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Issue: 1962

Dated: 06 Aug 2005

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Racism is the enemy within

Paddy Hill: ‘We must defend the Muslim community’ Paddy Hill, one of six Irish men who were framed by the state for the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings, spoke to Socialist Worker.

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We demand justice, say grieving relatives

The family of the 27 year old Brazilian shot dead by armed police in south London, have cast further doubt on the police’s version of events leading up to the shooting.

Racist attacks on Muslims are rising after 7 July

I deal with Islamophobic attacks that are reported to us. Prior to 7 July I was getting about five a week, now it’s about 100. So far we’ve had at least 290 and there are more to be logged. We’ve been overwhelmed.

Asda distribution workers strike over pay

Workers at one of Asda supermarkets’ distribution centres began a three day strike over pay on Wednesday of last week.

DHL Express ballot set to deliver message to management

The GMB union has organised a consultative ballot for its 4,500 members at the DHL Express parcel company. GMB members rejected the company’s 3 percent pay offer in a ballot earlier this summer.

Reports round-up

Ford bosses have no Ansa to action Deliveries of new Ford cars to showrooms across Britain were hit this week by strike action at Ansa Logistics Ltd by members of the T&G Union.

Action grows against anti-Muslim backlash

Glasgow Over 150 people packed into a wonderful public meeting in the Carrington Street Mosque, Glasgow, on Friday of last week.

London Metropolitan contracts

Management at London Metropolitan University have conceded an improved contract for lecturers after a 15 month long dispute.

Pay is the big story at Coventry papers

Some 45 members of the NUJ journalists union at the Coventry Evening Telegraph, Coventry Citizen, Hinckley Times, Bedworth Echo and Nuneaton Tribune are continuing their long running dispute over pay and regrading.

Lothian bus workers strike

A 48-hour strike by Lothian bus workers last weekend was 100 percent solid. Large picket lines were formed at Edinburgh’s bus depots on both days despite some torrential rain on Saturday.

Defend Council Housing

New Labour in Tower Hamlets, east London, is looking increasingly desperate on many fronts, not least in the struggles over council housing.

Environmental campaigns

About 50 local residents from Bethnal Green, east London, attended a lively and angry meeting on Tuesday of last week to object to a proposed building development in one of the area’s few green spaces.

Council cuts

The elderly and people with disabilities in Bristol are to pay again for the way finances have been mishandled in previous years by senior social services managers.

Civil liberties — 'Children are not carrots’

Liberty recently helped in a case where a young man challenged the police’s right to remove a person suspected of being under 16 from a curfew area after 9pm.

Stop the War Coalition plans new national demo

It is right that our movement should stay on the streets. We will be holding another national demonstration on 24 September.

Gains for the left PJP follow Birmingham vote-rigging case

Left wing candidates took two council seats in Birmingham last week. The People’s Justice Party (PJP) gained two councillors in the Bordesley Green ward with Labour taking the third seat. The Liberal Democrats gained all three seats in Aston ward.

Egypt: The fight for democracy that Straw won’t mention

British Foreign secretary Jack Straw has set himself the task of giving Arab rulers "the confidence to face down terrorism". He believes there is "a wind of change" blowing in the Middle East.

Iraq round-up

Troops in new abuse claims Some 23 US soldiers serving in Iraq have been charged with mistreating detainees while on operations in the Baghdad area.

Who says?

"The Palestinians are the pikeys of the Middle East. If they must have a homeland give them part of Saudi Arabia, because the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Jordanians and the Lebanese don’t want them either." Richard Littlejohn, writing in the Sun

How police seized anti-war material in raid on Leeds bookshop

On Friday 15 July police descended on the Iqra Learning Centre, an Islamic bookshop in Beeston, Leeds. They battered the door down and sealed the shop off, arresting one man who worked there under anti-terrorism laws.

Stop and search — Sikh barrister is viewed as threat

On Wednesday of last week I had to get a 7.25am train to Nottingham for a court case. I ran for the train, but was stopped at the barrier and told that I wasn’t able to board without a ticket.

Rolls workers ballot over Hicks

Over 100 workers in the test area at Rolls Royce’s Bristol plant were to begin a snap ballot for official strike action this week after management turned down an appeal for the reinstatement of their union convenor, Jerry Hicks.

Telecom workers protest at O2 meeting

About 120 ordinary shareholders, CWU union activists and O2 workers protested on Wednesday of last week at the company’s annual general meeting.


US workers call for troops out of Iraq

The AFL-CIO union federation in the US, which represents millions of US workers, last week sent out a strong message against George Bush. Delegates to its convention voted to call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and the quick return of US troops.

What’s behind the divisions in the AFL-CIO union federation?

The decision of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Teamsters unions to disaffiliate from the AFL-CIO federation last week has created a huge debate inside the trade union movement in the US.


Blair wants to use the fear factor

There are many reasons for condemning the London bombings. One is that the attacks have, temporarily at least, politically strengthened Tony Blair.


Suicide bombers — their bodies as weapons

The only explanation Tony Blair will tolerate for the atrocities in London is an empty one that serves himself. They are, he says, simply the product of an "evil ideology" that, in some mysterious way, has burst in to an otherwise tranquil world.

The drive for real democracy in the Middle East

We need to remind ourselves of a number of fundamental principles in order to put the question of democracy in its real framework of progress. We cannot speak of democracy as separated from the rest of the questions in the Middle East region, or any region in the world.

Sinn Fein steps down the road to respectability

Last week’s announcement that the IRA has ordered an end to its military operations was greeted by a predictable display of hypocrisy from Tony Blair.

How the British government brought the gun into Irish politics

"The IRA put the gun into Irish politics," is the message pumped out ceaselessly by politicians and the media.

Britain’s hidden but vital workforce

The British media has plumbed fresh depths in the wake of the 7 July bombings.


Dear Wendy exposes the US’s gun culture

Dear Wendy is a highly original, witty and dark satire on US political hypocrisy and gun culture. It brings together the formidable talents of director Thomas Vinterberg (Festen) and writer/director Lars Von Trier (Dogville).

Bush bashing in Silver City

The mystery thriller film Silver City was conceived for and released during the 2004 US presidential election. Director John Sayles wanted to intervene in the election.

Albert’s Boy is a good play, but doesn't get to the core of the matter

Albert’s Boyby James Graham Finborough Theatre, London until 13 August. Phone 020 7373 3842

Reviews round-up

Fruitstock Gloucester Green, north east corner of Regent’s Park, London. 6 -7 August, 12 noon to 9pm See <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

What We Think

Targeting whole groups will increase the anger

Eight bullets pumped into a Brazilian electrician, a Sikh barrister wearing a turban stopped and searched on his way to court, other hourly injustices and humiliations.

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Basker Vashee

Basker Vashee, who has died of heart disease aged 61, was a member of the International Socialists (forerunner of the Socialist Workers Party) in the late 1960s.


My friend Jean Charles As a friend of Jean Charles de Menezes, shot and killed recently by police, I feel a great mixture of emotions in this sad time.

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