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Issue: 1930

Dated: 04 Dec 2004

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Africa abandoned on world AIDS day

EVERY DAY 8,000 people die from AIDS. The United Nations AIDS programme has estimated that £20,000 million a year could treat six million AIDS sufferers with life saving drugs.

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Galloway in total victory against pro-war Telegraph

A DEVASTATING High Court judgment has completely vindicated George Galloway in his libel battle against the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Blunkett: a case for prosecution under harassment law

AS A lawyer, I have other concerns beyond whether David Blunkett is the father of the two children to a married woman he was having an affair with and whether he fast-tracked a visa for her servant.

What is at stake in the Ukraine

What is the atmosphere like in Kiev today and what demands are the protesters making?

Ex-Stalinists and oligarchs try to use protests

Leonid Kuchma

Universities have lost their faculties, say students

Two of the biggest student protests on campuses in Britain for many years have just taken place. Some 1,700 students at Exeter University and 2,000 at Cambridge University demonstrated against planned department closures.

Oxford police face prosecution over death in custody

The family of Robin Goodenough, who died in police custody in September last year, are celebrating the news that three police officers are to be prosecuted for manslaughter and assault following his death.

Campaigners are vindicated

A REPORT by Surrey police into the deaths of four army recruits at the Deepcut barracks has revealed allegations of widespread violence, bullying and humiliation at the camp.

News in brief

Demanding justice for Babar AROUND 200 protesters gathered outside Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes last Sunday for a demonstration and rally in support of Babar Ahmad.

Why these people are angry with Blair

INDIGENOUS PEOPLE from Canada and the Arctic travelled to London last week to campaign against Tony Blair’s government for its refusal to recognise collective human rights.

Fight for Coventry, or Ford will savage the rest

THOUSANDS OF marchers issued a defiant roar last Saturday against the Ford multinational’s plans to cut 1,150 jobs at its Jaguar Browns Lane plant in Coventry.

Walkout as car workers told some must go and others do 3 hours more

Workers at the Vauxhall Ellesmere Port plant on Merseyside took unofficial action on Friday of last week. The majority of the workers walked out when 36 members of staff were informed of compulsory redundancies.

Steel workers feel a new sense of power—but will union leaders use it?

A PAY strike by a key group of steel workers which would shut steel plants across South Yorkshire hangs in the balance.

Non to bosses’ Europe

Nobody knows when there will be a referendum in France on the European constitutional treaty. But the debate is already raging because the traditional left is divided. The Greens’ first vote gave 45 percent for yes and 22 percent for no, while 31 percent abstained.

Inequality that cannot be explained away

DISADVANTAGE SUFFERED by black and Asian people is simply the result of a small number of prejudiced individuals and, in any case, immigrants must share some of the blame for not integrating.

Teaching assistants’ strike wins support from parents claim che

More than 40 schools across Brighton and Hove were closed on Thursday and Friday of last week as around 700 teaching assistants from the Unison and GMB unions struck over low pay.

This battle is of national significance

SOCIAL WORKERS in childcare and emergency duty teams in Liverpool are now in the 14th week of their strike.


Oxford PORTERS WHO sort and deliver post at the John Radcliffe II Hospital in Oxford walked out on Tuesday of last week when management tried to cut costs by refusing any further overtime.

In brief

Scottish workers say no to racism Up to 1,000 people attended the Scottish TUC annual demonstration against racism and fascism in Glasgow last Saturday. Trade union delegates included firefighters, print workers and several Unison and EIS (Scottish teachers’ union) branches.

We are counting on closing for Xmas

POST OFFICE counters workers across Britain are voting on strikes in protest at unacceptable Christmas arrangements which are an insult to both staff and claimants.

Civil Service workers

CIVIL SERVICE workers in the PCS union want to step up the action in their dispute over 104,000 job cuts, and attacks on pensions and sick pay.

Tube workers

LONDON Underground station staff have been ofered a 35-hour week deal as a result of the RMT union’s recent pay strike.


FIREFIGHTERS ON Merseyside were set to begin a campaign of industrial action from Thursday of this week over a scheme to make them double up as paramedics.

Free Palestine

THE FRIENDS of Palestine Society at Warwick University organised a debate on Israeli apartheid last week.

Brewery workers

Striking workers at Boddington’s brewery in Manchester went back to work on Friday of last week after their latest four days of strike action.

Defend Asylum Seekers

AROUND 100 people attended a social event organised by Sheffield Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers (CDAS) last Saturday afternoon.


Working like oxen, but fighting like tigers

Every hour 15 Chinese workers are killed in industrial accidents. More than 120 million "peasant workers" who have migrated into the cities are "getting up earlier than roosters, and working harder than oxen, but eating less than pigs eat".

Workers gunned down for going on strike in Philippines

THE KILLING of 14 people on a picket line at a sugar plantation in the Philippines has shocked the country. The family of former president Cory Aquino, who own the plantation, have been implicated in the killings.

Egypt: Poisoned by their bosses and then denied their pay

WORKERS EMPLOYED by the Egyptian-Spanish Company for Asbestos Products in Cairo began a sit-in at the company on Saturday 20 November.


Why did they dump Tommy Sheridan?

TORY LEADER Michael Howard was made to look a fool recently after sacking Boris Johnson for having an affair.


...£97,109 and rising

Returning the favour STEEL ERECTORS at the Wembley Stadium site in north west London took up a collection for the Socialist Worker appeal last week and raised £48.

Police use DNA swabs on boys

TWO CHILDREN from my school, both aged 11, were picked up by the police during their lunch break recently.

In focus: ASBOs

In focus: ASBOs

Alfred and Marguerite Rosmer kept the flame of revolution burning

Alfred Rosmer was born in the US in 1877, but his family returned to France in 1884. As a young office worker, then a proofreader, he was attracted to anarchism before becoming a syndicalist.

Three chances to punish New Labour

Three dates already dominate the calendar for the coming year—the 19 March international day of demonstrations against the occupation of Iraq, the 2-9 July protest at the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, and the general election which is being widely reported as planned for May.

Rebel voices from Iraq

The destruction of Fallujah raised many questions for Iraqis—questions voiced by three friends aged 24 to 30. The three men are traders who were trapped in Syria as the US laid siege to Fallujah. The government of Iyad Allawi is refusing to allow men of fighting age to re-enter the country. The three have joined the growing band of Iraqi refugees in Syria.

‘Was it worth it? Ask the child who lost his family’

Dr Salam Ismael, general secretary of Doctors for Iraqi Society, spoke to students at Leeds University about the siege of Fallujah, the media’s portrayal of the occupation and his work trying to save the lives of ordinary Iraqis.

Ukraine’s Brutal History

Ukraine means "borderland". It suggests a country far away from the heart of Europe. But many Ukrainians believe they live in the middle of Europe—and they have a point. The Ukraine may have a huge border with Russia, but it also touches Belarus, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania, as well as Moldova.


I Heart Huckabees | Romeo and Juliet | Return to V - Roni Size

I Heart HuckabeesDirected by David O Russell When failing environmentalist Albert hires the Existential Detective Agency to explain a not very strange coincidence, chaos erupts as rival philosophical firms compete to "solve" the lives of the various characters with Eastern transcendentalism or French nihilism.

Life Interrupted: Don McCullin shows AIDS victims abandoned, but still fighting

Don McCullin has taken some of the defining pictures of the 21st century.

Outfoxed: a Fox that richly deserves to be hunted down

Outfoxed takes a close look at the Murdoch-owned cable channel Fox News.

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Terri Smith (formerly Allam) 1956-2004

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Terri Smith following a long battle against cancer.


Fit for next US call? NEW LABOUR’S decision to fight the next general election on a law and order and security platform is more than just electioneering.

Who says?

"We are crowding out any space for them on the security agenda. That will make for an interesting political year."Peter Hain on Labour’s plan to out-Tory the Tories


Inventing the Axis of Evil (New Press, £15.95) is a series of essays by Bruce Cumings, Ervand Abrahamain and Moshe Ma’oz on "the truth about North Korea, Iran and Syria".


Wednesday 26-31 January World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil. See www.forumsocialmundial. for details

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