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Issue: 1931

Dated: 11 Dec 2004

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Rose Gentle: 'I lost my son. She lost her whole family'

WYTHENSHAWE HOSPITAL in Manchester saw a moving scene last week when Rose Gentle met Iraqi orphan Aysha Saleem.

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A history of hypocrisy

THE KURDS are the largest single people in the world without a homeland. Throughout history they have been deeply affected by imperialism and war. And today they remain victims of imperialist invasions and divisions.

Labour’s love affair with the powerful

MAYFAIR, A wealthy magazine publisher, a socialite, her nanny, walk-on parts for assorted millionaires and Tories, and a cabinet minister.

Mood is wider than this demo

ABOUT 1,500 people joined the National Union of Students (NUS) demonstration in Cardiff against university

Meeting hears call for further strikes

OVER 100 PCS civil service workers’ union activists attended the conference of the Left Unity group last Saturday in Manchester.

Alstom: friction over new rosters

OVER 30 pickets gathered at the Alstom Manchester Traincare train maintenance depot for the start of a 50-hour strike on Sunday.

In brief

GMB rejects steel deal MEMBERS OF the GMB union working for the Multiserve steel company have voted to reject a pay offer, renewing the possibility of a strike that would hit steel production across South Yorkshire.

Liverpool strikers defiant

STRIKING COUNCIL workers in Liverpool’s child social work and emergency duty teams appealed for solidarity from other trade unionists as their bitter all-out industrial dispute entered a critical phase at the start of this week.

Radical unity on the menu

ABOUT 240 people packed into the community hall of the North London Mosque in Wightman Road, Haringey, on Saturday of last week.

Postal Workers

Crown Post Offices Counter staff in the CWU union at over 300 Crown post offices are balloting for official strike action this week. The ballot is part of a national dispute over Christmas Eve opening hours.

Stop the war

ABOUT 70 people attended a Calderdale Against the War meeting in Halifax, West Yorkshire, last week.

Teaching assistants

TEACHING ASSISTANTS in Brighton and Hove are set to strike on Friday of this week as part of their ongoing campaign against low pay.

City Academies

PARENTS AND pupils were on their way to a protest against the privatisation of their east London school under the government’s city academies’ scheme when they discovered the main sponsor was pulling out.

Ambulance workers

AMBULANCE workers on Merseyside may strike against pay inequalities under Agenda for Change—New Labour’s sweeping transformation of NHS pay and conditions.

Fighting pollution plans

OVER 50 people attended a recent anti-incinerator meeting at Colnbrooke Primary School, west London, and over 100 marched on Grundon’s waste disposal site.

Media workers

ABOUT 50 people attended a vigil outside Bush House, home of the BBC World Service, last week over the BBC’s reporting (or lack of it) of recent events in Iraq.

Funeral Directors

HARD-HITTING industrial action at Co-Op Funeralcare has forced bosses to make a new pay offer. Members of the TGWU and GMB unions at the company are now voting on a new pay rise.

Brown to rob pensions from over 2 million workers

LABOUR was set to announce on Thursday of this week that it was going to ruin the old age of millions of workers. The government plans to increase the retirement age of public sector workers from 60 to 65 and scrap the final salary pension scheme, which guarantees workers security in their old age.

Blunkett reveals his double standards on extradition

LAWYERS FOR David Blunkett, the home secretary, will go to court this Friday to ask for a delay before deciding on the extradition of three bankers wanted by the US on fraud charges related to the Enron scandal.

The blind woman facing cruel deportation

A BLIND woman from Sri Lanka faces deportation unless David Blunkett uses his discretionary powers to grant her exceptional leave to stay in Britain on humanitarian grounds.

NO2ID is gathering momentum

OVER 70 people gathered in Brixton, south London, on Tuesday of last week to hear arguments from the NO2ID campaign against identity cards.

In Brief

15 weeks out and still fighting STRIKERS IN Liverpool are appealling for solidarity as they continue their all-out strike.

Who says?

"The chap who booked him didn’t realise. The DJ sounded white on the phone."Bob Garner

Who gets a £75,000 house for just £4,000?

A CRUCIAL struggle over council housing has begun in Tony Blair’s own consituency of Sedgefield in the north east of England.

The police

Victim treated as a terrorist FRIENDS AND family of an Arab student who was left in a coma after a brutal assault in north west London are raising serious questions about the police’s behaviour in the case.


Egypt: signs of new fightback

"EVERY TIME a worker from the factory dies, it is always from cancer—lung cancer, bone cancer, or leukemia,"says Shaban Khaled.

'We will burn this city down'

"You can almost smell fear in the air. Al-Arish and Sheikh Zoayyed are ghost towns. Police officers warn citizens, ‘This city has to be put to rights’."

‘Coca-Cola is stealing our water and our land’

INDIA IS the scene of a major battle between the Coca-Cola corporation and farmers who live in the areas that surround their bottling plants.

Protesters give Bush a massive ‘unwelcome’

THE MOVEMENT only had two weeks notice. The Canadian government thought there wouldn’t be time for anti-war protesters to mobilise—they were wrong.

Oil workers demand right to share profits they make

THE BANNER on the main gate of the National Refinery at Karachi, the largest oil refinery in Pakistan, read, "For the past 41 years, who has been producing profits at National Refinery? We have. So who should be the owner of National Refinery? Us."


Ukraine: is the future orange?

"BLISS IT was in that dawn to be alive." The crisis in Ukraine allowed the Guardian’s quasi-Thatcherite columnist Tim Garton Ash to rediscover his youth in the 1980s.


A divided society

A DEAL between Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and Sinn Fein to restore devolved government to Northern Ireland was still hanging in the balance as Socialist Worker went to print.

£100,072 and rising

Into six figures Socialist Worker would like to thank all our readers who have helped us break through the £100,000 mark in our appeal.

This is a victory for the whole of the movement

THE libel verdict against the Daily Telegraph was a victory not only for me—it was a vindication for the entire anti-war movement.

‘Support has grown since I won my council seat’

WE SHOULD take nothing for granted, but I’ve not come across anyone who thinks Oona King can hold on to her seat at the general election.

Peterloo: murder to behead the workers' movement

Peterloo, a demonstration for the vote and democratic rights which took place at St Peter’s Field Manchester on Monday 16 August 1819, is a landmark event in British working class history.

The safety of every worker is on the line

PROSPECT IS the trade union for frontline staff in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). We recently took the unprecedented step of balloting our 1,800 members on whether they had confidence in the three-person executive which heads up HSE.

She escaped, but so many others died

TWO VICTIMS of Tony Blair and George Bush’s war on the Iraqi people met last week. Their stories show the horror that is being inflicted upon ordinary people the world over by the "war on terror".


In brief

Metro Riots

Raphael: the court artist with an eternal appeal

AS THE son of a court painter in Urbino, Raphael grew up around rich and powerful men whose profits from wars enabled them to build palaces filled with luxurious objects.

The myth of the good old days makes for a poor new play

Anna in the Tropics

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I'd strike tomorrow I read your coverage about working in supermarkets (Socialist Worker, 27 November).

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