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Issue: 1952

Dated: 21 May 2005

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How they forged the case against Galloway

The central document used against George Galloway this week by the US senate committee investigating Iraq’s oil for food programme is a forgery. Socialist Worker can reveal that evidence crucial to the alleged case against the Respect MP is fake — created after the fall of Baghdad in 2003.

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Lights, camera, industrial action as staff walk out at BBC

Unions at the BBC have announced four days of joint strike action against 3,800 job cuts and the programme of privatisation announced by director-general Mark Thompson.

Confident workers picket Ambala foods

Workers turned out in force to picket Ambala Foods in Stratford, east London, on Friday of last week. It was their fourth one-day strike against low pay.

Coventry council workers fight back in single status dispute

Thousands of council workers in the Unison and T&G unions at Coventry City Council were set to strike on Thursday this week in a dispute over pay. This will be followed by a

Postal workers demand action over privatisation

Postal workers have demanded tough action from their CWU union leaders in response to signs that the government and bosses at Royal Mail may be taking giant strides towards privatisation of the post.

Travellers marching for freedom

More than 200 people held a "freedom march" through Basildon, Essex, last Saturday in protest against threats to evict Travellers from Dale Farm, the largest Traveller site in England.

Reports round-up

I’ll fight on, vows Irene Stanley The high court has overturned the verdict of unlawful killing against police who shot dead Harry Stanley in September 1999.

HSBC bank workers close the tills

Thousands of workers at the giant HSBC bank are set to strike over pay on Friday of next week. The Amicus members voted by two to one in favour of striking.

Amicus conference — leader bangs the drum for government

Over 800 delegates gathered in Brighton last weekend for the first national conference of the 1.2 million strong Amicus union.

London Met picket lines go up in contract fight

Lecturers at London Metropolitan University (LMU) started a five day strike on Monday of this week — the longest strike in higher education in recent years.

Alternative to G8 summit takes shape

The "counter summit" being organised as part of the protests against the G8 in July is shaping up to be one of the most exciting political events of the year.

Votes for action at threatened Marconi plants

Workers at the Marconi telecommunications company are organising to stop 800 threatened job losses.

A selfish ‘freedom’ for Israel's universities

The AUT lecturers’ union passed resolutions in April calling for a boycott of two Israeli universities. One, Bar-Ilan, had a subsidiary college in the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel, in the occupied West Bank.

Blair restarts his war at home

Despite Tony Blair’s reduced majority, ministers seem determined to step up the pace of "modernising" reforms in the NHS — with wholesale privatisation of healthcare and wider "freedoms" for foundation hospitals.

The queen's speech

Retirement New work and pensions minister David Blunkett is set to step up the attack on pensions in the public and private sectors. He is expected to announce his plans after the publication of a report by former Confederation of British Industry chief Adair Turner. The queen’s speech also confirmed government plans to savage housing and incapacity benefits.

Babar Ahmad hearing blow

The campaign to free Babar Ahmad hit a setback on Tuesday of this week when a judge ruled in favour of his extradition to the US. His lawyers plan a high court appeal against the decision.


Killings in Uzbekistan reveal Bush's hypocrisy

George Bush’s government smears its opponents as "supporters of tyranny". Yet recent events in the central Asian republic of Uzbekistan have exposed how the US government backs one of the world’s most repressive regimes.

Discontent grows in Aceh and in Indonesia

Six months after his election, the cracks are well and truly appearing in the promises and policies of Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

A new party in Germany that will ‘draw a line in the sand’

A new left wing party is contesting the regional elections in North Rhine and Westphalia in Germany this Sunday.

General strike against occupation in Iraqi city of Ramadi

Iraqis in the city of Ramadi and neighbouring towns held a general strike last weekend in a protest against a blockade by US troops. The strike was called as US troops mounted a major offensive on villages and towns along the Euphrates river up to the border with Syria.

An explosion of anger in Afghanistan — after decades of civil war and political betrayal

Last week there were demonstrations in several cities in Afghanistan. The immediate cause was a report that US interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had defiled a Qur’an by putting it down a toilet.


Toni Negri shouldn't be calling for a yes vote in EU constitution referendum

This is an edited translation of a reply by the deputy editor of Liberazione, the daily paper of Italy’s Rifondazione Comunista, to Toni Negri, the anti-capitalist writer. Negri said in the French newspaper Libération that French people should vote yes to the European Constitution in the referendum on 29 May.


An Iraqi reveals how he forged an oil for food list

There is other clear evidence of forgery surrounding the oil for food documents.

The Mariam Appeal already investigated

The Mariam Appeal, set up by George Galloway, also apears in some of the documents. It has already been investigated and given a clean financial bill of health.

Who is Norm Coleman?

"God bless America is a prayer, and I believe that George Bush is God’s answer to that prayer."

Evidence from the torture chambers

The alleged evidence against George Galloway, apart from that based on Duelfer’s dodgy dossier, is mainly statements from former Iraqi regime officials.

George Galloway speaks out

George Galloway was set to confront the US senate committee after Socialist Worker went to press.

A history of smears and lies

The intelligence services have used forgeries and concocted evidence time after time to discredit governments and individuals.

U.S. sanctions regime was guilty of murder

The allegations against George Galloway relate to the oil for food programme. The Guardian revealed this week that the US administration ignored widespread illicit dealings by US firms during the time of the programme.

Murky paper trail from Iraq to Washington

The documents used by the senate committee allegedly originate from the Iraqi oil ministry, seized by the US military immediately after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

An attempt to win the majority of workers

Tom Mann (1856-1941) was president of the National Minority Movement (NMM) from 1924 to 1929.

Raising Respect's banner in Slough

Respect had some amazing results in the general election on 5 May, coming second in seats in east London and Birmingham and of course George Galloway’s win in Bethnal Green & Bow.

Jazz Khan — “We will be taking up all the everyday issues”

Jazz Khan, who was the Respect candidate, says, "Slough was a really good result, but there wasn’t enough awareness about who we were.

Brazil’s landless on the march

Brazil's landless movement, known as the Movimento dos Sem Terra (MST), is on the march. Some 12,000 members of the movement have spent the last two weeks walking along the highway that links Goiânia, the capital of the state of Goiás, to the federal capital of Brasilia.

The general election was a bitter blow for Blairism

Of themselves, elections don’t change anything. They act as a barometer of the deeper social forces at work. But that doesn’t mean that elections are irrelevant. Only a fool would say that the victory of the Tories under Margaret Thatcher in 1979 had no effect on British society.

Coming events

Saturday 21 MayFree Palestine national demonstration, 1pm, central London. Called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Go to <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>


John Berger — a radical vision of how we understand art

John Berger is nearly 80 years old. He has spent his life writing and speaking on art. He writes the kind of books you want your friends to read, so you can share the ideas with them. His Marxism is sensuous, demanding and critical.

Only Human explores a different side of the Palestine-Israel conflict

Only Human (Seres Queridos)Directed by Teresa de Pelegri and Dominic HarariReleased 20 May

Reviews round-up

What the Bleep Do We Know?Directed by William ArntzReleased 20 May

What We Think

An attempt to strangle Respect at birth

New Labour has infanticide in mind. Respect was born a healthy infant. Now New Labour wants it removed by any means.

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Dave Lambert

Dave Lambert was a lifelong socialist and community activist who died suddenly from a stroke last week, aged 58.


These troops say no A serious crisis is developing in the US military. Thousands of US soldiers are AWOL, refusing to fight in Iraq — including 37 army recruiters. A growing number of deserters are seeking refuge in Canada.

Meetings on Latin America at Marxism 2005

Sue Branford will be speaking at the Marxism 2005 event in central London. This takes place between 7-11 July.

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