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Issue: 2757

Dated: 01 Jun 2021

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Resistance gives hope of break from Tory ‘normal’

Everyone wants to get back to normal. But what does that mean? For most people it means being able to go about daily life without restrictions and without fear of picking up and passing on the virus.

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One in six working households below poverty line, says new report

Poverty is accelerating and workers are increasingly hit as well as people on benefits.

Fury after Goodlord strikers sacked for fighting fire and rehire

Some 80 trade unionists showed their solid support on Tuesday for the Goodlord strikers who have been fired.

Anti-racists take the knee across Britain on anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

Anti-racists took the knee in workplaces and local areas across Britain on the one-year anniversary of the police murder of George Floyd.

Hillsborough relatives say court case collapse is ‘mockery’ and ‘farce’

Families of the Hillsborough disaster victims slammed the judge's decision

Dominic Cummings confirms Tories’ handling of Covid-19 let thousands die

In evidence to MPs, he savaged Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock to boost himself

Trade union membership rises in pandemic—but no room for complacency

More workers are getting organised against bosses’ attacks. The number in trade unions in Britain rose by 118,000 last year to 6.56 million.

Sheila Coleman—collapse of Hillsborough trial is ‘indictment of the system’

A leading Hillsborough justice campaigner said, "We didn’t think it would end this way. But we didn’t hold any hope of guilty verdicts, especially after the big players got off.

New billionaires cash in on Covid-19 vaccine production

Profiting from the Covid-19 vaccine has directly created at least nine new billionaires with a combined wealth of nearly £14 billion.

Cops’ use of handcuffs was ‘more likely than not’ a factor in Dalian Atkinson’s death

The use of handcuffs on Dalian Atkinson was “more likely than not” a factor in his death, a court has heard.

‘It’s time to build workplace power’—Unite union leadership candidate Sharon Graham

The politicians have failed. Job losses are racking up, emboldened employers are continuing the race to the bottom, new tactics such as fire and rehire remain legal and the floor keeps dropping.

Cab fight continues as union wins Uber deal

Taxi service Uber has struck a union recognition deal with the GMB union.

End to the eviction ban will mean more misery

The ban on home evictions was set to be lifted in England on Tuesday, with hundreds of thousands of people facing the threat of homelessness.

Without a fightback, the Tories will survive Cummings’ revelations

Without opposition to the Tories, Cummings’ attacks will fall flat

End of lockdown restrictions will risk new devastating coronavirus wave

Britain may be in the early stages of a third wave of coronavirus, scientists are warning

Liverpool university striker argues why it’s right to picket

UCU union members at the University of Liverpool continued to strike this week to stop the compulsory redundancies of staff in our Health and Life Sciences faculty.

Strikes win NEU rep's reinstatement + Islington Sixth Form + Moulsecoomb primary + Tendring Technology College

Victimised NEU union rep Kirstie Paton has been reinstated following strikes at John Roan School in Greenwich, south London,

Israel continues to terrorise Palestine

As Palestinians face severe repression, the threat of a fightback still scares the Israeli leaders. Nick Clark looks at the scale of the crackdown and explains the Israeli political crisis

Battles for NHS pay justice in Scotland and England

Health workers in Scotland campaigning for a decent pay rise were set to march on the Edinburgh parliament this Saturday.

More strikes at DVLA + Brush Electrical + JDE coffee + Encirc + Bromley libraries + Boats protest

Workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea have called two more strikes set to take place later this month.

Tube strikes can derail Tory plans for raft of attacks

London Underground workers are preparing to fight Tory plans to push through millions of pounds worth of cuts.

Swansea DVLA workers strike for coronavirus safety after Tories put brakes on deal

Strikers at a major government office are in a head on battle with the Tories over coronavirus safety and the drive to reopen workplaces.


Mali’s military ousts prime minister after strikes shake country’s rulers

The president and prime minister of Mali, West Africa, have been ousted by the army officer who led a military coup last year.

Brazilian protesters demand the fall of Bolsonaro

Following the chaos caused by the mishandling of the pandemic in Brazil, Sophie Squire reports on the mass protests calling for change

Violence against protests increases in Colombia while talks collapse

Protests are continuing to rage in Colombia despite escalating state violence.


What is behind the fears about inflation?

One issue is dominating discussion of the major economies—inflation. This has to do with both reality and fear.


What does it mean to be non-binary?

The Tories’ determination not to recognise people who are non-binary helps spread fear and prejudice. Isabel Ringrose spoke to people at the sharp end of this pernicious form of discrimination

Why the US backs Israel

The US sometimes poses as a friend of Palestinians—but will never end its support for Israel. Sophie Squire explains what’s behind their relationship


After Love—a disturbing yet beautiful film about grief and identity

In After Love, recently bereaved Mary Hussain discovers her husband’s secret life—and what she has in common with his other family, writes Sophie Squire

Time—a tense and claustrophobic prison drama

The BBC is making a big deal of this new three-part prison drama—and not just because of its big name actors

What We Think

Tories push racist myths to divide—open borders for all

The deadline for European Union citizens to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) on 31 June is drawing steadily nearer.

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LETTERS—Spirit of anti-racism grows—and my hospital is proof

Sometimes years of patient work as anti-racists and trade unionists pays off.

Priti Patel was lobbying over dodgy PPE deals

Home secretary Priti Patel faces fresh questions over lobbying to help her former adviser land multimillion pound PPE deals.

The NHS will allow businesses full access to your health data

NHS England is opening up patients’ medical records for sale to corporations—including Big Pharma. Sam Ord looks at how our data is being collated and shared for reasons of profit

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