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Leading charity exposes sickest spin yet
Massaging the figures on child poverty has to be among the sickest wheezes dreamt up by government spin doctors. That is exactly what New Labour has done, according to a devastating report commissioned by the Child Poverty Action Group and published this week. Government ministers claim to have "lifted" 1.2 million children out of poverty. But this report by a leading charity shows that figure is a lie.

George Bush: the madman prepares to kill again
US President George Bush this week ordered the biggest naval build-up since the Gulf War in 1991. He stunned the world two weeks ago by declaring that Iran, North Korea and Iraq were on his hit list. Yet there is no evidence that any of these countries have anything to do with the Al Qaida network.

New Labour: 'WRECKERS'
Three pillar boxes on each street corner (and each one owned by a different company under crazy plan to sell off the Post Office) New Labour is poised to drive through Post Office privatisation in just seven weeks time. The government's regulator announced last week that it wants to see the Post Office (Consignia) totally sold off. This is the privatisation from hell, the maddest of the mad. It offers the crazy prospect of competing pillar boxes on street corners. Even Margaret Thatcher shied away from it.

We are right to take strike action
A crucial battle is now underway at South West Trains (SWT) and Arriva Northern. On the one side stand rail workers fighting for decent pay and dignity at work, and against the madness of privatisation.

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