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Issue: 1909

Dated: 10 Jul 2004

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Labour's politics of the gutter

NEW LABOUR’S campaign in the Hodge Hill parliamentary by-election will send shivers down the spine of anyone on the left. Labour has issued a barrage of bigoted, right wing leaflets.

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Is comprehensive education dead?

BLAIR’S FIVE-year plan for education will haunt ordinary parents and schoolchildren for generations to come.

News in Brief

Coppers caught out by figures THE RECENT statistics on police stop and search show that racism is still alive and kicking throughout the police force.

Retreat over call for Blair to resign

THE AMICUS union held its section conferences last week. About 80 delegates from both blue and white collar sections attended the aerospace conference.

Frustration and only strategy a ‘long haul’

A MEETING of the Labour left in London last week showed the anger and frustration felt by many party members.

Health workers

AMBULANCE WORKERS in the north east of England met on Monday of this week to plan the next step in their campaign.

Stop the War

LONDON: Hundreds of people protested in Parliament Square on Wednesday of last week over the fake handover in Iraq.

Bus workers

WORKERS AT Arriva North Western and Wales buses could be heading for strikes after they rejected a pay offer by 1,166 votes to 670.

Ugly face of the BNP shown in Southend

ABOUT 30 people picketed a BNP meeting in Southend, Essex, where its leader, Nick Griffin, was due to speak on Thursday of last week.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered

ABOUT 200 delegates met for the seventh TUC lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered conference last week.

News in brief

A vote to get this rise in the bag WORKERS AT airport baggage handling company Aviance have voted for strikes just as talks with their bosses were due to take place on Wednesday of this week.

Unity is crucial for us now

DURING LAST week’s tube strike the same right wing media that viciously attacked firefighters and post workers for daring to strike laid into tube workers and the RMT union.

Picket Line round-up

Leytonstone train crew depot Quite a lot of new people on picket line, about a dozen of us from 4.45am.

More stations were closed than ever before

SOME TUBES were running during our strike, but management were very worried by just how few Aslef union drivers crossed the picket line.



A kick in the teeth from Ken

IT’S HARD to find the words to express my contempt for London mayor Ken Livingstone’s call for tube workers to scab on last week’s RMT strike.


Take this chance to have your say

MARXISM 2004, which begins this week, is a chance to meet and discuss Socialist Worker with the people who produce it.

‘People feel sky-high at Respect’s campaign’

"CHOICE IS the political buzzword this week, but up until Respect was formed voters had no real choice.

How crisis can lead to revolution from below

PEOPLE OFTEN talk as if revolutions are made by existing groups of socialists getting a bit bigger and suddenly changing things.

Bosses take us for dummies

A CLUTCH of business people in Britain meet over drinks at various social occasions. One is planning a takeover bid of Marks & Spencer—a company that Tony Blair has described as one of the best examples of British capitalism.

‘There should be an immediate end to the occupation’

Nick Berg, an American contract worker, was kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq earlier this year. MICHAEL BERG, his father, came to Britain last week to attend demonstrations against the fake handover of power in Iraq. He spoke at a press conference organised by the Stop the War Coalition.

Does 'choice' mean better services?

‘CHOICE" was the buzzword on the politicians’ lips last week. It is rapidly becoming the ideological linchpin of Blair’s vision of a "radical" third term.

‘The government plans are a Trojan horse for privatisation in the NHS’

WHEN PATIENTS come to me, the one thing they want is to get better.

We will see boom and bust

MOST PARENTS and pupils know choice is a complete and utter fraud.

30,000 jobs will go – but keep smiling

SHOCK AND anger spread through job centres and pension centres last week when the government announced it was going to axe 550 benefit offices and ten pension centres—and do it all with a smile.

Strike coming in two weeks time

THERE IS a full spectrum assault on the PCS union and jobs in the DWP.

Lies that lurk behind the ‘handover’ of power in Iraq

IRAQ IS "sovereign and free", declared the BBC’s Matt Frei on 28 July. The staged "handover" was dubbed an "enormously significant day for Iraq".

New Iraqi government backs US air strikes

AYAD ALLAWI, the unelected interim prime minister of Iraq, has come out in support of the latest air strike on Fallujah, which killed ten Iraqis.


Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11

MICHAEL MOORE’S new film Fahrenheit 9/11, released in Britain on Friday of this week, has got right up the nose of the establishment. First they tried to stop us seeing this anti-Bush documentary and when that failed they attacked it by saying its facts were questionable.

What We Think

The main criminals avoid the dock

THE IMAGES of Saddam Hussein on trial filled our TV screens and newspapers last week. This week it was the trial of former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic that made the headlines.

Other Categories

Hollywood doesn’t make them like him any more

WHATEVER THE excesses and absurdities of his life (and there were many), Marlon Brando was one of ours.

Negroponte’s vision of death squad rule

JOHN NEGROPONTE’S takeover in Iraq indicates a new stage in the American war and occupation—death squad democracy.

Lib Dems’ common ground with Tories

WE ALL know from bitter experience that many products don’t do what they say on the label.

The best festival of socialist ideas starts this weekend

Come to the opening rally LINDSEY GERMAN, convenor of the Stop the War Coalition, will be joined by Respect MP George Galloway, Walden Bello from Focus on the Global South, Brazilian socialist Luciana Genro, and Giuliano Giuliani, father of Carlo Giuliani who was killed by Italian police at the anti G8 summit protest in Genoa.

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