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Issue: 2761

Dated: 29 Jun 2021

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Sajid Javid will front new attack on safety and NHS

New health secretary Sajid Javid has been hired by Boris Johnson as a hitman.

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Hundreds of anti-racists in Batley, and no show from Tommy Robinson

A handful of fascists were met by 250 anti-fascists from Stand Up To Racism, Muslim groups and trade unions.

People’s Assembly march in London unites anger at Tories

A left wing march of thousands of people through central London on Saturday brought together many strands of anger at the Tory government.

10,000 demand trans rights now on militant march in London

It was twice the size of last year's protest—and shows the growing anger at the Tories' attacks on trans rights.

Extinction Rebellion protests take on media tycoons’ silence on scale of climate crisis

The action was called to highlight the failure of the mainstream press to address the severity of the climate crisis

Labour’s troubles in Batley and Spen are damning indictment of Starmer

The Batley and Spen by-election was set to deliver a shock this week. But it wasn't clear what the shock would be.

Prepare now for NHS pay fight + Royal London hospital strike

Health workers in England and Wales need to be ready to respond quickly to a new pay offer that could emerge in the next few days.

Anti-lockdown protest was contradictory pull to right

At least 30,000 ­demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday to call for an end to lockdown.

Victory for workers’ action at Amazon Gateshead

Workers at the ­construction site of a new Amazon Warehouse in Gateshead, near Newcastle, last Friday won their fight against contractors who sacked them.

More action needed as Tories’ hated anti-protest bill is back in Commons

The Tories’ protest-smashing bill is due back in the House of Commons next week for discussion on amendments following the committee stage.

DVLA strikes hit hard + Woolwich Ferry new action + Tower Hamlets Unison + round up

Workers’ action at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has caused a backlog of work for bosses to sort out.

Oaks Park teachers take battle to Labour council

Strikers at Oaks Park High School in Redbridge, east London, protested against their Labour-run council for backing their bosses in a fight against victimisation

Rally to build fights over jobs and wages in universities and colleges

Members of the UCU union are organising to unite the struggle for better pay and conditions across all of further and higher education

Sandwell Leisure Trust workers strike against fire and rehire

Unison union members working for Sandwell Leisure Trust in the West Midlands struck last Friday in a battle against fire and rehire.


Protesters show anger at Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has launched a crackdown on protesters and activists in West Bank cities.

Heat wave shows climate danger

A heat wave across the US pacific northwest is a reminder of how climate change can lead to weather events that are potentially “life-endangering”.


How capitalism tries to profit from our bodies

The new series of Love Island is launching. Sophie Squire investigates why certain body types are marketed to us, and the pressure to buy into them

China’s champions of state capitalism

Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese ambassador to Britain, recently tweeted a picture of him visiting Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate, London.


Palestine—is one state possible?

The idea of a single-state solution in Palestine is gaining traction, but some say that ‘old hatreds’ make this impossible. Nick Clark argues that resistance can break the hold of reactionary ideas and lead to a Palestinian state

Ultraviolence—giving voice to victims of killer cops

Director Ken Fero talks to Socialist Worker about injustice and his new film Ultraviolence

What’s behind the downfall of social democracy?

Following Labour’s poor showing in recent by-elections Nick Clark explores the pattern of declining support for social democratic parties across Europe.


Great satire about class in surreal comedy caper How to Kidnap the Rich

In How to Kidnap the Rich, a spoilt rich kid and his poor, smart manager are stitched up and forced on the run

Old superstitions and modern prejudices in Witch Hunt

What if witch trials happened in the 21st century, where magic was real?

What We Think

Divisions at top should open door for struggle

Boris Johnson would like to take credit for Matt Hancock’s resignation as health secretary.

Resist racist Tory rules

EU citizens and refugees are feeling the sharp impact of the Tories’ racist immigration clampdown. This Wednesday was the deadline for EU citizens to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme, which protects rights such as employment and healthcare in Britain.

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LETTERS—John Bercow joining Labour signals its rightward shift

The shadow Justice minister Karl Turner is “delighted” that the last speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow has defected from the Tories to join Labour. This is a view strangely echoed by John McDonnell.

Letters—Johnson plays a dangerous game with our health

The government is putting profit before health—again. This time it’s to prioritise football matches.

US paramilitary training for Khashoggi assassins

Four Saudis who participated in the 2018 killing of columnist Jamal Khashoggi received paramilitary ­training in the United States the ­previous year under a contract approved by the US State Department.

Back Sharon Graham in Unite vote, say workers

Unite members speak to Isabel Ringrose on why backing Sharon Graham for Unite general secretary is linked to the fight for workplace organising

Danger as Tories plan to end school Covid-19 safety rules

Failed education secretary Gavin Williamson wants to end the system of pupil ‘bubbles’ even as coronavirus cases soar. Sophie Squire talked to school workers who now fear the worst

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