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Issue: 2776

Dated: 12 Oct 2021

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Universal Credit cut is ‘all part of a plan to make us pay,’ says benefits claimant

A week after the Tories cut Universal Credit (UC) by £20, people who rely on it to survive are already struggling

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Protest at Cop26 to tackle climate inaction

Activists are stepping up preparations for mass demonstrations around the Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow. The main day of mobilisation is Saturday 6 November, just three weeks away.

Unite must offer more support to the Weetabix strikers

Engineers at Weetabix have continued strong strikes but now urgently need to escalate, reports Isabel Ringrose

Unison union officials’ manoeuvres will undermine the elected executive

Full time officials in the Unison union are trying to undermine elected lay members on the union’s governing body by refusing to carry out its decisions.

University bosses cite ‘academic freedom’ as calls to sack trans-critical lecturer rise

Right wingers and university bosses have rushed to defend University of Sussex lecturer Kathleen Stock after she was accused of transphobia.

City Clean strike piles up rubbish in Brighton

A Green council's attacks are facing strong resistance

Cold truth of ‘warm’ welcome for Afghanistan refugees

Desperate refugees and migrants who have overcome fearsome obstacles to reach Britain have been met with appalling treatment once here

New fights at the Royal Parks and at the DVLA + Facebook cleaners + Sage care home

Outsourced cleaners working at a number of parks in central London protested at the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday.

Clarks strikers won’t let bosses give them the boot

Around 100 Clarks workers, members of the Community union, at the boot and shoe warehouse in Street, Somerset, are facing a bitter battle against fire and rehire.

ScotRail strikes set to hit Cop26 + Housing day of action + round-up

More ScotRail workers are to escalate the battle for pay justice and equality.

Covid report finds deadly failings but lets Tories off the hook

An MPs inquiry has confirmed that the Tories sacrificed tens of thousands of lives with their fatal handling of Covid-19.

High court case shows up Tories’ terrible treatment of trafficking victims

In a damning indictment of the Tories’ treatment of the victims of people trafficking, a high court has ruled the Home Office should give them the right to live in Britain.

Politicians’ climate promises will only cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2050

World leaders’ plans to limit global carbon emissions will fall 60 percent short of even their wholly inadequate target to reach net zero by 2050.

College and RCA university strikers unite on the picket line

The solidarity rally was a significant step towards uniting strikes in education.

How Britain sells tear gas to dictators

The British government has authorised sales of tear gas to several repressive states over more than a decade, new research reveals.


Eric Zemmour—meet the new far right threat in France’s presidential election

A new far right threat is tearing up the campaign for next year’s French presidential election.

Support the South African metal and engineering workers on indefinite strike

South Africa’s biggest metal and engineering union has launched an indefinite strike over pay and conditions.

Italian local elections do not mean the centre is secure

The death of populism was proclaimed in the English press after the Italian local elections. Perhaps.

Right will rule unczeched after election without opposition on the streets

The mainstream press hailed the Czech elections last weekend as another defeat for right wing populism.


Capitalism leaves no safe spaces for women

Will safe spaces protect women? It’s an argument that has arisen once again after the murder of Sarah Everard by Met police officer Wayne Couzens.

Sickle Cell Disease exposes racial health inequalities

The announcement of the first new treatment for Sickle Cell Disease for 20 years is good news. But it also tells us a lot about systemic racism in healthcare

Capitalism will not solve energy squeeze

Energy is what the political economist Simon Bromley called a “strategic commodity”. In other words, a state that controls access to it has power over other states.


Tech can’t replace every worker

Amazon’s new cashier-less supermarkets seem to raise a vision of a capitalism without workers. But bosses can’t get rid of us that easily

How cars drive us to disaster

Much of the world that we live in has been built or adapted to accommodate cars. Nick Clark investigates how they became such an essential part of capitalism—and asks, in the midst of a climate crisis, whether it’s time to pull them over once and for all


The Squid Game’s dystopia is today’s modern society

Netflix’s new Korean drama has become a sensation because, despite its grotesque horror, it resonates with people the world over

A reminder of Gil Scott-Heron’s classic album

Sky Arts has now produced an excellent assessment of this classic album

Shocking tales of corruption at the top tier of sport

Bad Sport is a great true crime documentary series that takes a deep look into scandals in professional sports

What We Think

Covid inquiry fails to lay blame for deaths

A parliamentary inquiry has concluded that the handling of Covid-19 was “one of the most important public health failures the United Kingdom has ever experienced”. The MPs’ report essentially confirmed that the Tories sacrificed tens of thousands of lives with their fatal approach.

Vintage rot from prince

Posh, parasitic, “eco- warrior” prince Charles has graciously revealed some of his tips for a greener life.

Other Categories

Letters—Abandoning restrictions in hospitals will be deadly

The Tories are now unleashing the “herd immunity” strategy they always wanted as a way of dealing with Covid.

Cops’ horrific sexism meant victimisation for speaking out

A woman firearms officer was victimised by Police Scotland colleagues in a “horrific” workplace culture condemned as an “absolute boys’ club”, an employment tribunal found last week.

Union leader Sarah Woolley defends split from Labour

‘Let’s be clear, we have disaffiliated from Labour but Bfawu will try to be more political after what’s happened, not less.

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