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Issue: 1997

Dated: 22 Apr 2006

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Respect has Labour on the run in the east London election campaign

There is a battle royal taking place on the streets of east London today. On the one side there is New Labour at its very worst – bent on privatisation and mired in sleaze.

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Bristol Respect finds a voice in Labour’s heartlands

Labour minister Margaret Hodge said last Sunday that all the political parties have abandoned the white working class.

‘Courageous’ doctor Malcolm Kendall-Smith jailed for opposing war

An RAF doctor who refused to serve in Iraq because he believes the war is illegal was sentenced to eight months in jail and ordered to pay £20,000 in costs last week.

George Bush pushes new nuclear nightmare

It is the US that represents the real nuclear threat to the world today, not Iran.

Fury at pension retreat

The battle against the government’s assault on pensions suffered a heavy blow last week when leaders of 11 trade unions called off strikes which had been scheduled to defend the local government pensions scheme.

News round-up

British Airways Unions will formally reject British Airways’ (BA) plans to alter pension arrangements at a meeting on 26 April.

Respect taps into the deep anger in Tower Hamlets

Dozens of Respect supporters joined a car cavalcade that wove through the streets of Tower Hamlets, east London, last Sunday, capping an Easter weekend of hard campaigning in the borough for the 4 May local elections.

Respect round-up

Candidates protest against Birmingham NHS cuts Some 25 people joined a hurriedly arranged protest against job losses and ward closures in City Hospital in Handsworth, Birmingham, last week.

Labour Lords a-leaping

‘We are being upfront about this. If they the donors were willing to give the time, effort and money to support the academies programme, we wanted to put them in the Lords." So runs Downing Street’s bullish defence of its conduct in the "cash for peerages" scandal.

25,000 lecturers to strike

Further education lecturers in England and Wales are gearing up for their two-day strike over pay. Natfhe, the lecturers’ union, represents the 25,000 FE lecturers who will be striking on 2 and 3 May.

NUT conference: anger and a mood for action in the schools

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) annual conference took place in Torquay over the Easter weekend.

Reports round-up

Rail workers win ballot for action More than 400 platform workers in the RMT ­rail workers’ union have voted by six to one for action over cuts in the number of station staff on duty on South Eastern Trains.

85,000 civil servants set to strike to stop Brown’s cuts

Around 85,000 workers in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) are set to strike again on 2 and 3 May against government plans to slash 40,000 jobs.

HMRC Lothians walk out in fight for decent conditions

Some 950 PCS members working for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the large processing centre at Lothians in Scotland struck on Thursday of last week over the deskilling of work.

National day of action against the Nazis

Unite Against Fascism is organising a national day of action against the British National Party (BNP) on Sunday 30 April.

Alcan overtime ban

Workers at the Alcan plant in Lynemouth near Ashington in the north east of England, begin industrial action on Monday as part of a long running pay dispute.

Asylum seekers

Portsmouth Over 200 asylum seekers held at a detention centres in Portsmouth and Middlesex are on hunger strike in protest at their conditions. Children as young as 15 are said to be refusing food.

Travel West Midlands bus workers

Bus drivers at Travel West Midlands are set to strike this weekend. The 3,600 drivers, members of the T&G union, voted by 73 percent for industrial action. Talks were to take place between management and the T&G to resolve the dispute on Wednesday of this week.

Inverurie paper

The Amicus union at Inverurie Paper have suspended strike action at the mill after a new offer from management.

Council workers

Catering and cleaning staff in Aberdeen are due to strike on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Asda strike off

The GMB union has called off a strike ballot of depot workers at Asda.


Nepal: new forces join the struggle

The indefinite general strike in Nepal demanding democracy and an end to rule by the king was entering its third week as Socialist Worker went to press.

Expect a bumpy ride after Italian election

The Italian general election result revealed one basic truth about parliamentary politics – the people who generally run society are not elected.

Movement in France set for new battles

Activists in France involved in the mass movement against the CPE youth employment laws say their victory is only the first step in a wider campaign against neo-liberalism.


Bubble bursts for European business elite

It will soon be a year since the defeat of the European Union (EU) constitution in the French referendum. That marked the beginning of a series of defeats for the neo-liberal agenda in Europe that has sent a paroxysm of rage through the global business establishment.


Chernobyl: a nuclear danger

Twenty years ago, early on the morning of 26 April 1986, just over a mile from what was then a city of half a million people, the number four nuclear reactor at Chernobyl in Ukraine exploded. Lack of equipment and safety apparatus meant that the on-site staff underestimated the dangers.

Voices of the struggle in Bolivia

On Thursday 30 March, at Cochabamba airport in Bolivia, police attacked protesters with tear gas, rubber bullets and riot batons.

El Alto: the heights of the Bolivian movement

The city of El Alto became a focus for the two waves of struggle in 2003 and 2005. This city of indigenous workers sits on the high plain that rises up above the Bolivian capital, La Paz.

‘Evo Morales is identified with the struggle in Bolivia’

José Pimentel is a parliamentary deputy for the Potosí region and is on the executive of Evo Morales’s MAS party

‘We organised El Alto street by street’

Soliz Lopez de Perel is an activist in El Alto. She was recently awarded a prize given to women by the Federation of Neighbourhood Assemblies for their work

Glaslyn Morgan: 60 years as a radical councillor

At the age of 85 Glaslyn Morgan can look back on 40 years as an elected parish councillor and 20 years as a borough councillor for the Communist Party in the Neath area of South Wales.


Picasso, modernism and the non-European

The art of the early 20th century shows how cultures can mix and interact, writes John Molyneux

Reviews round-up

The Vote: How it was won, and how it was underminedby Paul FootPenguin £9.99 The campaigning, socialist journalist Paul Foot’s final book is the story of the fight for democracy in Britain. It is just out in paperback.

What We Think

Hodge has no solutions to racism or poverty

Margaret Hodge, New Labour’s employment minister and MP for Barking & Dagenham in east London, claimed last Sunday that eight out of ten white families in her constituency are tempted to vote for the fascist British National Party (BNP).

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For help and solidarity Recently over 250 social workers, students and service users crammed into a conference in Liverpool on Social Work in the 21st Century: a Profession Worth Fighting For?

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"How are we supposed to get rid of the helipad now? Can you imagine taking a jackhammer to the remains of one of the most important cities in the history of mankind? This is Babylon."Donny George, head of Iraq’s board of antiquities after US contractors paved over the archeological site to create a helipad

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