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Issue: 1958

Dated: 02 Jul 2005

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‘We are here to fight, not beg’ — Africa in revolt against the G8

I am coming from Johannesburg to Edinburgh to be part of the movement confronting the G8 leaders. People from across the world will stand together in solidarity—fighting the battle to end poverty and exploitation.

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Union anger at DHL parcels company

The GMB union is battling to stop an attempt to form a right wing breakaway to it in the DHL parcels company.

Reports round-up

Neath bus cuts Protest in Neath, Wales, on Wednesday of last week against the closure of a bus route that will see over 250 children having to find another way to get to school.

Hundreds hear Respect's alternative on national speaking tour

About 500 people crowded in to an electric fringe meeting organised by Respect and the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) at the Unison union conference in Glasgow last week.

Initial Services workers in equal pay fight at Fazakerley hospital

A mass meeting of cleaning, catering and laundry workers at Fazakerley hospital, Merseyside, voted to suspend their strike action last week.

How we beat back the Islington academy plan

Last week parents, teachers and support staff in Islington, north London, won a stunning victory. They forced ARK, a charity run by a group of bankers and hedge fund speculators, to pull out of a scheme to create an independent but state-funded academy on the sites of Islington Green and Moreland schools.

Bank occupations in Scotland against obscene profits and global poverty

Protesters from the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) occupied branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland on Monday of this week.

Unions must keep up the pensions pressure on New Labour and prepare for a new confrontation

The simmering confrontation between public sector workers and the New Labour government over pensions looks set to intensify in coming months.

Will religious hatred laws deal with bigotry?

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim Parliament, writes in opposition to the bill

Strike over Leeds Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres redundancies

Over 100 staff at three special schools in Leeds struck over the threat of 17 full time redundancies in one of the new Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres last week.

Supermarket workers pay disputes are stacking up

Members of the GMB union at Asda’s Washington depot in the north east of England have rejected an improved pay offer from management.

Turkish and Kurdish solidarity

Anger at a massacre by the Turkish government led 500 people to march through Stoke Newington, north London, last Saturday.

North Westminster school

Furious members of the NUT teaching union at North Westminster School, west London, voted for strike action last week and won an immediate withdrawal of proposals to relocate them.

Glastonbury festival calls for end to poverty

The Make Poverty History (MPH) message resonated throughout the Glastonbury festival weekend. When people arrived they were given a special Glastonbury MPH white wristband.

An unjust act against Babar Ahmad

Supporters of Babar Ahmad, the south London IT worker threatened with extradition to the US on terrorism charges, have stepped up their campaign against the Extradition Act 2003.

‘Labour still sends us back to the torturers in Zimbabwe’

I was due in court this week to discover if I would be deported back to Zimbabwe.

Labour rebellion fails to block ID bill

The government’s bill clearing the way for compulsory biometric ID cards linked to a national identity database narrowly passed its second reading in the House of Commons on Tuesday night.

Unison conference — rocky road for the right wing

Unison's national delegate conference, held in Glasgow last week, saw the union commit itself to a series of tough policies over privatisation, pensions and opposition to the Labour government’s domestic agenda.

Unison conference in brief

On Friday of last week Unison made history by becoming the first union to pass policy over climate change. Conference voted to work with the Campaign Against Climate Change and support demonstrations urging that governments take action to curb carbon emissions.

Phone mast protest

About 50 people marched on Wednesday of last week to demand the removal of a mobile phone mast in East Kilbride, Scotland. The mast is near a nursery and school

Explosive mood among postworkers

Postal workers at Bow Locks, the east London mail centre, are enraged at management’s attitude after a recent emergency evacuation.

Media workers

Sheffield Newspapers NUJ Journalists in the NUJ union working for Sheffield Newspapers are balloting for action over a staffing crisis.


Iraqi hospitals in the firing line

Iraqi doctors say they have been harassed, beaten, threatened and sometimes even attacked by US and US-backed Iraqi forces during recent military adventures in al-Qa’im and Haditha.

US occupation under pressure

The US-led occupation of Iraq lurched further into crisis this week as defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was forced to admit that resistance in the country might last for years.

Eyewitness to the Zimbabwean war on the poor which has torn apart the lives of so many

THE government’s "clean up" campaign has left over a million people displaced, refugees in their own country. Around 300,000 kids have dropped out of school as a result of the displacements.


When wearing white is not chic, and collaboration not cool

Notwithstanding the global hype associated with reversing aid, debt and trade injustices during the past few days, it hasn’t been an easy time for the huge Non-Governmental Organisations at the centre of the action.


Every 3 seconds a child dies needlessly, and the G8 debt plan won’t help

Only 18 countries are helped by the latest G8 proposals

War and climate change on the G8 summit agenda

The focus of the protests at the G8 summit in Scotland has been on ending poverty in the developing world. But the G8 leaders are also set to make decisions on the environment and nuclear weapons.

School students to strike again over G8

Alys Elica Zaerin, one of the organisers of School Students Against the War, spoke to Socialist Worker about plans by school students to walk out in protest against poverty and war.

Scottish support for G8 demo builds

Gill Hubbard is one of the organisers of the G8 Alternatives summit on Sunday and the Wednesday demonstration at the Gleneagles Hotel.

G8 Diary

Friday 1 JulyG8 Alternatives opening rally5.30pm, Queens Hall, Edinburgh University. Speakers include Dennis Brutus, Haidi Giuliani, Bill Speirs, Mark Ruskell, Trevor Ngwane, Eamonn McCann.International Socialist Tendency meeting7.30pm, Gillis Centre, 100 Strathearn Road, Edinburgh EH9. Speakers include Petros Constantinou from Greece’s SEK, Chris Bambery from Socialist Worker, and a speaker from Spain’s En Lucha.

The radical history of Edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh for the biggest political demonstration this city has ever seen. We will be making history here in July amid strong dissenting traditions.

‘Africans will not be silent victims’

Imagine a different G8. Flying in to Lagos, the centre of the United States of Benin, are the leaders of Great Zimbabwe, Katanga and Aksum. They will be joined by other leaders of Asia and South America to decide their latest proposals for lifting the debt burden from impoverished states in Europe.

The reality of trade inequality — poverty and poisoned ground

Cotton used to be the big cash crop in eastern Uganda and a major contributor to the country’s agricultural sector, which employs over 80 percent of its population.

The view from the global south

The view from the global south


Black music was America’s soundtrack to the Vietnam War

From the early to the mid-1960s, black music took a very patriotic attitude towards the war in Vietnam. A lot of that had to with the feeling that conditions for black people in the US were improving.

Capturing Jean-Paul Sartre’s legacy in images and recordings

Jean-Paul Sartre was one of the most remarkable intellectuals of the 20th century. A new exhibition in Paris commemorates the 100th anniversary of his birth and places Sartre amid the conflicts of his age.

Classic African music

KhaledKhaled (1992)

What We Think

Intensify the pressure after the G8 protests

Never before has the issue of global justice been so central to British politics.

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