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Issue: 1929

Dated: 27 Nov 2004

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You are the danger, Blair

HAVING FAILED to persuade us over the war in Iraq, Tony Blair is turning to the politics of fear to drum up votes for New Labour.

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Slaves to the desires of big business

WHETHER IT’S the future of your neighbourhood, local school or hospital, the person wheeled out by the government or your local council to tell you what to think will be some business figure or a jumped-up college kid from a free market think-tank.

Activists discuss the way forward in PCS dispute

THE RECENT highly successful strike by 265,000 members of the PCS union against cuts to jobs, sick pay and pensions shocked the government.

In brief

While Tony Blair met Chirac... "JACQUES Chirac—terrorist!" was the unmistakable chant as up to 1,000 people demonstrated in London last Saturday against the French intervention in the Ivory Coast.

Taxi drivers

TAXI DRIVERS in the TGWU union in Watford looked set for victory this week.


Tuesday 30 November No 2 ID public meeting, 7pm, Brix, St Matthew’s Church, Brixton, south London. Go to for details.

Boddies workers are frothing with anger

Brewery workers at Boddington’s in Manchester struck last week for three days.

Christmas cheer comes in the post

THE THREAT of a postal strike in London over Christmas has won a vastly improved deal which will have implications for all future agreements.

Lynx parcels

DRIVERS AT parcel distribution company Lynx were due to hold a 48-hour strike on Wednesday and Thursday of this week over pay and hours. The workers, who are in the TGWU union, have already held two 24-hour strikes.

Tower Hamlets

Oliur Rahman was elected as Respect councillor for the St Dunstan’s & Stepney ward of Tower Hamlets council in east London on 29 July.

Council Workers

Brighton and Hove TEACHING ASSISTANTS in schools in Brighton and Hove have rejected an employers’ offer and voted to press ahead with a two-day strike against low pay.

Iraq: No democracy under occupation

George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq with 140,000 armed soldiers and bombed the city of Fallujah to dust. Now they claim democratic elections will go ahead on 30 January.

March and strike to save Jag jobs

FORD AND Jaguar executives have been exposed as nothing less than liars and cheats.

‘Riches for Rover boss—but what about us?’

WORKERS AT Rover’s Longbridge plant in Birmingham are facing more uncertainty after the news that a Chinese firm is manoeuvring to take over the company.

Battling back against corporate greed

WORKERS FROM the threatened Boddingtons brewery in Manchester, started a four-day strike on Monday in the latest phase of their campaign against closure.

Blunkett’s sinister plan to create a database state

HOME SECRETARY David Blunkett will be attacking our civil liberties even more ferociously over the coming months. And his proposed identity card scheme lies at the centre of these attacks.

Bringing Northern Irish justice to Britain

ONE OF David Blunkett’s new proposals is for special "terror trials" that involve a judge sitting without a jury. Such jury-free (Diplock) courts have been routinely used in Northern Ireland since the 1970s.

Babar Ahmad’s trial begins

BABAR AHMAD’s extradition hearing officially started on Thursday of last week. Babar is threatened with being sent to the US to face charges of running a website supporting "terrorists" in Chechnya and Afghanistan.

In brief

New left on the rise in Germany A CONFERENCE of the initiative for a new left party in Germany last weekend took a major step towards launching a serious challenge to the German SPD—the equivalent of New Labour.

Who says?

"So went eight days of combat for this Iraq city, the most sustained period of street to street fighting that Americans have encountered since the Vietnam War. The proximity gave the fighting hellish intensity, with soldiers often close enough to see the enemies in the eyes."

School strike gives a lesson in anti-racism

A GROUP of school students has shown how to challenge oppression and hierarchy by striking in support of a black teacher who was subject to racist abuse in Leicester last Thursday.

A crucial victory over the Nazis

Students AT Manchester University achieved a landmark victory over fascism and racism on Wednesday 17 November.

Blair’s new crusade

READING THE Daily Mirror’s front page article on New Labour’s drugs policy, "We Are Losing The War On Drugs", on Monday made my blood boil.


Chileans have many reasons to hate Bush

FIFTY THOUSAND demonstrators greeted George Bush on his arrival in Santiago, Chile, for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting of 21 Pacific Rim nations.

Ripping the mask of respectability from Fini

GIANFRANCO FINI has been appointed as the new Italian foreign minister. Fini leads the "post-fascist" Alleanza Nazionale—the reincarnation of the old fascist party the MSI.

The black majority still live in poverty under the ANC

THE SOUTH African government’s actions over the telecom industry have focused all the feeling about how only an elite has benefited in the post-apartheid economy.

Rage and repression after Israeli attack

Tanks rolled onto the streets of Cairo, Egypt, last Monday after student protests erupted across the country.


Every victory is a defeat for US

FALLUJAH FINALLY fell to US Marines last week. Few can have doubted that, with its overwhelming firepower and highly trained and mobile troops, the Pentagon would be able to capture the city if it so chose.


A continent rocked by new forces

RECENT elections reveal three main themes. Firstly, the bulk of the population, which has long been suffering from neo-liberal policies and increasing immiseration, is now open to real social and economic alternatives.

....£87, 102 and rising

DONATIONS TO the Socialist Worker appeal enable us to have a reach far beyond Britain. This week we received a message from Madhuresh, a supporter in Kolkata, India.

He found the seeds of hope in Russia

V ictor Serge was born in Brussels in 1890. In 1908 he went to Paris, where he edited an anarchist paper.

Tell the prisoners they aren’t alone

AS THE holiday season approaches, Socialist Worker asks our readers to send cards or letters to political prisoners and victims of miscarriages of justice in Britain and abroad.

Evidence mounts of US war crimes in Fallujah

Iraqi doctors have accused the US military of committing a war crime after they destroyed a neighbourhood clinic during the assault on Fallujah.

Trampling on democracy

IN 1953 Britain overthrew the democratically elected government in British Guiana (now Guyana), which was then a British colony with an element of self government. The April 1953 elections had resulted in victory for the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) under Cheddi Jagan, a popular nationalist government committed to a redistributive economic programme intended to reduce poverty.



Lifeblood Manic Street Preachers

Revolutionary plates and teapots broke the mould

THERE IS no exhibition more exciting than one showing the explosion of artistic expression thrown up by the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Stars and Stripes shaped like a swastika?

Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America by Stephen Sewell

Crawl though barbed wire just to reach your own home

Wall Directed by Simone Bitton

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Climate issue hots up

COMMENTING ON "Can We Stop Global Warming?" (Socialist Worker, 20 November), there is an aspect seldom touched upon when discussing global warming and climate change—are humans as a species too clever by half and so incompatible with their continuance on earth?

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Can the Iraqi resistance defeat US imperialism? <table>


BESTSELLING BOOK on the US at the moment in Bookmarks is Jonathan Neale’s What’s Wrong with America? (£10.99)

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