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Issue: 2772

Dated: 14 Sep 2021

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​​​​​​​Bigots’ plan puts refugee lives in peril

France has warned the Tories not to do anything that breaches international law to avoid a “serious loss” of confidence and cooperation.

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Tory MPs want border guards to ‘drop refugees on a French beach’ if they make it to Britain

British border guards could gain the power to stop, board and instantly send back refugee boats in the English Channel.

Rents soar outside London as profits come first

Private rents outside London are rising at their fastest rate for 13 years.

Activists take on merchants of death at east London’s DSEI arms fair

Anti-war activists are staging protests and direct action outside a major arms fair in Newham, east London.

Solidarity with the revolutionaries in Syria

Socialists in Syria are warning that the regime of the ruler Bashar al-Assad is trying to crush the last centres of revolutionary resistance.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk as Tories prepare to end furlough

The lives of around a million people are set to be thrown into chaos when the Tories close the furlough scheme at the end of the month.

Thousands say no to arms fairs in Liverpool and London

Anger against the 'jamborees of death' confronts the weapons merchants

Unite all the fights to win at ScotRail

ScotRail workers in the RMT union are continuing their strikes despite attacks from bosses and the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Build on the anger after Tory plans for care fall apart

A few days after parliament overwhelmingly passed the first round of the government’s social care bill, Tory MPs are already having jitters.

Government to throw away Covid protections

Boris Johnson was expected this week to throw away virtually any protection against Covid-19.

We won’t give in to the bullies,’ say school strikers

Workers in schools are standing up against victimisation, reports Sam Ord

Back on the streets of Stirling for Scottish independence

Over 1,000 people joined a march for Scottish independence last Saturday in Stirling.

Make the most of lorry driver shortage to win big on pay

Around 40 drivers working at Booker Retail Partners at its Thamesmead site in south east London have voted unanimously for strikes.

Two more years for Met’s top rotten cop

Dame Cressida Dick’s ­contract to lead the Metropolitan Police is to be extended for another two years, home secretary Priti Patel, confirmed last week.

High costs force low paid parents to cut back on food to afford childcare

A survey of more than 20,000 working parents has concluded that the government’s childcare policies are grossly inadequate.

Round-up: Serco Sandwell, Weetabix, G4S, Alpha, Skanska victimisation, and more

 Disputes involving members of the GMB, Unite, IWGB and UCU unions

TUC union conference—we need a fightback

The TUC union federation congress this week heard plenty of denunciations of the government, but very little sign of a serious fightback.

Keir Starmer’s speech woos union leaders but offers too little to workers

Labour leader Keir Starmer promised very little for workers and rank and file trade unionists when he spoke to the TUC union congress on Tuesday.


Brazil’s right wingers on the streets are trying to subvert democracy

Supporters of president Jair Bolsonaro hope their mobilisations and military pressure will keep him in office

International round-up: Palestinian protests in support of escaped prisoners

Israel launched a campaign of raids, incursions, roadblocks, searches and arrests last week after a group of Palestinian prisoners liberated themselves.


The rise of private equity ­reveals reality of capitalism

Plundering is enjoying an unprecedented boom. The global value of deals carried out by private equity firms is set to reach $1 trillion (£723 billion) for the first time this year.

Boris Johnson’s strength is also his weakness

Johnson dominates British politics to an extent that no one has since Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. The fundamental reason for this is Johnson’s willingness to challenge establishment neoliberalism.


Who cares—the reality for social care workers

Long hours and low pay, services collapsing after years of cuts, thousands of unfilled vacancies, needs of the cared for ignored. Socialist Worker talks to frontline care workers about what’s gone wrong

Why the US right attack abortion

Abortion rights have been hard fought for in the US. Now some of these rights are under ferocious assault. Isabel Ringrose explores a history of resistance and shows why the right’s view on abortion is complicated


Film asks if after trauma, can building a house help rebuild your life?

The film Herself tries to balance between a tale of abuse and an uplifting story of overcoming the odds. Most of the time it does it well, writes Sarah Bates

A long way from Vietnam

In A Long Way From Vietnam, BBC journalist Nga Pham looks at why Vietnamese migration is the second highest in Britain.

What We Think

Smash the vile Tories’ reign and their grubby system

The Tories’ class war has escalated further, and it isn’t set to slow down. This week Tory Work and Pension Secretary Therese Coffey unveiled her solution to the scrapping of the Universal Credit £20 uplift.

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Letters—Universal Credit cuts will push food banks to the edge

The reduction in Universal Credit (UC) by £20 a week will force 1.2 million people to skip meals according to a survey conducted by YouGov.

US still lying about Afghan air strike that killed ten

The US military lied about the ­murderous drone strike that killed ten people in the last days of its retreat from Afghanistan.

Build protests and strikes for upcoming Cop26 talks

Cop26 will take place in November to discuss the climate crisis. Sophie Squire speaks to activists who say big and militant mobilisations are the way forward

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