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Issue: 2774

Dated: 28 Sep 2021

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Chaos as Tories panic over fuel crisis

Queues and goods shortages are the result of an unplanned unprepared economy writes, Charlie Kimber

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Weetabix strikers say bosses are taking the biscuit over fire and rehire

 Some workers stand to lose £5,000 a year. Others are being moved off a Monday to Friday shift pattern to one where they have to work weekends.

Blood scandal inquiry hears how Thatcher’s Tories resisted payouts to victims

Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government was determined to resist compensation for people infected with HIV through blood transplants because ministers feared it would set a precedent.

Climate strikers rage at world leaders’ inaction

Worldwide strikes took place in 99 countries from Finland to Bangladesh, Italy to Sierra Leone.

Hundreds join vigils after murder of Sabina Nessa

Up to 1,000 people joined a vigil in south east London on Friday night after teacher Sabina Nessa was killed last week.

Labour left debates way forward as it faces losing battle at conference

In the first of our reports from Labour Party conference in Brighton, Nick Clark looks at where next for the left

School exclusions hit Traveller and black students

 Exclusions are a product of a broken education system obsessed with exams and directed towards a single model of 'success'

Labour faces two ways on climate action, but Starmer rejects radical measures

Starmer has already insisted Labour will not nationalise any of the “big six” energy companies.

Labour right crows as conference votes to give MPs more power

MPs will now be able to stop a left wing candidate ever standing for the party leadership again.

Labour delegates support Palestine—but leadership backs Israel and imperialist wars

Labour’s members and its party leadership are pulling in two different directions on questions of war, imperialism and rights for Palestinians.

Round-up: GKN + Uber + UAL cleaners + GOSH + Royal Mail Llanelli

Strikes at the GKN Automotive factory in Birmingham have been suspended. The workers were due to begin strikes on Monday against plans of parent company Melrose GKN to close the factory.

Transport round-up: ‘We’re all aboard for more strikes’, says Ferry’s reinstated captain

Woolwich Ferry workers in east London continue their militant fight for pay—and against victimisations and the excessive use of agency staff.

Scottish Independence march defies council

Around 3,500 Scottish independence supporters marched in Edinburgh last Saturday on a demonstration called by All Under One Banner (AUOB).

Uber strikers rage against low pay and unfair dismissals

Uber drivers across Britain refused to work for 24 hours on Tuesday in a strike for pay and against unfair dismissals.

Join pro-choice march on US embassy in London

Supporters of a woman’s right to choose on abortion will demonstrate this Saturday in solidarity with protesters in the US opposing vicious attacks on abortion rights in Texas and other states.

Strikers at ten colleges fight for pay and education

College workers have had their pay cut by over 30 percent in real terms over the past decade

Starmer celebrates as left is sidelined at conference

For Keir Starmer, Labour ­­conference was his chance to prove to MPs and the press he had beaten the left and could make the party “electable.”

Food workers union’s break with Labour shows there’s alternative to ‘unity’ with Starmer

The Bfawu union of food workers voted on Tuesday break from the Labour Party after more than a century.

Keir Starmer’s speech signals decisive break rightwards

Most symbolically of all, he praised the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. There was support for the cops, the military and British nationalism.

Southeastern scandal shows it’s right to renationalise rail

One of Britain’s biggest rail operators has referred itself to the Serious Fraud Office after being kicked off the network for failing to repay £25 million of public funds.

Tories house hundreds of asylum seekers in ‘unsafe’ south London building

The Tories have housed “between 400 and 500” asylum seekers in a building that was deemed “not safe for use to house rough sleepers” earlier in the pandemic.

‘Tax the rich, cancel the cut’—protesters demand Tories keep Universal Credit uplift

Angry protesters blocked traffic outside Downing Street on Thursday evening to oppose Tory welfare cuts.

A picture of resistance as University of the Arts London cleaners draw the line over outsourcing

Outsourced cleaners at the University of the Arts London (UAL) rounded off a week-long strike with lively picket lines on Friday.

Sarah Everard case shows deep sexism in the cops

Sarah Everard’s murderer was known—and ignored—as a danger to women


No clear winner in German election shows crisis of mainstream

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU/CSU conservatives were reported to have grabbed just 24.2 percent of the vote—their worst result since the Second World War

Far left Die Linke party loses swathes of its supporters

What went so wrong the far left Die Linke party? The answer lies primarily in its leadership and the concessions they’ve made in a failed bid to be more “electable”.


Blame housing bosses not ­firefighters for Grenfell blaze

As the Grenfell inquiry continues, the fire service is once again facing scrutiny. Isabel Ringrose says that anger must be directed to those at the top

A divided Squad is sign of Democrats’ flaws

Are cracks appearing in the Squad—the group of left Democratic Party members in the US House of Representatives?

Don’t let Black History Month be tamed

Has Black History Month become a pale reflection of what it should be?


Evergrande shows China’s rulers can’t bank on ‘market miracle’ anymore

As Chinese real estate giant Evergrande teeters on the edge, pundits are speculating whether its collapse could pull down the global economy. Socialist Worker looks at what’s behind the crisis

The power of the working class today

Jane Hardy’s new book, Nothing to Lose But Our Chains, argues despite bosses best efforts to stop workers' resistance, hope is not lost. She spoke to Nick Clark

No job, no jab rules puts us all at risk

Across the world, governments are ramping up class war by forcing people out of work if they haven’t been vaccinated against Covid. Socialist Worker says the new rules don’t protect people—they divert anger away from a ruling class that failed to protect people from the pandemic

Why struggle is more important than parliament

For the Labour left the movements outside of parliament are important but always secondary. Nick Clark explains why the party holds even its most militant members back

‘I’m terrified,’ say students on returning to universities

British universities have started opening their doors and the Tories are insistent on in person teaching.

Why Cop will fail the planet

The Cop conference being held in Glasgow next month comes at a crucial juncture in the fight against climate chaos.


Nobel-prize winning author Wole Soyinka returns with grisly new tale

Chronicles From the Land of the Happiest People on Earth is a chilling story of corruption, violence, and horror at the top of Nigerian society

Sweetheart—an LGBT+ film without the usual tragedy

Sweetheart is an endearing and sweet coming of age film about family, falling in love and finding out who you are

Manic Street Preachers are still making great political music

The Manics can sing about art, architecture, poetry, alienation, grief, politics and feelings and present them in a musical package made for stadiums and arenas

What We Think

Workers’ struggle, not parliament is the key

The Tories’ brutal attacks on working class people are accelerating.

Schools left to the virus

“Virtually any child, unvaccinated, is likely to get an infection at some point between 12 and 15,” said Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty last week.

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Letters—Starmer will snatch influence away from Labour members


We end up paying the bills for energy market chaos

When an energy firm goes under, every other household in Britain is left paying the cost for a new firm to take on its customers.

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