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Issue: 2756

Dated: 25 May 2021

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Israeli cops bring home war against Palestine

Israel makes it clear that it will try to crush Palestinian resistance after ceasefire says Nick Clark

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Trade unionists plan to take the knee on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

Anti-racists across Britain are preparing to take the knee on the one-year anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd next Tuesday, 25 May.

Palestine activists take direct action against Israeli war machine

Palestine Action said, 'Activists have taken direct action in response to Elbit’s funneling of arms to the Israeli occupation force, which is using them to commit war crimes in Gaza'.

Students hold protests at schools in solidarity with Palestine

At Clapton Girls' school in east London, students sat down and chanted “Free Palestine”. They refused to return to lessons.

Pimlico students celebrate as head resigns after anti-racist protest

Pupils at Pimlico Academy in central London are celebrating their headteacher’s resignation following allegations of racism.

University workers and students organise against multimillion pound arts cuts

University workers and students are organising against Tory plans to slash funding for arts subjects by 50 percent.

Don’t stop protest against the G7 gathering

The leaders of some of the most powerful states in the world will gather in June in Carbis Bay, Cornwall for the G7 summit.

Israeli cops launch fresh assault on Al Aqsa mosque

Israeli cops launched a new assault on Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank—just hours after declaring a ceasefire on the Gaza Strip.

180,000 demand freedom for Palestine on streets of London

Around 180,000 people marched in central London on Saturday to demand freedom for Palestine. Protests also took place in as many as 63 cities and towns across Britain

Dominic Cummings says herd immunity was ‘literally the official plan’ for pandemic

Senior ministers planned to respond to the coronavirus epidemic by letting infections rip through Britain in a bid to create “herd immunity”.

Top cop says it was ‘absolutely natural’ for police to defend itself after Hillsborough

A police chief who oversaw amendments to officers’ statements after the Hillsborough disaster said it was “absolutely natural” for the force to defend itself.

Determined Thurrock council strike halts cuts to pay

Determined strikes by ­workers at Thurrock council in Essex have pushed back assaults on their pay.

Two school strikes win, NEU union members fight on at four more

Nottingham Academy—After two days of strikes and the threat of more action workers have won a new offer from management.

Goodlord strikers sacked for fighting fire and rehire

Bosses at Goodlord property services firm in London have sacked workers striking against fire and rehire.

Round-up: JDE coffee, Veolia, Ealing, Norwich, Weetabix

Strikers at the Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) coffee plant in Banbury, Oxfordshire, were set to strike for 72 hours from Wednesday to Saturday this week.

Tories unveil new crackdown on migrants and refugees

Home secretary Priti Patel is trying to use racism to divide wokrers

University of Liverpool strikers battle for jobs and education

 The university has ranked workers to justify making some staff redundant.


General strike call sees resistance in all parts of Palestine

Palestinians mounted coordinate resistance against Israel in all parts of Palestine on Tuesday with a major strike and mass demonstrations.

Nigerian strike takes on job losses and wider issues

A massive five-day strike kicked off on Monday, in Kaduna, a state in the north western region of Nigeria

Ceasefire is no victory for Israel, but more resistance is needed

Israel has declared an end to its latest devastating assault on the Gaza Strip—but its siege and war on Palestinians will continue.

Why did Biden call on Israel to move to a ceasefire?

His move was not about preserving Palestinian lives. It was to do with an assessment of the resistance to Israel and satisfying US allies.

Movement in Colombia scores new victories

Protests, strikes and blockades have put president Ivan Duque under pressure


One-state is the solution for Palestinian liberation

As the myth of a two-state solution falls apart, Sam Ord argues why a one-state solution will truly free Palestine and end Israeli occupation

Israel’s strategy fuels resistance

There was never any doubt that the giant Israeli military machine could inflict terrible death and devastation on Gaza.


Imperialism and national liberation

Across the world in the face of imperialism and occupation, demands are put forward for self-determination and national independence.

Battle within a terror state

Across the whole of Palestine there have been signs of a new wave of resistance to Israel’s apartheid regime. Nick Clark talks to those on the front lines of the revolts


Exterminate All the Brutes—an uncompromising history of colonialism with a flaw

Raoul Peck takes an inventive approach to documentary-making with series Exterminate All the Brutes

Mdou Moctar’s Afrique Victime is an exciting and psychedelic album of Desert Blues

From the virtuosic guitarist, singer, and songwriter Mdou Moctar comes this musical and political tour de force

What We Think

BLM and Palestine—united in struggle

One year ago the police murder of George Floyd sparked waves of anger and resistance around the world.

Daniel Morgan murder report censored

Daniel Morgan was killed with an axe in 1987. Socialist Worker has long argued that the murder and its cover-up lies at the heart of the phone hacking scandal and much more. The police admitted to corruption in the first of the investigations into the murder.

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LETTERS—Halting deportations means keeping up militant response

We won a massive victory over immigration deportations last week on the streets of Pollokshields in Glasgow.

Tough year for rich with record rise in billionaires

 According to the The Sunday Times Rich List the combined wealth of Britain’s 250 richest people has grown by a sixth in the past year. It is up from £566 billion to £658 billion.

Police use mental distress claims to target Muslims

A new report has found that counter-terrorism police are using claims of mental distress to lock up and intimidate people, writes Isabel Ringrose

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