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Issue: 1986

Dated: 04 Feb 2006

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100th British soldier killed – Bring the troops home now

Bush and Blair’s illegal and immoral war on Iraq claimed another life on Tuesday of this week as, tragically, the 100th British soldier died.

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A step closer to pensions strike

A massive strike over pensions at the end of March, involving 1.5 million workers, came a step closer last week after important moves by the Unison and the GMB trade unions.

Pensions round-up

Lies over the rule of 85 The government says the rule of 85 must go because it breaches European Union (EU) anti?discrimination rules. But Socialist Worker has learned that the EU has denied that there is any need for this. Unison is aware of the EU’s advice.

Gilts crisis makes workers pay more for pensions

Have you been following the latest movements of the yield on very long maturity government bonds – known as "gilts"?

World Social Forum meets in a country of resistance

There was one word that could be heard being repeated throughout last week’s World Social Forum (WSF) – revolution.

Venezuelan workers show how to organise against neo-liberalism

Sarah Allen from the Unison public sector union and Jane Hardy from the Natfhe lecturers’ union were among the British trade unionists attending the WSF. They met with teachers and some of those taking advantage of Venezuela’s ambitious education and literacy programmes

Solid action rocks the DWP

A strike by around 80,000 civil service workers in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) brought job centres, benefit offices, the Child Support Agency and call centres to a halt on Thursday and Friday of last week.

HSE pay offer will threaten teamwork traditions

Workers in the PCS and Prospect unions working for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are balloting over a revised pay offer.

Ministry of Defence workers’ lobby

Hundreds of Ministry of Defence (MoD) workers from around the country lobbied their employer’s headquarters in central London on Wednesday of last week.

Council workers refuse to take the high road up to Scotland

Some 200 outsourced Westminster council workers, rocked by the news that they had been given notice to move to the Scottish Highlands or lose their jobs, held a spirited lobby of the central London council’s meeting on Wednesday of last week.

Terminal 5 workers reject new deal

Some 850 construction workers at Heathrow Terminal 5 are striking for three days this week over the firm Laing O’Rourke’s refusal to match other employers on the site by paying a £1 an hour bonus.

Reports round-up

School students rally against war Around 50 school students met last Saturday in north London for the annual School Students Against the War conference.

Postal union predicts job cuts

Royal Mail is set to axe 40,000 workers in a new round of cost cuts, according to the postal workers’ CWU union.


Respect groups across England are selecting candidates for the May council elections.

Teachers round-up

Teachers in the NUT union at Elthorne Park high school in Ealing, west London, were due to walk out on strike on Thursday of this week against proposed pay cuts after negotiations broke down last week.

Section 9 conference: united action is needed

A conference in Manchester on section 9 last Saturday was an important step forward in organising resistance to New Labour’s attempts to starve and intimidate asylum seekers into submitting to deportation.

Rail workers fight back over outsourcing

Station staff on London Underground have voted by 1,225 to 212 in a ballot to accept a new deal on staffing at tube stations.

Iraq: an occupation in crisis

The US can draw little comfort from the recent elections in Iraq. The poll itself is mired in controversy, with both the winners and losers accusing each other of ballot rigging and political manipulation.

Chavez backs anti-war demo

At the final session of the World Social Forum (WSF) in Caracas, Venezuela, on behalf of the Stop the War Coalition, I made the call for a global day of protest on 18 March against the occupation of Iraq and any further new wars.

New Labour steps up its health privatisation plans

Proposals in the government’s new health White Paper will make it easier for private companies to profit from health services, and will make the funding crisis faced by many hospitals worse.

‘The NHS is ours. They have no right to destroy it’

Over 200 residents and health workers from Hackney, east London, crammed into a Keep Our NHS Public campaign meeting last Wednesday.

Incapacity benefit proposals will make life harder for disabled people

Last week’s "welfare reform" proposals represent an attack on the most vulnerable people in society.

Mass lobby over council housing

Council tenants, councillors and trade unionists from all over Britain are coming to London on Wednesday of next week for a mass rally and lobby of parliament.

Stop selection in our schools

Widespread opposition to New Labour’s education proposals is fuelling grassroots campaigning in defence of comprehensive education.

Who says?

"It was Osman."Police log book, misidentifying Jean Charles de Menezes as a terrorist suspect on the day police killed him

Family wants truth about how Nuur Saeed died

Nuur Saeed died on 24 January from injuries he sustained following a police raid on a flat in south east London. He is the most obvious victim of what local residents are calling a "wave of harassment" of the Somali community in recent months.

Block Bolkestein on 14 February

On 21 November European dockers took to the streets and defeated a second version of a European directive on port services. This unnecessary, provocative and unbalanced proposal was presented less than one year after previous protests had forced the European parliament to reject the idea.

US takes women hostage in Iraq

The US military have been holding the wives of suspected Iraqi resistance fighters as hostages despite repeated denials by the US and British government.

Belfast postal strike

Over 300 postal workers in Belfast were on unofficial strike on Wednesday morning in protest at management's use of disciplinary procedures.

Vigils around Britain over death of 100th British soldier

People took part in vigils and protests across Britain this week after the tragic death of the 100th British soldier in Iraq. The anti-war protesters demanded that British troops are withdrawn immediately from Iraq. In many places protesters read out the names of the British and Iraqi dead.

Crackdown on bus strike in Iran

Hundred of bus workers in Teheran, Iran were detained by the state last week in an attempt to prevent strike action, according to Amnesty International.

Management intimidation of Belfast CWU strikers

Royal Mail management in Belfast have launched an almost unprecedented assault on CWU union reps.

George Galloway to be deported from Egypt

Respect MP George Galloway has been refused entry to Egypt on the grounds of "state security".

George Galloway deportation from Egypt abandoned after protests

Respect MP George Galloway has been allowed entry into Egypt after being detained at Cairo airport on the grounds of "state security".


Hamas – ‘We have the people’s support’

The Islamic movement Hamas last week won 73 of the 132 seats in the Palestinian parliament. The result stunned Western governments. Musheer al-Masri, the Hamas MP for the northern Gaza Strip, spoke to Socialist Worker by telephone

General strike for democracy brings Nepal to a standstill

Pro-democracy activists burnt an effigy of the Nepalese King Gyanendra during protests that rocked the Himalayan kingdom last week.


Democracy call haunts US leaders

It's barely a year since, at his second inauguration, George Bush proclaimed the commitment of the US to an apparently revolutionary programme of spreading democracy worldwide.


Haiti: the forgotten occupation

‘We are going to intervene in the coming days. I think there will be collateral damage but we have to impose our force, there is no other way."

Global alienation

The theory of alienation is Karl Marx’s account of how capitalist society distorts human relationships – both between people and between themselves and the world around them.

Social care should not be a commodity

The organisation People and Planet hosts a website called "ethical careers". It’s aimed at people who would like a job which doesn’t involve exploiting or oppressing other people.

George Galloway: ‘Let’s drive Respect to victory in May’

It's like keeping up with a force of nature as we scoot from one engagement to another in George Galloway’s constituency of Bethnal Green & Bow in east London.


Walker Evans: visual poetry from the everyday

The photographer Walker Evans was one of a group who worked for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) in the US during the depression-hit 1930s.

Nights at the Circus

Nights At The CircusDirected by Emma RiceOn Tour<a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

Reviews round-up

The IT crowdChannel 4Starts 9pm, Friday 3 February, repeated 11pm Saturdays

What We Think

What the government doesn’t want revealed

Tony Blair doesn’t want you to read about a trial over the leaking of a secret document that you can’t read, detailing a conversation the government denies ever took place.

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British unions oppose Bolkestein The European TUC has called a protest in Strasbourg on Tuesday 14 February against the European Union’s Bolkestein directive.

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Venezuela: the revolution within the revolution "Ninety percent of the workers here are women. I have worked here as a sewing machinist for 24 years. When the owners said they were going to close down, we all decided to occupy the factory."Carmen Fuentes, SEIFEX factory in Caracas

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