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Issue: 2768

Dated: 17 Aug 2021

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The defeat of the West’s Afghanistan war

After 20 years, at least a ­quarter of a million killings and trillions of pounds spent on military assaults, the Taliban has overthrown the Western-backed government in Afghanistan.

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Tories demand exams that will condemn students as failures

But even under the teacher-assessed system, sharp class divisions remain

Jamaica deportation flight shows how Home Office ‘dehumanises people’

In another sign of the Tories’ racist assault, they pushed ahead with a deportation flight to Jamaica in the face of coronavirus fears and legal challenges.

Pret A Manger bosses’ attacks show union leaders must be ready to fight

The Tories have underlined how they are going to keep attacking workers’ living standards. And bosses are following them with new attacks as people return to workplaces and furlough ends.

Tory privatisation plan will make NHS waiting list crisis worse

The NHS is facing record-breaking waiting lists for routine treatment—and the crisis is will likely get worse if Tory plans to “reform” the health service go through.

Liverpool university strikers keep fighting, and inspire others to resist

The fight for jobs has already had a big impact. An initial list of 47 compulsory redundancies has been reduced to two.

Day of action called to Kill the Bill

A day of action against the Tories’ protest-smashing police bill has been called for Saturday. Demonstrations are set to take place in London and other cities to resist the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill.

Filmmaker Ken Loach booted out of Labour

Another principled left winger purged from the Labour Party means the ‘stay and fight’ strategy is even less credible, argues Nick Clark.

Britain had bloody role in war on Afghanistan

No one should be in any doubt that Afghanistan was Britain’s war as much as it was the US’s.

Leaked climate report lays blame on the rich

A group of ­scientists have leaked their own ­forthcoming report because they think politicians will interfere to blunt their policy recommendations

New ferry strikes over bosses’ rotten offer

Woolwich Ferry workers in London have launched more strikes after talks with Transport for London bosses broke down

Time to vote for Sharon Graham

Ballots for the Unite union general secretary election close on Monday 23 August

More ballots on NHS pay

More health unions are balloting their members over the government’s appalling 3 percent pay rise for NHS workers in England

Reports round-up: Polyflor strikers want to floor greedy company

Production staff at Greater Manchester flooring firm Polyflor are continuing their strikes

One in 16 firms could close when furlough pay ends

One million workers are employed by businesses at critical risk of closing operations within the next three months.

Key articles on the defeat of imperialism in Afghanistan

Here are some of our key articles written as the regime in Afghanistan collapsed, a grievous defeat for British and US imperialism


South African police unleash wave of violence against poor

In a brutal response to recent riots and looting, South African police are terrorising poor people and demanding receipts for their food and other goods.

Algerian government fiddles as country burns

At least 71 people have died in Algeria as forest fires sweep through large parts of the north African country.

What does Afghan defeat mean for US imperialism?

The words of US president Joe Biden have come back to haunt him awfully quickly.

Earthquake causes new devastation across Haiti

As Haiti is struck by earthquakes, Sam Ord explores the damage that imperialism has done


One month from the 11 July protests. A declaration by Comunistas Cuba

This article was originally published on the website of Comunistas Cuba.

What we said as the war began in Afghanistan

In September 2001, as the West moved to start bombing Afghanistan, Socialist Worker spoke out against the war. This was our editorial comment

West’s Afghan failures led to reborn Taliban

When the West invaded Afghanistan some two ¬decades ago, their cheerleaders in the media earnestly claimed the regime change would bring with it liberal progress.


Will the economy recover from Covid-19?

As we begin to emerge from lockdown restrictions with companies reopening, Rob Hoveman examines what’s behind the turmoil and if the economy will now bounce back.

Why it’s right to target the City of London over climate change

Extinction Rebellion is preparing to launch action against the City of London. Nick Clark investigates how the mysterious district finances climate catastrophe as part of its wider service to the bosses' system


Censor—a cult horror film that’s a gory tribute to cult horror films

Censor has plenty of knowing references to the video nasties of the 1980s

Red Soil—when earning a living also means losing your life

Based on a chilling reality, Nour uncovers hidden truths while working as a nurse at the French chemical plant her father has been at for 30 years

What We Think

Massacres were the true face of Afghan war

US president Joe Biden broke open a decades‑long lie on Monday. Seeking to justify his policies, he said the brutal war on Afghanistan was never about “nation-building”.

Labour’s war guilt

Not two weeks ago, Labour’s leader Keir Starmer said his party should be “very proud” of its right wing governments’ “achievements” under Tony Blair.

Other Categories

Letters—The latest vaccine failure exposes more Tory greed

Tory health secretary Sajid Javid confirmed this week that the government is to begin administering booster vaccines in the autumn.

Will we discover who the Tories put in ‘VIP lane’?

The government has been forced to say it will publish all the names of companies that received PPE contracts after being referred into a fast-track “VIP lane” by ministers.

Be realistic—why we can stop fossil fuel investment

Stopping investment in fossil fuels immediately can be done—but it takes a break from the priorities of the system to do it

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