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Issue: 1885

Dated: 24 Jan 2004

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Why won't they finish Blair off?

Blair's a war criminal, fees will wreck education, but Labour MPs run for cover. "Working class people, including trade unionists, anti-war campaigners, pensioners and students, all desperately require a political voice.

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News in brief

Only friends of US will get a vote in Iraq BUSH AND Blair claimed their war on Iraq was a fight for democracy. Yet the US won't allow free elections to take place in Iraq.

Tom Hurndall: tragedy of peace activist shot in Israel

Tom Hurndall, the British peace activist who was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier in April last year, died last week.

Respect: a new coalition in the battle against Blair

A new coalition, with the proposed name Respect, has begun holding rallies to raise the profile of this important left alternative to New Labour.

Great start in battle to defeat the BNP in Manchester

A BUZZ went around the meeting room as 450 people crammed into Manchester town hall for an anti-racist rally on Thursday of last week.

Care home protest in Morpeth

AROUND 400 people met in Morpeth, Northumberland, last week to discuss how to fight the proposal of Northumberland County Council to close three care homes and an adult training centre. Workers from the threatened services also demonstrated outside a meeting of the ruling Labour group of councillors (see picture).

Planning meeting called for London ESF

THERE WILL be a vital meeting on 24 January for anyone wanting to help organise the next European Social Forum (ESF).

Natfhe force management retreat at Blackburn College

THE THREAT of strike action has made management at Blackburn College concede over pay.

Council workers round-up

REFUSE WORKERS and street cleansing workers in Hackney, east London, were due to start a four-day strike this week-and their escalation of the fight has management worried.

Reports round-up

Delegation to the West Bank CAMPAIGNERS IN Preston were delighted last week when they received an official invitation from the Palestinian Authority to visit the West Bank as part of a fact-finding trip.

Scandalous treatment of postal workers East London Mail Centre

IMAGINE FACING the sack for an alleged offence against a person whose identity is never revealed to you. And then add that management will not tell you when or where the offence is supposed to have taken place.

Nurseries round-up

Scottish nursery nurses ballot on all-out strike More than 4,000 of Scotland's nursery nurses still in dispute with local councils are to ballot on an all-out indefinite strike.

Transport workers

"SERCO IS a company that puts profit before people."

BAE Systems union shows how to kick management ass

We are a small group of Amicus union members trying to organise our site at BAE Systems in London. The workforce is white collar, with no trade union tradition.

AUT ballot for strike

University teachers and support staff in the AUT union are balloting for strike action against a background of a national debate on fees and the future of higher education.

Headscarf ban protest: united to defend a woman's right to choose

Over 1,000 protesters gathered outside the French embassy in London last Saturday. They were protesting against attempts by President Chirac and his right wing government to ban the headscarf worn by Muslim women, known as the hijab, from French schools.

Southampton Institute cleaners strike

AROUND 120 cleaners working at Southampton Institute stuck on Monday over pay and job losses.

Civil servants battle is a fight for all of us

A CRUCIAL battle is coming in the civil service. The results of the strike ballot in the PCS civil servants' union was due out shortly after Socialist Worker went to press.


100,000 at the World Social Forum

'LAST YEAR at the Asian Social Forum we came together and said "Another world is possible". But George Bush also thought "Another world is possible".


John Le Carre: The spy writer who came in from the cold

Who would have thought that the best known writer of spy novels in Britain in the late 20th century would become one of the finest literary critics of neo-liberalism, war and empire in the 21st?


Driving bosses off the road

"IT WAS a treat to be on the Land Rover picket last weekend," says Louise, one of the Socialist Worker sellers who went to offer solidarity with the workers battling for higher pay.

The pickets return to Land Rover

Nearly a thousand workers on the picket line. And that was before the one-day strike at Land Rover's Solihull and Gaydon plants called for Monday of next week.

Pay stakes high at Sainsbury's Haydock distribution centre

"Sainsbury's – making life taste bitter." That is the message workers have scrawled on the locker room wall inside the supermarket's distribution depot in Haydock, north west England.

Ricky Tomlinson interview: 'New Labour? My Arse!'

Tell us about growing up in Liverpool after the Second World War.

Shrewsbury two jailings were Tory assault on movement

I got involved when Laurie Flynn, who was working on Socialist Worker, dragged me up to the trial in Shrewsbury. He'd gone up there week in and week out, sometimes day in and day out.

Paul Foot on Toussaint L'Ouverture and the great Haitian slave revolt

This month saw the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Caribbean republic of Haiti after a revolutionary uprising against slavery.

World Social Forum in Mumbai: many battles, one enemy

"Stop privatisation". "No war in South Asia". "Dalit untouchable rights". "Debt domination is human rights violation". "Power to the people". "Another world is possible". "Free Palestine". "A socialist world is possible".


Another country music is possible

Country music icon Willie Nelson has just written a protest song against the war in Iraq. He hopes it will stir the passions in those who hear it.

Shameless | Girl with a Pearl Earring

No shame in this artistic licence THE CHAOS runs thick and fast through the opening scenes of this outrageously funny new drama from Paul Abbott (creator of State of Play and Alibi).

What We Think

New forces that can bury warmonger

IF TONY Blair survives the next week as prime minister it will be down to one thing-the spinelessness of Labour MPs.

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Avoiding the state Mike Gonzalez (Socialist Worker, 17 January) is right to describe how the Zapatista movement in Mexico has provided a great inspiration for activists across the world.

Nothing for those in peril on the sea

A NORTH Sea helicopter rescue worker who has saved hundreds of lives faces eviction from his home. He was \"unceremoniously dumped\" by his employer when he could no longer work because of injuries sustained during rescues.

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