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Issue: 2764

Dated: 20 Jul 2021

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NHS workers say they want action to win on pay

The Tories have delivered another blow to NHS workers. Now workers’ fury has to be turned into action for a 15 percent rise.

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Tory plan to deport Zimbabweans could be a ‘death sentence’

The Tories are pressing ahead with more mass deportations.

Sir Keir Starmer’s love of being respectable

Nearly half way through Keir Starmer—A Life of Contrasts, we finally hear something about his politics.

Anti-racists take knee on Whitehall over Tories’ football hypocrisy

 Protests across Britain have confronted Tory racism

From Cuba: a description of the protests

As a service to a fuller understanding of the recent Cuban protests, we publish a description by socialists in Cuba.

Dorset rally targets Tory’s family’s slave trade past

Around 350 anti-racists joined a lively and noisy rally on Saturday organised by Stand Up To Racism Dorset to demand slavery justice from Tory MP Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax.

Rolls-Royce Barnoldswick on strike again after bosses’ betrayal

The previous strikes won a guarantee that there would be no redundancies for two years. But already workers have started to be offloaded.

Asylum seeker dies as a result of Tories’ immigration policy

An asylum seeker was found dead at a hotel near Heathrow airport on Sunday. This tragedy has occurred just a day before the Tories’ racist immigration bill was due for its second reading in the House of Commons.

Beis strikers in renewed battle with ISS outsourcer + three battles by cleaners

Outsourced workers at the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (Beis) in central London began a three day strike on Monday of this week.

Keir Starmer’s left wing purge marks further shift to the right

After two terrible by-election results in Hartlepool, and Batley and Spen, Keir Starmer is trying desperately to rescue his leadership of the Labour Party by turning further to the right.

St Mungo’s strike ends + Barry Gravediggers + Tower Hamlets council + Weetabix

Strikes at housing charity St Mungo’s have been called off

Tory freedom day disaster

As Covid cases continue to soar the Tories have decided to lift all restrictions and scientists are already ringing alarm bells, writes Sam Ord

Protest wants to reclaim pride

Reclaim Pride is set to go ahead on Saturday to tell Boris Johnson “to stop stalling on LGBT+ rights” and march for LGBT+ liberation.

Extinction Rebellion activists convicted despite Tory interference in arrests

The verdict came at the end of a trial that revealed Tory home secretary Priti Patel interfered personally in how the protest was policed

Workers set for autumn pay strikes at 15 colleges

Most of the colleges that passed the thresholds demanded by anti-union laws did so with yes votes of over 80 percent

Labour-run council won’t listen after Valence Primary School strikes

Valence Primary school teachers in Dagenham, east London, have completed six strike days escalating over three weeks

Strikes on Night Tube are coming down the line

Workers on the London Underground are set to strike for four days over bosses’ proposals to abolish the Night Tube train drivers’ grade

No to Troubles amnesty

A protest was held at Free Derry Corner last Saturday over British government plans to bring in a Troubles “amnesty”.


‘It can’t be business as usual in South Africa after this’

 South African activists analyse what caused a social explosion last week


Struggle, not football shirts, can win the working class

Some think that appealing rightwards is the way to win over working class people. Simon Basketter says ‘left populism’ is a dead end

Why the National Food Strategy fails

Food has become deeply politicised. There is growing anger at a food system that badly impacts our health and the environment.


US imperialism, capitalism and Cuban protests

The current protests in Cuba have raised arguments. Sophie Squire analyses the nature of Cuban state capitalism, the pressure from the US and today’s revolt.

Genoa—when we made the world’s elite tremble

Huge anti-capitalist protests in Italy 20 years ago today were a turning point in an anti-capitalist movement that spread across the globe


Anger out of fear—the New Cross Fire remembered

A documentary by director Steve McQueen remembers the black-led revolts of 1981—beginning with rage at the New Cross fire

Night of the Kings—factions and folk tales in unsettling prison drama

This strange, folk-tale like fantasy prison thriller might be unlike any film you’ve seen before

What We Think

The Israeli state sells spyware to boost power

Israel is very proud of its tech industry. So it can’t pretend it has nothing to do with the use of Israeli hacking software.

No to vaccine passports

Boris Johnson ironically announced on “freedom day” that vaccine passports will soon be required in England.

Other Categories

Letters—Now the climate change horrors are coming home

The horrific effects of climate change have been growing for years.

Big pharma caught over charging and missing tax

Top drug companies have been found guilty of increasing the price of a life-saving steroid treatment by more than 10,000 per cent and ­paying rivals to stay out of the market.

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