestine. Socialist Worker urges all its readers to support them.

Top companies cash in on coronavirus with ‘share buyback’ schemes

A swathe of the world’s richest companies are so overflowing with cash that they are spending record amounts on buying their own shares.

Hundreds mobilise to block immigration raid in Glasgow

After a magificent seven-hour protest, police were forced to release the detainees

Cities have no plans to deal with climate crisis

Scorching temperatures, rising sea levels, flooding and droughts are facing over half of the world’s population that live in cities.

100,000 march in London to support Palestinian resistance

Chants of “Israel is a terror state” filled central London on Saturday as 100,000 angry protesters marched in solidarity with Palestinians fighting Israel’s military might.

Keep up the battle over NHS pay in Scotland

Unison union members followed their leaders recommendation to accept 4 percent. But the RCN says it will keep pushing for a better deal.

Cop kicked Dalian Atkinson ‘similar to a footballer kicking a football’, jury hears

A police officer kicked Dalian Atkinson “similar to a footballer kicking a football with substantial force”, a court has heard.

Woolwich ferry strike supports victimised union rep

Ferry workers in Woolwich, east London, walked out on strike last Friday in solidarity with their union representative who is being victimised by management.

Tories ignore ‘Indian variant’ risk to ease Covid rules

Boris Johnson is once again ready to plunge us into grave coronavirus danger

Met cops investigated for reading Sarah Everard files

More than 30 Metropolitan police officers could be facing disciplinary action for looking up details of the abduction and murder of Sarah Everard

Council workers hit back in Norwich, Thurrock and Ealing

Strikes by around 170 environmental workers in Norwich are set to begin on 26 May

Strikes still brewing stronger at coffee giant JDE

Over 200 workers, their families and supporters turned out in a very impressive show of solidarity with the strike at the Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) coffee plant in Banbury, Oxfordshire, last Saturday.

Biomedical scientists + Jobcentre resistance +Abellio ScotRail + Encirc + Local Government

Biomedical scientists who do Covid-19 testing at a Lancashire NHS trust are ramping up their industrial action.

Strike call in Palestine is a new challenge to Israeli state

Palestinian campaigns and organisations have called for a general strike across all of Palestine to take place on Tuesday.

Leaways school workers score victory after strikes

Workers at Leaways special school in Hackney, east London, have won an important victory taking over 20 days of strikes since December 2020.

Fire and rehire defeated at Go North West, but at what price?

After 85 days of an all-out strike, 400 Manchester bus drivers employed by Go North West have beaten back bosses' plans to fire and rehire the workforce. But the company has still pushed through serious attacks on the workforce.

Tory councillor’s Grenfell cladding concern was its ‘champagne’ colour

A Tory councillor overseeing the Grenfell Tower refurbishment waded into a debate about switching to cheaper, combustible cladding only to say he didn’t like a “champagne” colour.


Protests spread across Israel and terrify state’s rulers

Palestinians have risen up in towns and cities across the Israeli state.

‘This criminality has no limits’—Palestinian in Gaza speaks out

Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip is causing “unprecedented horror,” a Palestinian living under the bombs has told Socialist Worker.

Palestinian revolt sweeps through the West Bank

The Palestinian revolt spread across the West Bank on Friday, while Israel sent troops to crack down in protests inside its own borders.

Biden stuck firmly to US backing Israel

US president Joe Biden made it clear this week that he will continue, like his predecessor Donald Trump, in unwavering support for Israel.

Israeli police back right wing settler violence

Israeli police have stood by as armed, right wing Jewish settlers run riot through Palestinian towns and neighbourhoods inside Israel’s borders.

Protests in Colombia continue to rock state

Angry protesters continue to take to the streets in Colombia for the third week in a row despite brutal repression.

Myanmar regime using human shields

The Myanmar military have used arrested civilians as “human shields” as they fought to retake the rebel town of Mindat.

Gaza bombing is ‘three times worse’ than 2014 assault

Israel has launched the heaviest airstrikes so far of its latest assault on the Gaza Strip.


Rulers failed to prepare for ‘preventable’ Covid-19

Sadie Robinson examines a new report exposing how world leaders’ response to coronavirus warnings led to the current crisis


Who is working class?

A debate is raging about the attributes that make us working class to try and understand why some are losing faith in the Labour Party. Isabel Ringrose explores what really defines class.

Middle East’s ‘pillar of democracy’ was a racist endeavour from the start

Following the annexation of land and Israeli independence, Palestinians were forced into neighbouring nations’ refugee camps.


Rare Beasts—a chaotic film with a confused message

Billie Piper wanted her first film to say something about sexism, parenthood and relationships—but what that something is isn’t clear

The High House is a vision of a dreadful future after climate catastrophe

It takes courage to write about climate catastrophe as it’s likely to unfold—steadily but also suddenly, and with a huge loss of life, in every sense of the word

What We Think

Britain plays vital role in Israel’s crimes

Britain is complicit in Israel’s murder of Palestinians—and that’s not just because of arms sales.

Report finds links between class and Covid exposure

A new Office for National Statistics report this week underlined how class has largely determined how much you were exposed to Covid-19.

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LETTERS—Rise in Green vote cannot hide party’s contradictions

What should we make of the rise of the Green Party in the recent elections?

Lord Lister and the loan for property developers

Homes England is a government agency set up with the purpose of funding “affordable homes”. It met on 9 May 2019 to consider a request from a luxury property company for a £187 million publicly-backed loan.

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