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Issue: 2766

Dated: 03 Aug 2021

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New secret club of millionaire Conservative donors revealed

A secret club for major Tory donors has been holding regular meetings and calls with prime minister Boris Johnson and the chancellor Rishi Sunak.

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Damning reports reveal child abuse the state ignored

Separate inquiries into child sexual abuse at two councils are shocking accounts of how poor children are cast aside by the system, writes Simon Basketter

Health workers rage at Tory pay insult outside Downing Street

Around 200 health workers and their supporters joined a march to Downing Street on Friday to protest against the Tory pay insult.

Cheers as Big Ride for Palestine arrives in east London

At least 200 cyclists ended four days of cycling in solidarity with Palestine with a rally in east London on Sunday.

Biffa’s dirty secret

Britain’s largest waste company, Biffa, has been fined over £1 million for dumping tonnes of rubbish in India and Indonesia.

Thousands of NHS staff begin voting on action over pay

Thousands of health ­workers received online ballot papers this week asking them if they are ­prepared to take industrial action over pay.

Cage launch court challenge over right to raise Palestine in schools

Rights organisation Cage is challenging the Tory education minister after he sent a letter to headteachers stifling students’ support for Palestine.

‘These venues are ours’—hundreds march against council cuts in Glasgow

More than 300 trade unionists and campaigners marched and rallied in Glasgow on Saturday against council cuts

Reports round-up: DVLA workers strike to drive up Covid safety standards 

A strike at the university of Liverpool was set to go ahead on Wednesday if university management didn’t backtrack on making six members of staff redundant. 

Transport round-up: ScotRail workers still on track for regular walkouts

ScotRail workers are still on track for regular walkouts. East Midlands train workers conduct strikes over pay. And while the Tube strike is delayed, action is still possible down the line.

Battling bin workers of Bexley refuse to give in 


Independence rally in the ‘Yes city’ Dundee 

Around 250 people joined a rally for Scottish independence in Dundee City Square last Saturday. 

Occupation wrong answer in Afghanistan

The people responsible for wrecking Afghanistan are now wringing their hands at the chaos that they have left behind.

Liverpool university workers launch 10 days of strikes to stop all job cuts

Workers at the University of Liverpool headed back to the picket line on Wednesday to begin 10 days of strikes against compulsory redundancies.

Minimum wage dodging bosses owe workers millions

Bosses who’ve broken minimum wage laws owe more than £2 million to 34,000 workers, according to business department data.

Palestine solidarity activists take action at Israeli drone maker’s British headquarters

At least two activists occupied an awning above the entrance to a building housing the British headquarters of Israel’s largest arms company on Friday.

Health workers say ‘strikes are only way’ to protect the NHS

Furious health workers in England are readying themselves for industrial action as more unions ballot over the Tories’ meagre 3 percent pay rise.


Israeli settlers move to evict Palestinians

Israel’s supreme court was set to rule on the eviction case that sparked the Palestinian uprising earlier this year, as Socialist Worker went to press.

Delta variant outbreaks around the world show new Covid danger

The US’s chief medical adviser has warned that “things will get worse” as coronavirus cases soar

Senior general makes himself prime minister in Myanmar

The head of the military dictatorship in Myanmar this week declared himself prime minister of a “caretaker government”

New rage on streets of Guatemala

Thousands of angry protesters took to the streets in Guatemala this week to call for the resignation of president Alejandro Giammattei

Right move against new left wing president in Peru

Bosses are trying to sabotage Pedro Castillo


Blame legacy of Thatcherism for Scotland’s drug death figures

The latest research into drug deaths in Scotland shows a horrifying 1,300 people died last year as a consequence of drug misuse.

What’s behind the right’s war on Critical Race Theory?

Why is a low level war raging in the US on the subject of Critical Race Theory?

The Taliban—terror that the US made

The Taliban movement is retaking control of Afghanistan after two decades of Western occupation. Nick Clark explores the group


What’s behind the turmoil in Tunisia?

Ten years since the revolution Tunisia is facing a coup. Nick Clark explains how corruption, Covid and parliamentary betrayals have fed support for a new government

Up in flames—ten years after the 2011 riots

Austerity and police racism is an explosive mix

Lessons of the US strike in the skies 40 years ago

It’s forty years since the US air traffic controllers’ strike— and its terrible defeat. Socialist Worker looks back at the dispute and assesses prospects for US unions today

Their system is the real firestarter

Wildfires raging across European countries are part of a worldwide climate catastrophe. Our rulers are content to call the fires a ‘natural disaster’—but their drive for profit is the real cause, say socialists in affected areas


Medicine for the soul—the Edinburgh Festival returns

Physically-distanced theatre is now permitted in Scotland. Critic Mark Brown offers highlights from this year’s Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe

Heroism and horror—true story of Auschwitz escape

Slovakia’s Oscar submission for best international film tells the true story of two Auschwitz prisoners who escaped hell.

Brilliant dystopian thriller where money reigns supreme

A rich woman is forced into turmoil as violent uprisings and coups surround her. It’s a stark reminder of the realities in Latin America, says Fran Yepes

Struggles, fights and danger in pursuit of a payout

Desperate people thrashing to escape perilous situations forms the plot of this South Korean film, Beasts Clawing at Straws.

What We Think

Easing travel rules puts profit before health

Following immense pressure from travel industry tycoons, Britain’s international travel restrictions will be eased.

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Letters—‘Small steps’ won’t help stop the climate crisis, action can

If strategies from Allegra Stratton, the prime minister’s spokesperson for the COP26 climate summit, are anything to go by then November’s meeting will do nothing to arrest environmental crisis.

Letters—Drug related deaths show the brutality of neoliberalism

Scotland’s drug deaths are an indicator of a sick society. For seven consecutive years, Scotland has had the highest rate in Europe.

Empty shelves—nothing super about the market

With shelves staying bare and shortages predicted to get worse, Sophie Squire looks at what’s behind the crisis and pins the blame on production for profit

Cruising through climate damage and tax avoidance

As cruise ships return to the seas following the pandemic and Venice decides to ban large ships, Simon Basketter explores how the cruise industry works

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