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Issue: 2769

Dated: 24 Aug 2021

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Don’t be fooled—there is money for refugees

The right is spinning arguments against refugees coming to Britain. They claim there’s “no room” or “not enough money” to take them all in.

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Keir Starmer wanted West to stay and fight in Afghanistan

Labour leader Keir Starmer has defended the Western invasion of Afghanistan and called for further Nato military alliance action to “apply pressure on the Taliban”.

The firms who made a fortune from the slaughter in Afghanistan

The US paid private contractors £136 billion, over the eight years to 2019.

‘Key worker’ would have to work a lifetime to earn a top chief executive’s pay award

The average chief executive officer (CEO) of one of Britain’s top firms is paid £2.69 million.

Extinction Rebellion stage action at ExxonMobil oil refinery

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists protested on Thursday against major expansion plans at Fawley Refinery in Hampshire, the biggest oil refinery in Britain.

House price hike will hit poor hardest

House prices in Britain are rising faster than they have in 17 years as people rush to beat a tax holiday deadline in England.

SNP and Greens agree power-sharing deal that avoids key issues

 The deal has no clear policies for genuine action over climate change, Trident and independence

‘Tories humiliate us’—Afghan refugee campaigner slams hypocrisy

“It is Britain and America who should take responsibility for their failures.”

The filthy lies about Afghan refugees that the Tories will take from Australia

Twenty years ago a rescue at sea by the Tampa ship was employed by the right wing Australian government to demonise Afghan refugees

Extinction Rebellion hits the streets

Extinction Rebellion (XR) kicked off their fourth major rebellion on Monday which they have named, "The Impossible Rebellion."

Five crucial questions about end of Afghanistan occupation

Imperialists are desperately trying to justify their 20 year Afghanistan occupation. Socialist Worker answers the crucial questions

Warmongers used racism then and now, say Muslim campaigners

Life for many Muslims changed for the worse when Britain invaded Afghanistan 20 years ago

Blair claims war on Muslims is strategically vital for West

Something of an echo of the establishment panic of the late 1960s is reverberating around the seats of power in Britain and the US.

Vote for pay fight in the NHS and councils

Workers across the public sector should unite against the Tories

Solid strikes carpet bosses at floor maker + reports round-up

Workers at Polyflor, in Whitefield, Greater Manchester, have won a much improved pay offer after a series of strikes.

Big demo against Merseyside’s new polluting motorway


Fightback at Royal Parks + housing fire safety protest

Outsourced cleaners working at Royal Parks in central London began their second week of a two-week strike on Monday of this week.


Israel hits protesters and aid in Palestine

Palestinians resisting Israeli occupation have been shot at during protests, reports Nick Clark


We need a wildly different system to restore nature

Our current society is responsible for huge environmental destruction. But the problem isn’t humans

State tried to derail Black Lives Matter

Something of an echo of the establishment panic of the late 1960s is reverberating around the seats of power in Britain and the US.


Climate change—voices from the Global South

Wildfires across southern Europe focused attention on climate change, just as reports showed how Earth is heading for disaster. But the Global South got barely a mention. Socialist Worker spoke to activists in Asia and Africa about how the crisis is affecting the less developed world

Afghanistan—first the Russians, then the US

Afghanistan has suffered through 43 years of war as a result of a series of imperialist interventions. Revulsion at that is the central reason why Kabul and the country’s other major cities were captured by the Taliban in such a short space of time.


Babylon’s Burning—music, culture and the fight against fascism

Author Rick Blackman told Socialist Worker about his new book linking three campaigns, from 1958 to today

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Ignoring Covid won’t work

Covid-19 related deaths in Britain stand at a shocking average of 100 each day according to official data. That’s a rise of 54 percent in a week.

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Letters—As an Afghan, I rejoice at the end of Western occupation

Being an elderly Afghan, I have despaired about the two grim decades of the British invasion.

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