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Issue: 1995

Dated: 08 Apr 2006

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4 May: the day to bury Blair

Tony Blair hopes he can ride out the storms of protest over the murderous war in Iraq. He hopes he can brush aside the resistance to the government’s plunder of workers’ pensions and the plans to make us all work longer.

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Learning lessons from France’s past

The present movement against the CPE labour laws contains elements of all the struggles in France against neo-liberalism of the past decade—and is in some ways a culmination of each of them.

Scandal of the construction industry blacklist

Some of the biggest construction companies at the heart of New Labour’s PFI privatisation project stand accused of running blacklists to bar trade union militants from employment.

Construction round-up

Threat against Wembley workers Steelworkers, scaffolders and welders at Wembley stadium were told last week they would be sacked on Tuesday of this week unless subcontracting firms were paid.

25,000 college workers prepare for strike

About 25,000 further education lecturers at 220 colleges around Britain are set to strike on 2 and 3 May over pay.

Confident debut for Respect at student conference

Student Respect was a major force at last week’s National Union of Students (NUS) conference in Blackpool.

Paper strikers out to pulp pay freeze

Over 200 workers at International Paper in Inverurie, near Aberdeen, were due to take two days strike action this week in their continuing battle with management over pay.

CWU debates payments to New Labour

THE NATIONAL executive of the CWU union was discussing key motions this week.

Housing ballot victories

Tenants in two areas have voted to reject privatisation.

In brief

Justice for Nuur Over 350 people protested outside Plumstead police station, south London, last Saturday, over the death of Nuur Saeed. Nuur died after armed officers stormed his flat in Plumstead on 10 January this year.

More national action can save all our pensions

Union leaders have called more action after the great success of last week’s pension strike by up to 1.5 million workers.

US lied to cover up massacres in Iraq

The US has been caught trying to lay the blame for a massacre of Iraqi civilians on the resistance. The revelations come as reports of two new attrocities have surfaced.

A nightmare trip for Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw

Vibrant protests ruined the visit of Condoleezza Rice, the US secretary of state, to north west England last week.

Respect is gearing up for 4 May elections

With four weeks to go until the local elections, the Respect campaign in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets is now well under way.

Respect round-up

Galloway: ‘Respect will save Queens Market’ Dozens of Respect members joined MP George Galloway during a walkabout in Newham, east London, last Saturday.

A crucial week for the French movement

Huge numbers of young people and workers took to the streets of France on Tuesday in continuing protests against the right wing government’s CPE youth labour laws.

French workers and students speak out

Danièle Obono is a student activist at the Sorbonne university in Paris, which has been shut down by the authorities since riot police attacked a student occupation on 11 March. She spoke to Socialist Worker about how students built for this Tuesday’s strike

François Chesnais: The tide is turning against neo-liberalism

Many people have noted that the movement in France today is in the vanguard of a growing consensus that neo-liberal capitalism cannot be left to dominate the world. This is related to the fact that France has a particular history of struggle which has never been wiped out.


World Social Forum in Pakistan is a success

Over 30,000 people attended the Karachi World Social Forum (WSF) held in Pakistan from 24 to 29 March.


Let’s ensure that Iraq is Blair's epitaph

It’s worth reminding ourselves that it is less than a year since Tony Blair won his historic third general election victory—and already he is in real trouble.

Labour is losing its ideological grip

I don’t suppose that sitting in the New Labour cabinet is one of the most comfortable places to park your backside at the moment. I have a sense that they’re losing the one thing that the real rulers of the country want them to have—ideological control.


New Myths of the East End

Read our new monthly supplement SR, with this issue, with a lead article by Chris Jones on New Myths of the East End, an interview with Us author Studs Terkel and Third World Reports on Mali, Thailand, Iraq and Latin AMerica

Alasdair MacIntyre: of Marx and morality

In all probability most readers of Socialist Worker will not have heard of Alasdair MacIntyre. Today, he is best known in academia as the author of one of the most important recent books on moral theory—After Virtue.

1956: Imperialism and resistance in Egypt

In our school history books it is called "the Suez crisis". This was the moment when the sun went down on the British Empire. Egyptians call the events of October and November 1956 "the triple aggression". They remember with pride how they defeated an invasion by Israel, Britain and France.

‘Egypt’s left was crucial to mobilising the masses’

In 1956 I was a worker in a small factory in Alexandria. I had only just got out prison after two and half years on a charge of leading a Communist organisation. I was 17 years old and a member of a group called Workers’ Vanguard.

Marxism and history: toil and struggle

"Who is the greatest thinker of the millennium?" asked a recent BBC poll. Karl Marx topped the list. Another survey, this time of the US Library of Congress—the world’s largest library—found that, with nearly 4,000 works, Marx was the sixth most written about individual ever.


Samuel Beckett: poet of pessimism or herald of resistance?

The work of the Irish playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett has long prompted a profound sense of unease among left wing literary critics, even among those sympathetic to his work.

What We Think

Why give money when you get no respect?

New Labour has admitted it faces heavy losses in the 4 May local elections. Ministers and MPs have been asked to go out and personally deliver the party’s leaflets.

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Should Unison give money to New Labour? As a member of the Unison union and the Labour Party, I wholeheartedly welcome the decision by Unison Labour Link to suspend support for the Labour Party pending the outcome of the dispute over the local government pension scheme (Socialist Worker, 1 April).

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