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Issue: 1968

Dated: 17 Sep 2005

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A child dies every three seconds, 1% own 57% of the world's wealth

Now the leaders of the world’s most powerful states won’t even talk about abolishing poverty, and they don’t want the facts on your television screens either.

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X-ray staff see through bosses

Security Guards working for Eurostar at the Waterloo international terminal struck along with their colleagues at Ashford International and the North Pole depot on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week.

Civil service workers rally builds the ballot for action over job cuts

Civil service workers in the PCS union met in central London on Thursday of last week to discuss their current ballot against job cuts. Chancellor Gordon Brown wants to slash 104,000 jobs across the civil service.

Morrisons supermarkets

Thousands of Morrisons distribution workers could strike as the supermarket giant plans to shut several depots. The result of a joint T&G and GMB ballot for industrial action was set to be announced on Thursday of this week.


Local residents and anti-fascist campaigners have responded brilliantly to an attempt by the Nazi BNP to target the Clifton area of York. A group of fascists appeared in the ward last weekend, in an attempt to exploit concerns over a proposed hostel for the homeless.

Breaking the silence over Colombian repression

The delegation was in Colombia for a week, in which time we attended around 20 meetings in both Bogotá and villages in the rural Cauca region, with trade union groups, non-governmental organisations, politicians, lawyers, community groups and human rights’ organisations.

Reports round-up

Wanted: fair play at Arsenal The GMB union has taken up the case of member James Ramsey against Arsenal football club.

First bus drivers strike action

Around 600 First Bus workers in the east of Scotland held their second one-day strike over pay on Tuesday of this week.

Postal workers rally against sell-off plans

Over 400 postal workers rallied in London on Wednesday of last week against the plans to sell off Royal Mail.

Global justice

Campaigners from the York Trade and Debt Justice Group held a successful event in York last weekend to raise awareness of global injustice.

Outsourcing: after Gate Gourmet, four new disputes

Initial Laundry Workers at Initial Laundry in Bradford voted to end their strikes this week after a new offer from the company.

When the oil runs out

Oil prices touch a record $70 per barrel, petrol prices hit £1 a litre and British Gas announces another crunching 14 percent price increase. Gordon Brown berates the oil producers’ organisation Opec, and John Prescott lectures the Americans on climate change.

Serwotka: unity is vital in pensions fight

"The government was forced to retreat on raising the pension age by the threat of united industrial action in March of this year.

More action needed from TUC to confront New Labour

Everyone at the TUC kept saying this is a critical moment for the trade union movement.

Gate Gourmet workers need wider solidarity

The Gate Gourmet battle, now over five weeks old, sums up so much of what is wrong in Blair’s Britain. No other dispute received as many mentions at the TUC this week — and with good reason.

‘Defiant and warmed by support from so many people’

The key issue at Gate Gourmet is now the fate of those the company brands as "troublemakers".

Jerry Hicks was denied official support that could have won reinstatement

Striking engineers in the test area of Rolls Royce’s Bristol plant returned to work on Tuesday after a mammoth battle which has seen them take six weeks of action to stop the victimisation of their convenor, Jerry Hicks.

Guantanamo hunger strike is in its second month

Many of the detainees held without trial in the US camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba are so desperate that they have embarked on a hunger strike in order to have their cases heard.

DSEi arms dealers welcomed as protesters are persecuted

In the same week that £4.5 million of taxpayers money is being spent on preventing legitimate protest against the DSEi arms fair in London, six campaigners were arrested in Newcastle.

New energy price increases will mean that workers have to say goodbye to this year’s wage rise

Millions of people across Britain will face a cold, expensive winter after energy companies announced their prices are set to rise by up to 14 percent.

Who says?

"I’m going to go home and walk my dog and hug my wife and maybe get a good Mexican meal and a stiff margarita and a full night’s sleep."Michael Brown, resigning from the US department in charge of the New Orleans rescue when his lack of experience was discovered

NHS protests grow as trusts break down

The Hampshire village of Lyndhurst in the New Forest has a population of 3,060. But on Monday of this week over 2,000 people demonstrated there to fight hospital bed cuts.

Respect round-up

Labour councillor joins Respect Newham, east London, has its first Respect councillor. Sarah Ruiz became a Labour councillor in 1993.

Socialist Worker appeal launched: help us raise £150,000

We live in a world where the US had to send troops into both New Orleans and Baghdad to try to keep control.


March against election fraud in Egypt

Thousands of activists defied riot police to march through the Egyptian capital of Cairo last Saturday chanting "Mubarak is a thief" after a presidential election marred by fraud and intimidation.

Land still in hands of the few in South Africa

The background to this whole debate is the history of colonial and apartheid era land dispossession. In 1996 white people still owned and controlled over 80 percent of farm land, despite being only 11 percent of the population.

University strike challenges Lula

University professors and staff in Brazil have begun a national strike for salary increases to match inflation and for free, public and high quality education.

World Social Forum: three crucial gatherings

The next World Social Forum (WSF) will take place simultaneously in three cities — Caracas in Venezuela, Karachi in Pakistan and Bamako in Mali. It is set to take place from 25-29 January 2006.


Rise of China behind textile row

"Bra wars" was the idiotic way in which even the supposed quality media covered the row over Chinese textile quotas. The real story is about where capitalism is going.


Manning Marable: The US is 'racist to the core'

When someone who, as a teenager, reported on the assassination of Martin Luther King and who has analysed every turning point in black America since tells you they are enraged, you take notice.

Bob Crow: what future for the unions?

The RMT is the fastest growing union in Britain. What do you put that down to?

Russia 1917 inspired the wave of struggles

By the end of the First World War workers’ councils — soviets to use the Russian term — were taking root across Europe.


David Edgar: ‘I am the great stopped clock of English theatre’

Playing With Fire David Edgar12 September-22 October The National Theatre, London Phone 020 7452 3000

New Orleans: melting pot for the soundtrack of the century

"Fats Domino is saved," was one of the headlines that came out of the New Orleans tragedy.

Reviews round-up

Forgotten Empire: the World of Ancient PersiaUntil 8 January 2006The British Museum, London£8/£4<a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

What We Think

The monster they created in Northern Ireland

The immediate cause of last weekend’s loyalist riots in Northern Ireland was the prevention of an Orange Order march entering a Catholic area. These marches are about upholding sectarianism and reminding Catholics that they are traditionally second class citizens in the Northern Irish state.

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Kay Devito 1950-2005

Kay Devito sadly died last week.

Bert Whittle

Socialist Worker regrets to announce the death of longstanding Doncaster mine worker activist and Socialist Worker supporter Bert Whittle.



Socialist Worker black history month subscription offer

"Music can reflect political movements. That was true of the late 1960s and early 1970s, when soul and funk became the voice of the civil rights and Black Power movements. Black and Proud charts the music of this period.

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