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Issue: 1950

Dated: 07 May 2005

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Respect triumphs in East London

The defeat Tony Blair suffered in east London and his other losses in Thursday’s election are for Iraq.

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Get on board for huge G8 protest

Momentum is growing for the protests in Scotland against the G8 summit in July. More and more groups are backing demonstrations, events and discussions.

Timetable for action at the G8

Saturday 2 JulyMake Poverty History demo, Edinburgh

Marxism 2005 will round off the week

The Socialist Workers Party Marxism 2005 event has been changed this year to enable people to go to both the G8 protests and Marxism.

Election results…

Respect — key seats <table>

Landmark vote in Labour’s heartlands boosts Respect

Two breakthrough results for Respect in Newham, an east London borough, shocked New Labour early on Friday morning.

Respect councillors help to break new ground in Preston

Michael Lavalette, a Respect councillor in Preston, Lancashire, won 6.8 percent of the vote standing as the parliamentary candidate for the city.

Janet Alder — ‘We’re buzzing in Tottenham’

Janet Alder won 6.4 percent of the vote standing as the Respect candidate in Tottenham, north London.

Good results for these anti-war independent candidates

Two independent anti-war candidates, who have both lost sons serving in the army in Iraq, challenged New Labour at the polls.

How real is the Lib Dem surge?

The Liberal Democrats became the focus for many people who are angry with New Labour. That’s not surprising. They were constantly described by the media as being against the war in Iraq.

Electoral support for mainstream parties falls

The general election results have demonstrated that millions of people are deeply alienated from the entire political establishment. British politics is fracturing and being shaken up in an extremely volatile manner.

More action needed to defeat the British Nazi Party

The fascist British National Party (BNP) made some gains at the general election, but failed to make any serious breakthroughs in its target areas.

Scottish Socialist Party squeezed

It was a disappointing election for the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), as its vote dropped across Scotland. Keith Baldassara won one of the SSP’s best votes of 1,666 — 5.4 percent — in Glasgow South West.

Congratulations to Respect

‘Galloway’s election is a big breakthrough. The votes in East and West Ham show there is a significant minority who are determined to punish Blair.’Tariq Ali, author and activist

With Respect’s victory ‘a new dawn has truly broken over the east end’

As the sun came up over Brick Lane on Friday a new dawn had truly broken over the East End of London — and over British politics.

A moral victory for Salma Yaqoob in Birmingham

Salma took second place with a total of 10,498 votes, some 27.5 percent. Godsiff came first with 13,787.

European left greets Respect election victory

Representatives of the left in Europe sent congratulations to George Galloway after his triumph. We reprint the message sent by Fausto Bertinotti of Italy’s Rifondazione Comunista.


What We Think

When are you quitting, Tony Blair?

Tony Blair has crept back into Downing Street — but already the talk is not of whether he will go but when.

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