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Issue: 1908

Dated: 03 Jul 2004

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Welcome to the 'free' Iraq

THE STAGING of the fake handover of power in Iraq betrayed its emptiness.

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Respect: by-elections a chance to humble Blair

ON THURSDAY 15 July Tony Blair faces two key parliamentary by-elections—and the Respect coalition is coming to get him.

Police in the dock

WE HAVE just returned from Genoa in Italy, visiting for the first time since attending the demonstration at the G8 summit three years ago.

Railway workers ride to pensions victory

WE CAN stop the great pensions robbery—provided that unions are prepared to strike hard.

Pensions robbery looms for millions

THE PENSIONS issue at the centre of the Network Rail dispute is a vital one for millions of workers.

‘We won’t keep our gobs shut for Blair’

THE ANNUAL conference of Unison, Britain’s biggest union, last week showed that the disillusion with Blair and New Labour runs very deep.

Growing anger at NHS pay agenda

HEALTH WORKER, the rank and file paper for workers in the NHS, held a packed fringe meeting at Unison conference attended by over 100 people.

Standing up to Labour bullies

BIN WORKERS and street sweepers in Hackney, east London, were set to strike this week and next week in a continuation of a bitter battle with their New Labour bosses.

Suspension shocks union activists

ANGER SPREAD through rank and file Fire Brigades Union (FBU) activists at the end of last week as they heard that a recently elected national officer, Paul Woolstenholmes, has been suspended from his post by the union’s leadership.

Health workers

THE AMICUS union health section conference discussed the government’s Agenda for Change proposal on Monday of this week. This was the key debate at the conference.


OVER 40 Respect activists met in Tower Hamlets, east London, on Thursday of last week. They discussed Respect’s campaign for the by-election in St Dunstan’s and Stepney Green ward on 29 July.

Clean up at Canary Wharf

SOME 150 cleaners have won union recognition with one of Europe’s major cleaning companies, ISS, at Canary Wharf in east London.

No mandate for moving closer to New Labour

GOVERNMENT ministers breathed a sigh of relief at the outcome of the election for general secretary of the biggest teachers’ union on Tuesday of this week.

Leeds schools

EDUCATION workers across four unions in Leeds have voted for a one-day strike against compulsory redundancies of teachers and support staff.

Any choice, as long as it's privatisation

NOWHERE IS New Labour’s hypocrisy over "choice" in public services clearer than over housing.

Let's back those who back us

ENCOURAGING scabbing on this week’s strike is not the first time Ken Livingstone has attacked tube workers for fighting back.

Political stand has increased membership

THE RMT union has recruited an extra 3,000 members since it was expelled from the Labour Party in February of this year.

'We will not cross a picket line, Ken'

LONDON MAYOR Ken Livingstone wanted me to cross my union’s picket line and work during the tube strike this week.

Livingstone should apologise

‘PEOPLE DID not vote for Ken Livingstone for him to start coming out and attacking a major trade union.




A warm welcome from Hodge Hill

THE TWO parliamentary by-elections highlight the continuing centrality of Respect’s challenge to New Labour.

'Every day counts in these by-elections'

NEW LABOUR has called snap by-elections in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill for 15 July. The government is desperate to minimise the damage to its vote.

Gearing up for battle in Hodge Hill constituency

RESPECT SUPPORTERS gathered full of determination and enthusiasm last Sunday to select their candidate for the Hodge Hill by-election.

There is a positive response in Leicester

"I CAN’T trust New Labour."

Inquiry clears Galloway after smears

These allegations appeared during the war on Iraq, when the right wing press and some supposed "left" commentators tried to witch-hunt George Galloway.

Try telling them that the occupation is now over

"THE ENORMOUS oil wealth of Iraq is there for the Iraqi people, which is why we have said it should go in a trust fund for the Iraqi people—not for America, not for Britain, not for any outside power—but for the Iraqi people."


What We Think

Turn up the pressure on New Labour

THE TOUGH talk from some union leaders last week against New Labour reveals the pressure they are under from their members.

You can help build Respect’s vote

Every Socialist Worker reader should get involved in the campaigns in Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill. Activists can join the campaign at any time but Respect is organising for supporters to come together in large numbers from around the country.

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Blunkett didn’t sack any cops when my brother died

DAVID BLUNKETT wants to make the chief constable of the Humberside police resign. This is because of a report into how Ian Huntley was able to get a job at a school in Soham.

The Torygraph falls into grubby hands

THE BATTLE for control of the Daily Telegraph was finally settled last week, with the Barclay brothers grabbing it for a cool £665 million.

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