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Issue: 2771

Dated: 07 Sep 2021

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Tories announce social care plan that is class war on workers

The Tories have unveiled a scheme that they say will deal with the social care crisis. It is a piece of class warfare favouring the rich and making workers pay.

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XR protesters slam Tory ‘greenwashing’ as rebellion continues

Extinction Rebellion (XR) protested outside parliament on Wednesday as the group continued its second week of action.

Fury as Texas bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy

This assault on women's rights is part of a sustained attack across large parts of the United States

Scottish independence activists rally against Trident and for new referendum

After static rallies, marches are planned in Stirling and Edinburgh for later this month

University strikes ‘inevitable’ after bosses’ new pension attack

Bosses are pushing ahead with huge cuts to workers' pensions.

Oppose rulers’ conventions bathed in blood

It’s arms fair season. Over the next couple of months top politicians, generals, weapons makers and dealers will gather at three major conventions across Britain.

Pro-choice protesters stand up to bigots’ annual march in London

Pro-choice activists protested in Parliament Square, central London, on Saturday against an annual anti-abortion march.

Hundreds on XR march demand an end to climate destruction

 'We’ve been explicit about the need to rebel against the system, and that it is an emergency,' said one protester

Anti-racists outnumber fascists in Croydon protests

Trade unionists and anti-fascists rallied in south London to say ‘Afghan refugees are welcome’ and to oppose racism, reports Michael Holland

Universal credit cuts mean it’s ‘heat or eat’

The Tories are pressing ahead with a £20 a week cut to Universal Credit. Two claimants told Socialist Worker how it will hit them

After Sharon Graham win, Unite activists want change

Now that Sharon Graham has taken over as general secretary of the Unite union, activists are discussing how to implement promises that were made during the election campaign.

Tell the SNP it’s right to strike during Cop26

The Scottish National Party (SNP), which is sometimes thought to be a “radical” alternative, is telling rail workers not to strike.

Scottish council workers closer to a strike

Scottish GMB union members in local government have moved closer to industrial action.

Solidarity rally supports Paul Holmes + NHS pay battle taken to Sajid Javid

Around 100 people joined a solidarity rally for victimised union rep Paul Holmes on Monday as his disciplinary hearing began.

Care staff shortages follow from low pay

Few things better illustrate the broken social care system in England than the 170,000 staff vacancies expected by the end of the year.


More die as US state fails those hit by storm

Far from helping, President Biden is creating conditions that will lead to more disasters, says Sophie Squire

Japanese PM resigns after Olympic Covid crisis

Japan’s prime minister has been forced from office as his popularity plummets due to the government’s handling of coronavirus.


Europe’s imperialism is still reliant on US

The Western ruling classes’ response to the entirely predictable Taliban victory in Afghanistan is astonishing—combining arrogance, self-deception, and panic.


Twenty years of the West’s bloody war on terror

Socialist Worker looks at the destruction wrought by two decades of wars, lifts the lid on the torture that accompanied it, and addresses the Islamophobia that was used to justify it all

Migrants, shortages and wages

Some on the left say reduced numbers of migrant workers led pay to rise. Charlie Kimber argues the real cause of low wages and terrible conditions has been the failure of unions to fight for better


Caught on film—the neglect that caused the Grenfell fire

This powerful new documentary captures Grenfell residents’ safety battles—and how they were ignored with catastrophic results

Twenty years of anti-war visual art

Stop the War Coalition presents a 20-year account of artistic output in the anti-war movement

What We Think

‘Tax the rich’ is just the start of what’s needed

The Tories this week made workers pay more from their wages so the super-wealthy could protect their inheritances. No wonder that the alternative of taxing the rich is hugely popular.

No to the coronavirus act

Boris Johnson has recklessly abandoned all the Covid-19 regulations such as mask wearing and social distancing. He has herded children and workers into unsafe schools.

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Letters—does Starmer really want the unions out of Labour?

Is Ian Hodson right that Keir Starmer doesn’t want the trade unions in Labour?

Rich get the government to do what it is paid for

Two Tory rogues from the past are embroiled in a row over political influence over contracts.

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