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Issue: 2775

Dated: 05 Oct 2021

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Don’t line up with those who will crush protest

Led by home secretary Priti Patel, the Tories want to prevent any effective form of protest that stands in the way of their racist, profit-driven leadership.

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The meaning of the 2 October protests in Brazil

Hundreds of thousands marched demanding the removal of far right president Jair Bolsonaro

Pandora Papers expose the greed of the system

Billionaires and politicians who claim there’s not enough money for higher pay and public services have been hoarding trillions away in tax havens

Royal College of Art strikers won’t be brushed off by bosses

University workers at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London struck on Monday and Tuesday to demand an end to casualisation and unsafe workloads.

Labour council’s choice to hundreds of residents—‘move over 100 miles or face homelessness’

A Labour-run council in east London has forced hundreds of residents to move more than 100 miles away—or face homelessness.

College strikers determined to teach bosses a lesson

Solidarity poured onto the picket line at Westminster Kingsway College in central London on Wednesday.

Anti-racist conference will be ‘rallying cry’ against the right

Anti-racists will debate how to take forward the fight against racism, the far right and fascism at an international conference on 16 and 17 October

Fossil fuel firms grab huge subsidies to continue destroying the planet

The fossil fuel industry receives over £8 million in subsidies every minute

Marches for abortion rights in the US, and solidarity in Britain

Tens of thousands of pro-choice activists were set to join 660 separate mobilisations across the US on Saturday.

Thousands protest in Manchester at the Tory party conference

 The march, organised by the People's Assembly Against Austerity, attracted around 5,000 people including anti-racist, pro-Palestinian and trade union organisations

The Sun rises on Starmer’s appeal to media and bosses

Labour leader Keir Starmer wants to rub the left’s face in its defeat after his victories at the party’s conference last week.

London’s top cop must go after new insult to women

Since Metropolitan police officer Wayne Couzens was sentenced for the murder of Sarah Everard, cops have given women ­disgraceful “advice” on how to stay safe.

Now is definitely the best time for James Bond to die

With the release of the latest film in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, Simon Basketter argues that it’s high time we see the sexist spy, and the film series’ reactionary politics, bite the dust

Johnson’s ‘wage rise’ claims are totally false

Boris Johnson is trying to pose as the friend of workers with outrageous lies over wages.

Rulers telling green lies in the run up to Cop26

Boris Johnson is making grand climate promises in the lead up to Cop26.

Weetabix strike can beat ‘fire and rehire’ + Scaffolders build strikes

Workers at Weetabix factories in Kettering and Corby in Northamptonshire are still on strike over fire and rehire.

Strikes stop all forced job cuts at Liverpool University

Strikers at the University of Liverpool have won a fantastic victory to save jobs

Driving examiners set to teach bosses a lesson + rail and bus battles

Driving examiners are set to teach bosses a lesson

Low paid workers stage week-long pensions walkout at Dundee University

Members of the Unison union at Dundee University struck for five days from Wednesday of last week in defence of their pensions

Month of resistance at Royal Parks + round-up

Outsourced cleaners working for Royal Parks in central London began a month-long strike on Friday of last week.

Fight against workloads and casualisation at Royal College of Art

Members of the UCU union are taking action against casualisation, unmanageable workloads and issues of equality


Anti-racist outrage as Italian pro-refugee mayor jailed for over 13 years

The former mayor of an Italian village who welcomed refugees has been sentenced to more than 13 years in jail for “abusing” migrant laws.

National strike in France as far right threat grows

Workers in France launched a day of strikes and mass demonstrations on Tuesday of this week.


Defend David Miller and academic freedom

In a serious attack on academic freedom, Bristol University has sacked one of its professors of sociology, David Miller.



Ridley Road brings hidden anti-fascist history to life

A young Jewish woman finds herself drawn into the murky world of Britain’s Nazis—and a side of the 60s that some would rather forget

A BBC documentary that wants to reheat Blairism

This is the story of Blairism as Tony Blair himself would like it to be told

Vinyl shortage shows the music industry needs to change its record

Christmas serves the same purpose for both the music and chocolate industries—it’s a chance to unload tonnes of regurgitated crap

What We Think

Blame the bust system

Nobody wants to take the blame for fuel shortages, empty shelves and rising prices.

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Big bonuses for bosses in Fraser’s family household

 Mike Ashley’s Frasers Group, which owns Sports Direct, rammed a £100 ­million bonus scheme through its annual general meeting, despite even ­shareholders revolting.

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