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Issue: 1798

Dated: 04 May 2002

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Organise now to break Nazi threat

THE NAZI British National Party has conned its way into the council chamber for the first time in nine years.

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Where BNP got support

THE VAST majority of people in Burnley, as across Britain, are NOT Nazis. Even in the three wards in Burnley where the BNP managed to get elected, the majority of people did not vote for the Nazis.

Opposition can beat them back

THE ANTI Nazi League mobilised hundreds of people to oppose the BNP during the council elections.

A real focus for people's anger

THERE WERE some results the media totally ignored—the significant votes for socialist candidates offering an alternative to the pro-privatisation, pro-business policies of all the mainstream parties.





What We Think

What needs to be done now to turn the tide against the Nazis

THE Nazi BNP is not just a threat in the north west of England.

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