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Issue: 2758

Dated: 08 Jun 2021

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G7 deal will not make big businesses pay their tax

Finance ministers from G7 countries gathered in London on Saturday to declare victory over corporate tax avoidance.

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Close Napier barracks after court rules the site is damaging for refugees

 Six refugees won a legal challenge against the government on Thursday.

Tower Hamlets GPs won’t comply with Tory plan to share patient data with corporations

Opposition is growing to Tory plans that would allow private businesses and others to access the full medical histories of 55 million NHS patients in England.

Bosses and right wing MPs demand ‘freedom day’ as dangerous Covid-19 variant spreads

A battle over the lifting of coronavirus restrictions is raging at the heart of the government.

Remembering Chanie Rosenberg

Here we publish our readers' memories of Chanie Rosenberg. You can contribute yours through

Workers to pay for pandemic

Low paid workers face a jobs “rollercoaster” after the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by the Resolution Foundation.

Mass picket hits back at JDE bosses’ pay threats

Workers at the JDE coffee factory in Oxfordshire are defiant after receiving ‘fire and rehire’ letters last week

University jobs fight spreads from Liverpool to Leicester and Sussex

UCU union members at the university of Liverpool were set to take four more days of strike this week

Onto the streets for the NHS on 3 July + Fighting for pay justice in Scotland

Campaigners and health workers are set to come together on 3 July in ­protests that also celebrate the NHS’s 73 birthday.

Labour right cheers GMB union result

“Two down, one to go,” was how a Labour MP greeted the news last week that Gary Smith has been elected to lead the GMB union.

Cladding protests target developers + No to Silvertown tunnel

Thousands of flat owners and housing activists protested last Saturday across Britain over the cladding and fire safety scandal.

Two rail strikes in Scotland + Weetabix + Sunrise Medical + Redbridge school

 The RMT union has warned of a “summer of disruption” as strikes kick-off at ScotRail and the Caledonian Sleeper

Cop felt ‘big relief’ when Dalian Atkinson hit the floor after being tasered

The police officer charged with the murder of Dalian Atkinson told the court this week his “fear was through the roof” when he tasered the former footballer.

Cop pleads guilty to kidnap and rape of Sarah Everard

A Met police officer has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard, who disappeared while walking home in south London in March.

Taking furlough cash, then handing millions to shareholders

The major construction equipment rental firm, VP plc, will pay out £10 million having taken £7 million in state aid.


Mass grave of Indigenous children exposes Canada’s genocide

The discovery of 215 First Nation children’s remains at the site of Canada’s biggest residential school has sent a shockwave of grief and anger across the country.

US dockers and campaigners block Israeli ship in solidarity with Palestine

One activist said the action sent 'a clear message that Zionism, racism, apartheid and the occupation of Palestine will be met with resistance'

New Israeli leadership will continue Palestinian oppression

Israel could soon have a government led by a prime minister who has insisted Palestinians can never be allowed a state of their own.

Peruvian elections are a challenge to the elite

There could be tense battles ahead after the Peruvian presidential election, reports Sophie Squire

International round up: School strikers defy regime’s violence in Myanmar

Fierce resistance to the military regime in Myanmar is continuing, despite a renewed state crackdown.


British workers don’t benefit from less immigration

As the pandemic forced many migrant workers to return to their home countries, Socialist Worker asks if British workers have benefited.

Huge anger at the Tories lies just beneath the surface

"The Banality of evil” is a phrase coined by the philosopher Hannah Arendt when she was covering the trial of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.


Tory school recovery plans won’t benefit children

For the Department of Education it is vital that children “catch up” on the hours of education lost due to the pandemic.

G7 Summit—world leaders accelerate towards climate chaos

The G7 Summit this week in Cornwall will see the world’s most powerful leaders discuss a response to the environmental emergency. Sophie Squire explores the leaders’ response to the climate crisis that is threatening all our futures

The Peasants’ Revolt—when people fought corruption

In 1381 thousands of peasants stormed London and demanded change from the king. Nick Clark explains why the Peasants’ Revolt holds important lessons 640 years on


A city in revolt, seen through the eyes of its Labour mayor

This BBC documentary follows mayor Marvin Rees as he faces up to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s interesting—and infuriating

Internalised homophobia, sexism, and ‘sounding gay’

David Thorpe’s documentary Do I Sound Gay? follows his journey through speech therapy as he attempts to adjust his voice

What We Think

Show the red card to Johnson’s racism

Football fans booing England players taking the knee last week is an issue that goes further than sport. It shows how racism is structured and used by the elite.

Keir Starmer woos union tops

Union conference season is in full swing, so Labour leader Keir Starmer is schmoozing the bureaucrats

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Chanie Rosenberg 1922-2021

Chanie Rosenberg, who has died aged 99, spent her life fighting the injustices that are still at the centre of world politics today.

Letters—Profit amid Sri Lanka devastation

My home land of Sri Lanka is being despoiled by people who put money first. A chemical-laden cargo ship sank off the coast near the city of Colombo last week.

The Troublemaker—Care home raised fees to line rich bosses’ pockets

Britain’s biggest care home ­operator raised fees for residents in the pandemic while funnelling cash to its super-rich owners.

How profit-hungry developers broke the housing system

Housing exposes obscene wealth and hard poverty in Britain today. Behind it all is a system where houses are built for profit, not homes

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