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Issue: 1996

Dated: 15 Apr 2006

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A message from the French strike movement: 'We have won and so can you'

The neo-liberal attack on wages and working conditions across Europe was dealt a great blow this week when a mass movement of young people and workers in France forced the country’s right wing government to scrap its CPE employment law.

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Turkish and Kurdish Respect activists: 'A community is coming of age'

The coalition that makes up Respect is broadening in the run-up to the 4 May council elections. A number of left wing Turkish and Kurdish activists have been selected to stand.

Respect out to make a big impact on 4 May

George Galloway launched the Respect local election campaign on Monday at a press conference in London. Respect is challenging the three main parties in many council seats across England.

Communication workers stand up to privatisation

Postal workers are angry that Royal Mail has been holding back from even tabling a pay offer, while at the same time pressing the government to start the privatisation process.


Firefighters ballot The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) in Hertfordshire has announced plans to ballot firefighters for industrial action against cuts to the service proposed by the county council.

Military families are set to lobby parliament

Three years into the war in Iraq, Tony Blair has yet to meet the families of the 103 British soldiers whose deaths he is responsible for.

Videos implicate Aegis

Rod Stoner, a former British army officer and Aegis employee, who worked for the company between 2004 and 2005, posted videos on the internet implicating Aegis in shooting civilians in Iraq.

The corporate media is taking liberties

The decision by Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World to drop its efforts at a worldwide ban on identifying their "fake sheikh" is a step forward for genuine media freedom.

Actor in Guantanamo play denied access to US

An actor due to perform in a play about Guantanamo Bay has been prevented from entering the US because authorities believed he was a terror suspect.

You can help Respect make history

'Remember how you felt the day after last year’s general election when George Galloway won Bethnal Green & Bow for Respect? That victory made history.

Grassroots revolt can win Britain's pensions fight

The next national strike over attacks on the local government pensions scheme could draw in other groups of workers so that the day involves even more than the 1.5 million who struck on 28 March.

France’s mass movement beats back neo-liberalism

After two and a half months of struggle the mass movement of students, high school students and workers has forced the French government to abandon its youth employment scheme (CPE).

Anger as unions call off pensions strike

Leaders of the the 11 trade unions with members in the local government pensions scheme have called off further strikes over the future of the scheme. They say they have won a framework for further talks with the employers and the government.

Unison union activist responds to the pensions talks

Dear Colleagues,


Peruvians vote for a change of direction

When Washington looks at Latin America these days, the alarm bells must be ringing. In Bolivia, a vibrant mass movement brought Evo Morales to the presidency in December.

Bolivian migrants protest in Argentina

Some 5,000 Bolivian migrant workers brought the Floresta district of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a standstill on Wednesday of last week. The placard reads: "Factory Owners the party is over!"

Nepal: general strike continues despite repression

Massive state repression has failed to break a general strike that began in Nepal on Thursday of last week. The strike is backed by all the main political parties, including the Maoist rebels who control much of the countryside.


Action as propaganda

The continuing carnage in Iraq three years after the invasion is damaging George Bush’s popularity at home. Part of this is due to publicity around the mounting death toll for US troops. But failure carries a particularly heavy stigma in a context where success has been hailed as implying virtue, and even heavenly approval.

Immigration and the US ruling class

Half a million marching in defence of immigration in Dallas, Texas, last Sunday. Hundreds of thousands more the next day in more than 60 other cities. Half a million in Los Angeles a few weeks ago… something big is happening in the US.


Paradise Now: film as a form of resistance

Paradise Now, directed by Hany Abu-Assad, follows two Palestinian suicide bombers during their final days. It won the award for best foreign film at this year’s Golden Globes. In his acceptance speech, Hany said that he hoped the prize would bring "a recognition that the Palestinians deserve their liberty and equality unconditionally".

A stark choice: Leninism or liberalism

A stark choice: Leninism or liberalism

Ireland’s Easter Rising

At a few minutes past noon on Easter Monday 1916, Irish Republican leader Padraic Pearse emerged from the General Post Office in Dublin and read out a proclamation announcing the birth of the Irish Republic. Overhead a banner announced, "We serve neither King nor Kaiser".

Education: worst of the worst from Labour and Tory

Through the vaguest promises, Tony Blair has managed to dissuade many backbenchers from open revolt against his education plans, though others remain firm.


Discovering Italy’s history through football

Italy emerged as a footballing power in the 1930s. How important was football to Benito Mussolini’s fascist regime? Was it associated with opposition to fascism? Football was very important for fascism. Mussolini helped make the sport into a mass pastime, organised rallies around games and added fascist symbols.

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The Harder They Come Written by Perry Henzell. At the Royal Stratford Theatre, London. Phone 020 8534 0310

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The chilling threat of nuclear war on Iran

The revelation by the leading US investigative reporter Seymour Hersh that the cabal in the White House is considering a nuclear attack on Iran should ring alarm bells across the world.

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