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Issue: 1959

Dated: 09 Jul 2005

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Betrayed by the G8 — but resistance grows world wide

It's business as usual for the G8, who despite the rhetoric will at the end of this week produce a document that will do nothing effective to alleviate poverty or halt climate change.

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Opposition to city academies plan grows

Up to 150 school students staged a noisy demonstration outside the Learning Trust in Hackney, east London, on Thursday of last week in protest against plans to close their school, Homerton College of Technology.

Research into city academies

Education experts have slammed the government for spinning a report last month into city academies.

A little bit extra would help at Asda depot

Workers at Asda’s depot in Washington, county Durham, are set to ballot for strike action over pay this week.

Reports round-up

North east’s yes to Respect Over 520 people attended Respect’s rally on Tyneside last week, making it the biggest political meeting in the area for over a decade.


Anger at choice of partners Many pensioners were dismayed to find that the People’s Pension Coalition, launched recently by the TUC, has excluded the National Pensioners Convention (NPC).

RMT's bitter strike against Centra's bullying bus bosses

Drivers for Centra Buses in Croydon, south London, staged another one-day strike last week. The drivers, members of the RMT union, are involved in a bitter dispute over pay and conditions which stretches back over a year.

Make Poverty History Southampton

About 500 people of all ages joined the Southampton Make Poverty History march on Saturday of last week.

Breakaway union attempt at AA and DHL

The GMB has represented staff at the AA since our merger with the Apex union in the mid-1980s. The union has had many successes, including the protection of the final salary pension scheme last year.

TUC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered conference

The eighth TUC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) conference met in London on the two days before the Pride demonstration which took place last Saturday.

Support Coventry journalists’ action

Journalists in the NUJ union at Coventry Newspapers were set to strike on Thursday and Friday of this week to protest against low pay.

Asbo concern against authoritarian fever

Home office minister Hazel Blears is celebrating new figures showing that the number of anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos) issued has more than doubled in a year.

Anti-deportation campaigns

Cardiff There was a lively protest in Cardiff on Thursday of last week against the deportation of asylum seekers to Zimbabwe.

ID cards: No to Labour’s ‘plastic poll tax’

Over 300 people attended the "Even Bigger Brother" rally against ID cards on Wednesday of last week in London. Speakers included Tony Benn, Respect MP George Galloway and Shami Chakrabarti, the director of civil liberties organisation Liberty.

Hunger striker: ‘I’ll die rather than go back to Zimbabwe’

While the foreign office says "Zimbabweans are deprived of their democratic and human rights", the home office is preparing to deport Zimbabwean asylum seekers back to face Mugabe’s regime.

Clarke snub to Babar Ahmad’s family

Home secretary Charles Clarke has refused to meet the family of Babar Ahmad — the south London IT worker who faces extradition to the US on trumped up terrorism charges.

Who says?

"I received a call from a pleasant American who said that Paul Wolfowitz had read my articles in the New Statesman… He was coming to London and would like me to join him at Annabel’s"Pro-war "liberal" Nick Cohen, on his meeting with the US arch neo-conservative at a posh London restaurant

Dennis Brutus — Don’t get duped again

I’m glad to be a part of this historic occasion which, as I’m sure you all know, is part of a much larger series of events taking place here in Edinburgh and in Gleneagles.

Voices from the Iraqi wilderness

Sheikh Majid al-Gaood of the Duleim tribe from Ramadi, Iraq, joined the thousands demonstrating against the G8 in Edinburgh last weekend.

Dr Salaam Ismael’s return to Fallujah, Iraq

Dr Salaam Ismael wrote the exclusive report in Socialist Worker earlier this year that revealed shocking evidence of what happened in Fallujah when US forces stormed the city last November.

Gleneagles protesters defy police

Thousands of protesters defied police intimidation to demonstrate against the G8 summit in Gleneagles this Wednesday, marching up to the fence which surrounded the hotel where the G8 leaders were meeting.

Suspension of Marxism 2005

Due to the tragic events in and around London, today's Marxism 2005 has been suspended. We very much hope to resume the event on Friday at 10am. However the situation is constantly changing and we will post a second message confirming the Marxism timetable at 4pm today. Please keep an eye on the SWP website <a href="" target = "_blank"></a> .

Socialist Worker statement following London bombings

Our thoughts are with all those killed and wounded in this morning&#146;s terrible attacks in London.

Press Statement on London bombings by Fausto Bertinotti

"What occurred in London is the atrocity of a barbarism. Peaceful people should mobilise"

Did police plan 'trouble' on Gleneagles demonstration?

I’m a photographer who was working yesterday, 6 July, on a shoot at Gleneagles for Community Care magazine. The brief was to photograph emergency social workers covering the demonstration and to shoot the demo itself.

Statement on the London bombings by George Galloway on behalf of Respect

We extend our condolences to those who have lost their lives today and our heartfelt sympathy to all those who have been injured by the bombs in London.

Marxism 2005 under way

By 10am Friday morning 1,000 people had defied all obstacles to come to the delayed opening rally of Marxism 2005. After a minute's silence for all those killed in the London bombings and in occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, they heard powerful and moving speeches from veteran socialist Tony Benn, Stop the War Coalition convenor Lindsey German, Respect MP George Galloway and Portuguese Left Bloc MP, Ana Drago.

Northampton postal workers strike against assault on union

Around 1,500 postal workers in Northampton are on strike in a battle for their CWU union’s future.


Indian students face police assault

University authorities unleashed police and troops to smash up student protests in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, last month.

Afghanistan shattered by imperialism

Seventeen villagers were killed in a "precision" US bombing raid on Friday of last week. Not in Iraq, but in Afghanistan — a country that was "liberated" over three and half years ago.



Walden Bello: The perfect storm against the U.S. in Iraq

It was on the second day that I got the sense that things were coming together in a striking way. It seemed akin to the situation where several climatic disturbances fuse to create what meteorologists have called the "perfect storm".

George Monbiot: ‘Climate change is the most important issue on our agenda’

We have so far seen two drafts of the climate agreement that the G8 summit is meant to be coming up with. The first one was disastrous — and the second was even worse.

This is how we are campaigning over global warming

We have to do something about global warming. Most people know it’s a serious problem. Most people want something done. But individuals driving different cars and taking fewer flights is not going to be enough.

Revolution lives on in the 21st century

Who talks of revolution today? The mainstream social democratic left — re-branded as the "centre left" — has long given up talking about socialism, let alone revolution.

George Galloway — Battle cry for radical change

The only way to make poverty history is to make the G8 history. I don’t mean simply the annual jamboree for the leaders of the world’s richest and most powerful states. I mean the whole nexus of exploitation and privilege that the G8 and its attendant institutions represent.

FIOM workers in Italy show how we can fight back today

One of the most famous modern Italian novels is Christ Stopped At Eboli. Set in the 1930s, it is the true story of the anti-fascist Carlo Levi, who was exiled from the highly industrialised city of Turin to a small village in the deep south.

Eight men won’t change the world, but we can

The preparations began months ago — long before Bob Geldof woke from his long sleep. Trade unionists, anti-capitalists, members of churches and community organisations, activists of every sort booked their coaches and agitated with those around them to come to Edinburgh on 2 July in a massive protest against the G8.

African activist — the robber barons are not part of movement

Malawian activist Mzimasi Makiniki has been following the Live8 and Make Poverty History events — and he hasn’t liked everything he’s seen

The West has backed Africa's dictators

In 1981 the World Bank produced a very important document on Africa called the Berg Report.

Africa’s economic crisis

Lots of commentators ask why Africa does badly compared to Asia. Here’s a quick answer.

G8 Alternatives: A week of protests and debates challenges G8

The main protest at Gleneagles, where the G8 leaders are set to meet, had not taken place when Socialist Worker went to press.

Edinbugh G8 confrontations were instigated by the police

If the police had wanted to avoid violence at the Carnival of Full Enjoyment on Monday of this week they could easily have done so.

Stop the War at Edinburgh

On Sunday night around 2,000 people marched through the centre of Edinburgh to take part in the Stop the War Coalition’s demonstration against the occupation of Iraq.


Jean Binta Breeze — ‘I translated Isaiah into a Rastaman preaching’

Jean Binta Breeze began to write poetry in the 1970s and is now widely celebrated as a dub poet, screenwriter and director.

Isaiah by Jean Binta Breeze

ISAIAHde rastamantongue full of flamesred righteous brainsdescend from de mountainstrod troo de plainsbringing a warningto a nation gawn insaneISAIAHde nyamanchanting fire troo de lantalk like thunder touch im hanbreathe brimstone pon BabylonIsrael, you forget God planno more burning dove or ramno more sacrifice of lambno more fasting, no more prayerGod is deaf to your desireISAIAHde rastamanheart beating hardno stone, no sword, no guardtalking every word de spirit declareIsrael, yuh forget yuh Godcorruption mek yuh choose de badwickedness d

Chavez Ravine uncovers LA’s paved over working class history

Chavez RavineRy CooderNonesuch Records

Cultural highlights at Marxism 2005

TogetherAn exhibition of photographs by Angela Stapleford taken at recent Love Music Hate Racism events. On display outside Logan Hall and Jeffrey Hall.

What We Think

After Gleaneagles: political movement to shatter the powerful

The protests in Scotland over the last week are part of the great cycle of mobilisations against corporate globalisation and war that have characterised the last few years.

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Today’s housing struggle Council tenants in Bow, east London, are angry at being blackmailed and rushed into a ballot for privatisation of their estates by Tower Hamlets council.

Marxism 2005 event

Thursday 7 July to Monday 11 July, central London

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