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Issue: 2770

Dated: 31 Aug 2021

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US military continued killings of children in Afghanistan

The United States military left Afghanistan as it arrived—by killing children.

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Labour will rename Universal Credit, but won’t pledge to restore £20 a week cut

As 2.3 million claimants face cuts, Labour offers only empty words

Boost for left as Sharon Graham wins Unite general secretary election

Graham confounded those who said that if two left candidates stood then the winner would be the right

Extinction Rebellion on the streets for third day of action

Activists in Extinction Rebellion (XR) entered their third day of protest on Wednesday as part of the Impossible Rebellion.

Hunger and fear for people who were deported to Zimbabwe

Men deported to Zimbabwe by the Home Office last month are being forced to live on the streets and are in fear of arrest. Yet Priti Patel wants more mass deportations.

Philips recalls breathing machines in US but not in Britain

Medical equipment company Philips has recalled millions of machines used to treat sleep apnoea in the United States because of fears of potential serious harm to users.

Climate change and the Madagascar famine

Catastrophic climate change means floods, drought, fires—and famine. If you want to see what that means today, look at Madagascar, an island of nearly 30 million people off the coast of east Africa.

Climate activists target the city and the system to demand change

Extinction Rebellion (XR) took its Impossible Rebellion to the financial centre of Britain on Friday.

Johnson’s deadly calculus—let 50,000 die a year to keep profits flowing

Only if the Covid-19 death rate is over 1,000 a week for two or three weeks will ministers even start a discussion on re-imposing restrictions.

Cruel Tory asylum system awaits Afghan refugees

The situation for Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban and arriving in Britain is becoming ever more critical.

Lorry crisis is a chance to drive up workers’ pay

Bosses are already under pressure—giving drivers even more power to win

Resistance needed as council cuts loom

Councils in England, Wales and Scotland face huge budget deficits of almost £3 billion for the next financial year.

Labour Party is timid on benefits cut that will leave the poorest to struggle

But eager to show how much the party has changed since Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s welfare chief Jonathan Reynolds announced a different approach

Royal Parks cleaners end strike with strong rally + round-up

Outsourced cleaners working at Royal Parks in central London protested alongside their supporters at Speakers’ Corner on Monday to round off a two-week strike.

Solidarity with Paul Holmes

Supporters of victimised union rep Paul Holmes are calling on trade unionists to join a solidarity lobby at the start of his disciplinary hearing.

Strike vote result coming at the DVLA + Sainsbury’s lorry drivers + Westminster parking wardens

Workers at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea have been voting on whether to continue their strikes.

Labour doesn’t want unions in the party, says bakers’ union leader

Ian Hodson, president of the Bfawu union, faces expulsion from the Labour Party after being listed as a sponsor of an organisation now banned by leader Keir Starmer. Now, Bfawu union members are set to debate whether the union should disaffiliate from Labour—ending a link established in 1902. Hodson spoke to Socialist Worker


The climate crisis fuels hurricanes

Hurricane Ida has ­spread panic across the US Gulf Coast as 150 mile an hour winds and torrential rains lashed the state of Louisiana.

What is IS-K and what is its relationship with the Taliban?

The horrific attack on Kabul airport last week was claimed by a local branch of Islamic State called IS-K.


Cambo—how the state greases the wheels of profit

Why do politicians look set to allow a new oil drill off the coast of Scotland?

Don’t obscure Marx’s valuable insights

It is hazardous to treat the Grundrisse as where we can find the real Marx. But it looks as if this is where Harvey is going


Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism

Nick Clark looks at the US's and Britain's huge defeats in Afghanistan

Feminism, bombs and liberation

Lies are being spun that most Afghan women’s lives improved under the US occupation. Judy Cox explores the reality for Afghan women after 20 years of war

Hurricane Katrina—class, race and climate change

As flash flooding and tornadoes hit the north-east United States, Sophie Squire looks at the lessons from Hurricane Katrina in 2005


Bush’s thirst for Afghanistan war—as told in his own words

Featuring interviews with George Bush and his closest advisers, this BBC documentary reveals how they thirsted for war—and why

Souad—coming of age in Egypt

Souad paints a portrait of sisterhood, and the bond between two sisters growing up within the traditions of faith and family.

What We Think

Rebel against police powers

After a week of the “Impossible Rebellion” organised by Extinction Rebellion (XR), the police stepped up their repression to crush the climate protests.

Same lies to justify killings in Afghanistan two decades on

All the lies used to justify the terror the West inflicted on Afghanistan 20 years ago played out over its airstrike on children last week.

Other Categories

Letters—Unions must fight for safety as new school term begins

Education workers are returning to schools across England and Wales with mixed emotions.

The Troublemaker —300,000 homes could be built on London golf courses 

London’s golf courses make up an area larger than the borough of Brent and there is enough space on publicly owned courses to house 300,000 people, according to new research.

Where next after Sharon Graham’s victory in Unite?

After a win for the left in the Unite union general secretary election, workers spoke to Isabel Ringrose about their hope for change and how it can be won

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