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Issue: 1979

Dated: 03 Dec 2005

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Bosses retire at 60, so why can’t we

There is a war against our pensions.

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Irish ferries mutiny against low pay

Workers at Irish Ferries occupied two ships last week to prevent the company’s attempt to sack 550 staff and replace them with agency workers from Eastern Europe working an 84-hour week for £2.40 an hour.

Omar Deghayes

Campaigners to save Omar Deghayes, the British Guantanamo detainee currently on hunger strike, went to the US embassy on Tuesday of last week. They delivered documents and a petition calling for him to be charged or released into British jurisdiction.

Imperial college

The student union at Imperial College, part of the University of London, voted on Thursday of last week to oppose the new dress code being imposed on campus by university authorities.

Huddersfield technical college

Striking caretakers in the Unison union at Huddersfield Technical College entered their fourth week of indefinite action on Monday.

Gas workers fighting for future workers’ pensions

Nearly 6,000 GMB union members working as British Gas engineers have voted by four to one to strike over pensions.

Reports round-up

Omagh hospital protest Over 25,000 people rallied in Omagh, Northern Ireland, on Monday of this week to protest against the proposed closure of the accident and emergency and acute services at Tyrone County Hospital. Omagh’s population is 18,000.

Never forget the lessons from the King’s Cross fire

Over 200 people came to a joint union protest outside King’s Cross rail station in London on Saturday over New Labour proposals to water down tube safety.

South East Trains action is just the ticket

About 100 RMT union members at South Eastern Trains (SET) are set to strike for 24 hours on Monday of next week.

Civil service workers' big yes for political fund

PCS civil service workers’ union members have voted overwhelmingly to create a political fund. Some 80 percent of those voting were in favour.

Sefton action called off

The long running industrial action at Sefton council on Merseyside over the victimisation of two Unison trade union officers has been called off following a deal brokered by the Acas conciliation service.

Defend Eileen Short

A rally of around 100 people greeted strikers outside Tower Hamlets town hall in east London on Monday of this week.

PCS strike ballots

Over 7,800 members of the PCS civil service workers’ union in magistrate’s courts across England and Wales are balloting on strikes over pay.

Heathrow: plot to break union

The threats to trade unions and workers at Heathrow airport were underlined this week by an article confirming the report Socialist Worker ran on 1 October.

Unite Against Fascism campaign to halt BNP

Unite Against Fascism campaigners were out in force over the weekend campaigning against the fascist British National Party (BNP), which was standing in council by-elections in two wards in Thurrock, Essex, on Thursday of this week.

Sign up for the International Peace Conference

Places are filling up fast for the International Peace Conference to be held in London next week.

Hundreds of delegates will be coming from trade unions and colleges

The civil service workers’ PCS union is among those sending a national delegation to the conference.

Storm of protests against Bush and Blair

Leaders from around the world gather in Montreal, Canada, this week for the UN climate conference. They will be discussing the Kyoto agreement which George Bush has refused to sign up to.

Zero tolerance of violence against women

Women and men across the world joined together at events on Friday of last week to mark the International Day Against Violence Against Women. This provided a timely reminder that campaigning against violence against women is not specific to one country, but of global concern — violence against women is completely unacceptable, wherever it takes place.

Figures that reveal the myth of a pensions ‘crisis’

The reality is that there is no pensions crisis, or at least not in the way we’re told.

New nukes will be deadly waste

Tony Blair is planning to replace Britain’s current nuclear weapons system, Trident.

Who says?

"He can hardly claim to be an officer and a gentleman on this poor form. And his excuse for not paying is just feeble."A fellow officer of Prince Harry. Harry has failed to pay a £1,000 drink tab at Sandhurst claiming he does not possess a cheque book or credit card

Zimbabwe police detain activists on World Aids Day march

In an act of barbarism, police descended on the Harare World Aids Day march on Thursday 1 December, and ordered the marchers to disperse. Five of the protest's organisers were arrested and have not yet been released. These are Munyaradzi Gwisai of the International Socialist Organisation, Mao Nyikadzino of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA), Sostain Moyo of Zimbabwe Activists Against Aids and Anna and Gladys from the Women Aids Support Network (WASN).

Zimbabwe activists released

The five Zimbabwean activists held after Thursday's World Aids day march in Harare have now been released by the police.


Neo-liberalism holds back the fight against Aids

Five million more people were infected with Aids last year, taking the number of people with the disease to over 40 million, the UNAIDS organisation reported last week. The United Nations drive to get anti-retroviral drugs to poorer countries has fallen short because of failings by politicians and the drug companies.

French state steps up its repression

The right wing government in France has unleashed a new wave of repression on the banlieues, the poor suburbs that exploded into three weeks of rioting.

Market rules mean that famine hits poor countries

Five months after the G8 leaders gathered at Gleneagles and vowed that they would tackle world poverty, famine is sweeping regions of Africa.

Poor launch land war in South Africa

A wave of bitter revolts over land and housing is sweeping many parts of South Africa. Ten years after the end of apartheid, the ANC government’s commitment to neo-liberalism means millions are still waiting for proper houses, clean water and toilets.

Strikes in Iran increase pressure on elite

The recent election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president of Iran has not brought stability to the fractured ruling elite. The Iranian parliament has repeatedly blocked his attempts to appoint personal allies to the critical post of oil minister.


Resist this neo-liberal assault on workers

The Turner report into the future of the state pension system this week will call for the state pension age to rise to 67 and the money saved to be used to restore the link between earnings and pensions.

Trouble on both sides of Atlantic

When George Galloway was interviewed on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme a few weeks ago, John Humphreys taunted him with the suggestion that Respect was a single issue party whose issue — the war in Iraq — would have disappeared by the time of the next general election.


Venezuela: children of the revolution

A Venezuelan school taken over by parents, students and teachers is the exciting subject of a new photographic exhibition.

Say no to Labour’s nuclear nightmare

Friends of the Earth has researched realistic solutions to reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions and has openly considered the view that nuclear power could tackle climate change.

Can we save the planet?

Most scientists now agree that it is too late to prevent the emission of greenhouse gases having a significant impact on the climate in coming decades. The question is how great the impact will be, and whether it can be reversed.

Angela Davis

In October 2004, the Not In My Name US anti-war coalition took out a full page advert in the New York Times condemning the war in Iraq.

Can Peretz bring peace to Palestine?

Cynicism, from the most unexpected quarters, has greeted Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon’s decision to quit the far right Likud Party and seek re-election as the leader who will make lasting "peace" with the Palestinian people.


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What We Think

Waiting for Gordon Brown won’t wash with us

For years we have been told by trade union leaders to wait for Gordon Brown to deliver us from Tony Blair. We are assured that even if Brown won’t bring radical change, he will at least be a pointer back to Old Labour.

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