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Issue: 1974

Dated: 29 Oct 2005

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Together we’ll stop BNP Nazis

The people who inspired the scum who murdered black teenager Anthony Walker in Liverpool are threatening to take to the streets in a Nazi-style march next week.

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Pensions deal has let millions of workers down

Last week New Labour and unions representing public sector workers announced a deal over pensions. Under the proposal, existing teachers, civil service workers and health workers will retain the right to retire at 60.

‘We need unity across the public sector to stop this divide and rule’

Mladen Maric, assistant branch secretary Brent local government Unison

Bus drivers: ‘Bosses treat us all the same — badly’

A bus drivers’ strike in north Staffordshire and south Cheshire has shown how unity can be forged between British-born and Polish workers.

Defra workers out to plug the pay gaps

Over 5,000 civil service workers struck in the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) on Friday of last week over pay disparities in the department.

PCS round-up

Telford rally Around 400 trade unionists packed into a lunchtime rally in Telford last week to protest against the threat to 1,400 local civil service jobs.

Firefighters' paramedic dispute heats up

A dispute over firefighters in Nottinghamshire being used as cut-price paramedics is escalating as the fire authority moves to make 10 percent deductions from wages of crews who refuse the new duties.

Bus drivers

London General Bus drivers based at Putney bus garage voted against an offer from senior management at a consultative ballot on Friday of last week.

Reports round-up

Unite blocks the Nazis in St Albans A Unite Against Fascism mobilisation on Wednesday of last week sent a clear message to the British National Party (BNP) to stay out of St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Irene Stanley: ‘We will keep fighting for justice’

Harry Stanley was shot dead by armed police in Hackney, east London, six years ago. Police said they mistook the chair leg he was carrying home for a shotgun.

Harry Stanley timeline

September 1999Harry Stanley is shot dead by armed police in Hackney, east London. The 46 year old father of three, who was recovering from cancer, was shot in the head and hand.

Galloway student meeting changes atmosphere

Students at Exeter university held a Respect meeting with George Galloway MP last week. The 350 seat venue was packed to overflowing, while up to 100 additional students held an overflow meeting outside.

Tower Hamlets Youth Respect

Over 90 young people attended the launch of Tower Hamlets Youth Respect in east London last Sunday.


The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London dismissed two specialist librarians on China and Japan/Korea to cut costs on 30 September.

Postal workers

Around 200 postal workers at the N1 delivery office in north London are beginning a strike ballot. At issue are management’s plans to cut the equivalent of 19 jobs.

Free Palestine

Hundreds of activists attended a conference on Palestine, Israel and the Law in central London last Saturday. The conference was organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Council workers

The escalating strike action at Sefton council on Merseyside in defence of victimised union activists was set to continue this week, with further groups of workers joining the 40 already out.

Scotland the brave?

Across the Scottish political spectrum, there is common recognition of an ingrained left of centre political culture, comprising egalitarianism, social justice and collectivism.

Calls for unity after riot in Birmingham

Activists from across Birmingham’s African Caribbean and Asian communities are uniting to call for peace and justice in the wake of last Saturday’s riots in the Lozells area. These left at least one man dead and several injured.

Government is to blame

Last Saturday’s riot came 20 years after the Handsworth riots of 1985. Those riots, also centred on Lozells, saw African Caribbean and Asian youth lashing out against the racism of the police.

Division will not help anyone

Respect member Alliya Stennett spoke at the Campaign for Silent Victims demonstration last Saturday. She told Socialist Worker, "A huge crowd had turned out, mostly from the African Caribbean community.

Rosa Parks: the death of US civil rights hero

Rosa Parks died this week aged 92.

US and Britain threaten action against Syria

The US is beating the drums of war once more. This time it threatens action against Syria.

A conference to win peace

Leading anti-war campaigner Cindy Sheehan will be heading up the US delegation to the International Peace Conference for Iraq, set to take place in London on 10 December.

Galloway: ‘Let them bring these charges’

The US Senate committee humiliated by Respect MP George Galloway in May launched another round of smears this week.

Labour’s education plans are a lesson in division

Simon Jones lives in Blackburn. He and his wife have four children currently at infant and junior school. They are more than happy with these schools — but they are not so happy about the future.

Blair is trying to kill off the comprehensive system

Tony Blair’s revealed his final ambition to make Thatcherism "irreversible" on Monday of this week. That was the key word of his speech announcing the government’s white paper on education.

A million children are living in squalor

Over a million children in Britain are living in squalid housing conditions, according to a new report by Shelter, the homeless charity, released on Monday of this week.

NHS campaign draws blood

Health secretary Patricia Hewitt has been forced to retreat over one aspect of New Labour’s plans to privatise key aspects of the NHS.

‘Whole system failed Kwame’

A coroner’s court jury at the inquest into the death in police custody of Kwame Wiredu returned a unanimous verdict of death by natural causes last week.

Who says?

"My bet is that 20 year olds will be working beyond 60."Trade and industry secretary Alan Johnson, on the pensions deal agreed with the TUC


Italian left’s primary colour is not red

Two weekends ago there was a big mobilsation against the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Brazilian activists leave Lula’s party to join radical force

The Brazilian Workers’ Party, known by its Portuguese initials of PT, of president Lula continues to reel from crisis to crisis.

War and attacks on criticism intensify in Turkey

Hrant Dink, editor of Turkey’s Armenian language weekly newspaper Agos, has received a six month suspended sentence for "insulting Turks" after comments on the Armenian genocide.


Bush’s trouble on the home front

How much difference a year makes. Next week it will be a year since George Bush finally managed to win the support of a majority of US voters.


A long history of interference in Iran

At a time when Tony Blair and his partners in crime are starting to prepare British public opinion for US bombing raids on Iran, it is worth remembering the last time a Labour government prepared for military action against Iran.

Hollywood: the red and the blacklist

The most famous question of the anti-communist witch-hunts in America was "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?"

Slick multinationals destroying Siberia

British oil multinational BP has been accused by activists of supporting a company responsible for polluting areas across Russia.

Iran timeline

Oil exploitation 1795-1925 Monarchy rules Iran in alliance with Shia Muslim clerics, but both are weakened under a modernisation drive led by European-educated intellectuals.

There’s no ‘intelligent design’ for life

Charles Darwin was one of the 19th century’s greatest thinkers, yet he was profoundly disturbed by the implications of his ideas. He delayed for some years before publishing in 1859 his greatest work, The Origin of Species, in which he outlined his theory of evolution.


Crime and Punishment 1800-2000

The People’s History Museum in Manchester is currently hosting an exhibition on Crime and Punishment in Britain, 1800-2000. It is certainly worth visiting both the museum and the exhibition.

The Man in my Basement

The Man in my Basementby Walter MosleySerpent’s Tail, £10.99

Leicester City anti-racism exhibition | The Skies are Weeping | 1001 Nights Now | Paul Robeson Live

Leicester City anti-racism exhibition

What We Think

Birmingham riots

The usual suspects seized on the tragic events in the Lozells area of Birmingham last weekend to proclaim, yet again, that "multiculturalism has failed".

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Lecturers say no to fees Our trade unions, the AUT and Natfhe, have launched a pay campaign calling for cash from university top-up fees to be used to increase low wages in academia.

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The appeal to raise £150,000 for Socialist Worker is gaining pace with money coming in from readers across the country.

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