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Issue: 2760

Dated: 22 Jun 2021

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NHS workers speak out—Tory Harding wants racist health service

How dare Dido Harding, the would-be boss of the NHS, attack tens of thousands of “foreign” health workers working in Britain?

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Inquiry urged to uncover truth about police shooting of Jermaine Baker

Jermaine Baker was killed by a Metropolitan police officer in 2015—despite being unarmed.

Hospitalisation from Covid-19 surges as Cummings makes new charges

The increasing numbers of people being hospitalised by Covid-19 ought to be a warning to those who argue that the virus is essentially “over”.

Batley and Spen by-election spells further disaster for Starmer

The Labour Party is in trouble in the Batley and Spen by-election—and it deserves to be in trouble.

Rape conviction figures show how the system fails women

The Tories have been forced to apologise for “failing” rape victims after the number of convictions for rape plummeted.

Biden injects billions into Big Pharma to compete

The US government spent more than £13 billion last year funding multinational drugs firms to make Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.

Letters—Scotland failing on climate target as Cop26 approaches

It's particularly outrageous as Glasgow will host this year’s UN climate conference in November.

Does the Tories’ by-election hammering show ‘progressive alliance’ is the answer?

The Liberal Democrats’ win in the Chesham and Amersham by-election has sparked hopes that the Tories’ “blue wall” of seats in the south of England is collapsing.

Join protests against transphobia this weekend

London Trans+ pride was set to go ahead on Saturday of this week in the wake of rising transphobia.

Mobilisations called after the SNP fails to push for Scottish independence

“What are we waiting for?” is the collective cry from the independence movement in Scotland.

Activists target a museum over links with Shell

Climate fighters protested at London’s Science Museum last week. Meanwhile the Tories are failing to act on climate change, reports Sophie Squire

Oppose Tommy Robinson’s mobilisation in Batley and Spen

Fascist Tommy Robinson is planning to demonstrate in Batley and Spen this Saturday to support far right candidates in the upcoming by-election.

Train workers fight bosses’ attempt to make them pay for the pandemic

Rail workers across Britain are fighting back against corporate greed by striking in battles over pay and conditions.

Lining up behind Turner is no win for left in Unite union election

Turner represents a continuation of the policies and direction that Unite has followed in recent years

Crunch coming at the JDE fire and rehire battle

The 291 workers have had notice of termination of their current contract and are under pressure to sign up to the new terms before the end of August

Colleges ballot for strikes over pay + New assault at Liverpool university + Pimlico and Redbridge school battles

The pay gap between ­college and school teachers currently stands at £9,000 a year

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller protest is set for 7 July in London

A summer of campaigning against new anti-Traveller laws kicks off with a rally in Parliament Square

Battle at Amazon Gateshead + More Woolwich ferry strikes + RLH + UVW + Usdaw at DHL

A battle has broken out at the construction of a new Amazon Warehouse in Gateshead.

Anti-racists demand Tory MP Drax hands back family’s old slave plantation to people of Barbados

Anti-racists in Dorset have told their Tory MP—whose family fortune comes from the slave trade—that “it’s time” for justice.

Bolt drivers strike and protest for pay and safety

“So many trips that I do simply aren’t worth it. I’m making just over £1 per mile sometimes, and that’s before Bolt takes its cut," said a driver

Police officer guilty of manslaughter of Dalian Atkinson in landmark verdict

A police officer has been found guilty of the manslaughter and cleared of the murder of Dalian Atkinson.

Forth Valley College workers hail ‘total capitulation by management’ after strikes

Workers at Forth Valley College (FVC) in Falkirk, Alloa and Stirling are celebrating a victory for strikes and campaigning.

Reject Tory flag-waving after British and Russian naval clash

British and Russian warships violently confronted each other in the Black Sea this week.


Crisis intensifies within the DUP

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is about to select its third leader this year. Which is a lot for a party ­steadfastly against change.

US drives up pressure on Iran after election

Iran’s presidential election has the US and Israel rallying their allies in the Middle East, reports Nick Clark

Poor result for Nazis in France—but not over yet

Just one in three potential voters took part in the first round of regional elections across France last Sunday.

Nine Catalan political prisoners freed, but the struggle is far from over

The nine were arrested in the wake of the 2017 Catalan independence referendum for their involvement in organising the vote, demonstrations and mass civil disobedience.


Biden tries to pull Russia into his battle with China

Presidents Putin and Biden met last week for a summit. Socialist Worker investigates what the outcome means for imperialism

Covid has stirred up the labour market

The general agitation about inflation continues among the bosses


How the Corn Laws split the ruling class

It has been 175 years since the repeal of the Corn Laws. Isabel Ringrose explores how the bosses’ arguments over trade can open the door for working class resistance

Why the cops are corrupt to the core

The inquiry into the investigations into the murder of Daniel Morgan declared last week that the Metropolitan Police is ‘institutionally corrupt’. Simon Basketter explains why fraud is built into the police


On the frontline in Belarus

Aliaksei Paluyan’s documentary shot in Minsk during the anti government protests captures the horror of living a life under tyranny, writes Julia Ryder

Heartbreaking road movie where time is the enemy film

How to say goodbye to your loved one after you’ve discovered your mind is to be ravaged by early onset dementia?

What We Think

Anti-racism isn’t to blame for Tory education failures

The Tories have discovered the terrible injustices faced by working class children. And they are very angry about them. Or at least they are pretending to be, to fuel a different agenda.

Bomb inquiry falls short

Who could have stopped the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017? According to the official inquiry, it was two low paid teenage stewards. Sir John Saunders, chair of the public inquiry into the bombing, said there were “serious shortcomings” and missed opportunities to prevent the attack.

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Ikea furniture giant fined for spying on 400 of its workers

Did it happen in Britain? A French court has ordered Ikea to pay a fine of £860,000 after the furniture chain was found guilty of spying on staff.

GB News is a joke, but the left can’t sit back and laugh

Seeking to emulate ‘shock jock’ TV channels in the US, GB News launched last week hoping to find an audience on the angry right. Sophie Squire explains

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