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Issue: 2782

Dated: 23 Nov 2021

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Tories are on the rocks, so why does Starmer steer Labour rightwards?

Johnson posed as being on the side of ordinary people who voted for Brexit. But now there are signs that this is breaking down.

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Azeem Rafiq—English cricket is institutionally racist ‘up and down the country’

Rafiq’s testimony blows apart Tory lies

Get behind the university workers’ strikes

Workers will walk out at 58 universities

Stand against state crackdown on Insulate Britain

The jailings are an attack on all of us

Tory borders bill would allow state to remove people’s citizenship without warning

It's another power grab by Priti Patel

Cricket—born from racism and imperialism

Late on 26 February 1956 Donald Carr and six of his cricket team-mates put on masks, slipped into the Services Hotel in Peshawar and gagged the Pakistani umpire, Idris Bai.

Midwives’ protests can give birth to more resistance in NHS

Midwives are on the march across Britain

Less than a six percent rise means a pay cut

The cost of living has risen at the fastest rate in ten years, forcing millions of people into financial hardship.

Solidarity protest with refugees blocked by Poland and Fortress Europe

The EU’s racist border regime has blocked thousands of refugees at the Polish-Belarusian border in recent weeks

Proposed deal with Sudan’s military is attempt to end revolution

Workers must confront the regime

Midwives demand action over assaults on NHS care

Over 70 protests took place across Britain on Sunday

Sudanese army tries to trick revolution

The Sudanese revolts face a test

Build vote to strike over pay in councils and schools + More strikes in Glasgow?

Workers had their pay cut 25 percent in real terms over the past ten years.

Severn Trent water protest + DHL + Round up

Around 90 DHL drivers and warehouse workers based in Bellshill near Glasgow are set to strike over pay and working conditions.

Commuters let down as the Tories scrap new rail lines

The Tories faced public anger last week over their decision to axe sections of the high speed rail project, HS2. Ministers had promised HS2 would improve transport links for some of the worst connected places in Britain.

Victory for Sage care home workers

Workers at the Sage care home in north London have won a pay rise after striking and waging a high profile campaign for more than a year.

Amazon deforestation in Brazil ‘out of control’

The level of destruction is up 22 percent from what it was in 2020

Tory plans mean migrants will die in Channel

Home secretary Priti Patel wants to whip up a sense of “crisis” over refugees

Workers fight across London transport

Battles are coming over conditions and pay

Hamas support ban is a threat to Palestine solidarity

The Tories are set to outlaw support for Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

Remember Anwar Ditta and her fight against the Home Office

Anwar Ditta, a heroic anti-racist campaigner, died last week. Socialist Worker remembers her most crucial battle and reprints an interview with her from 1981

Bus workers ballot for strikes in Oldham and London

Two ballots over pay and conditions

Train workers in the East Midlands and Scotland strike over unsafe conditions

Two disputes over safety and pay

Protesters rally in solidarity with victimised NEU rep John Boken

John was sacked in September after taking a stand against racism

Johnson’s social care plans let the rich keep their cash

Boris Johnson won't fix social care.

Refugee boat sinks in English Channel—blood on Tory hands

Those who wanted “push backs” to deter migrants with the threat of death now have what they wanted.

Custom House tenants resist Labour council’s evictions

Tenants in east London are fighting back


Indian farmers push back Modi’s laws, but battles remain

Militant protests have shown the hard right prime minister can be defeated

International round up: Far right takes early lead in elections

A far right lawyer who wants to crack down on indigenous people and migrants will face a former student leader in Chile’s presidential elections run-off next month.

Far right feed off marches in Europe over Covid laws

The far right is gaining from frustration over how governments deal with Covid, argues Yuri Prasad


Are increases in workers’ wages to blame for higher inflation?

Rising prices are hitting workers’ living standards.

The West and Russia are playing dangerous games in eastern Europe

The borderlands between Russia and the European Union have become an immediate zone of potential conflict and even war


Patrice Lumumba and Congo’s liberation

African socialists Stanley Sithole, Narh Tei-Kumadoe, Naa Adjeley Laryea, Edmore Chinondidyachii Rujato and Munya Gwisai assess the life of Congo’s Patrice Lumumba

More than just Yorkshire cricket—racism beyond the boundary

Cricketer Azeem Rafiq sharing his harrowing experiences of racism at Yorkshire County Cricket Club has helped unmask institutional racism both within the sport, and wider society.


Inside the world’s youth-led revolts

Dear Future Children follows the lives and stories of three young activists from around the world

Pirates—a relatable story of teenage life at the turn of the century

There’s music and comedy in Reggie Yates’s film—but it’s the simple, well written story that makes it worth watching

Taking a stand against sexist violence in Turkey

Dying to Divorce follows Ipek Bozkurt, a lawyer, who works with activists to get justice for survivors of assaults

What We Think

Booster jabs? Billions are still waiting for their first

Vaccine patents need to go. No to monopolies in a pandemic

Other Categories

Letters—Starmer’s attack on anti-Zionism is an attack on left wing Jews

Moves to make Zionism and the state of Israel untouchable are ultimately at the expense of Jews and our safety

Barclays bank boss nets £2.4 million bye bye bung

Barclays bank is under pressure over the £2.4 million it handed to departing chief executive Jes Staley.

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