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Dated: 22 Jul 2006

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Israel is the terror state

In An unequal conflict - Israel’s war on Lebanon eyewitness reports from Lebanon show the madness of trying to equate events in Lebanon with those in Israel. Respect MP George Galloway writes on why Blair is Israel’s ally.

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Labour renews NHS privatisation effort

Health unions and campaigners have condemned a new attempt by the government to privatise NHS bodies responsible for a £64 billion budget.

Left launches campaign to challenge New Labour

Tony Blair’s envoy to the Middle East is a very busy man. Not with Palestine or Lebanon or even Iraq - but helping the police with their inquiries.

Workers strike against closure of North Wales Iceland depot

Around 300 workers at an Iceland supermarket depot in North Wales struck on Friday last week.

Oldham schools oppose academy plans

Some 40 education workers attended a meeting in Oldham on Monday of last week. It was organised by the local NUT teachers’ union branch to oppose plans to turn four schools into two academies.

Teesside firefighters plan strikes against cuts

Firefighters on Teesside have voted three to one for strike action against plans by Cleveland fire authority to cut 66 frontline firefighter posts, and axe specialist rescue equipment and fire engines.

BBC strike called off

Unions at the BBC called off their strike ballot over pay, pensions and compulsory redundancies after talks with management resulted in a new offer.

Reports round-up

Driving Standards Agency strike Over 1,600 members of the PCS civil service workers’ union at the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) struck on Monday of this week over the threat of office closures, job losses and changes to working practices.

Signal workers dispute

Signal workers in the RMT union at Network Rail were set to strike on Friday of this week. A strike would severely hit Britain’s rail network.

Lecturers give grudging yes to the deal, now UCU left must organise

Despite the full weight of the University and College Union’s (UCU) machinery pushing for a yes vote in the higher education pay ballot, over 10,000 lecturers voted no.

Merseyside ambulance workers strike

Several hundred ambulance workers on Merseyside struck on Thursday of last week in a dispute over new pay structures.

South Tyneside hospitals domestic staff to strike

Domestic staff at South Tyneside hospitals were set to strike for 24 hours on Thursday of this week.

CWU executive rejects latest Royal Mail deal

The CWU union's postal executive met on Thursday 20 July and once more rejected the latest deal from Royal Mail. The executive demanded more amendments and rejected any attempt to link new government investment with privatisation. However, the votes to reject the deal was very close, and the executive did not reinstate the strike ballot. Socialist Worker supporters in the post are circulating this leaflet.

Physiotherapists' Westminster protest

Hundreds of physiotherapy students and graduates protested in Westminster on Tuesday to demand urgent government action over the jobs crisis facing thousands of newly qualified physiotherapists.

Post dispute - it’s not sorted

A deal on pay and conditions was thrown into crisis by Royal Mail’s arrogant dismissal of the CWU union this week.

Ms Dynamite performs at Barking school for launch of anti-racist campaign

Love Music Hate Racism (LMHR) launched its campaign against the fascist British National Party (BNP) in Barking & Dagenham on Friday of last week at two secondary schools in the borough.

First Bus workers threaten strike

Engineers and bus drivers working for First Bus in Norfolk and Suffolk have threatened to strike if management do not respond on pay.

Guantanamo Bay protest at US embassy

Some 100 people marched to the US embassy in central London last Saturday to demand the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

Unofficial post strikes end in Oxfordshire

Postal workers at Carterton and Witney in Oxfordshire returned to work after unofficial strikes last week.

Call to sack Nazi teacher in Derby

Chris Keates, general secretary of the NASUWT teaching union, has called on Derby City Council to sack Clive Jones from his teaching job in the city’s pupil referral unit.

The system that creates crime

Britain is a largely contented society," wrote Blairite thinker Geoff Mulgan in a recent Guardian article. For New Labour, we are living in a country with a vibrant economy where opportunity and wealth are cascading down.

Jean Charles de Menezes: officers escape tube shooting charges

The killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, the 27 year old Brazilian shot by police in south London last July, is merely a "health and safety" issue. No police officers are to face charges for murder or manslaughter.

Polish strawberry pickers strike in Hertfordshire

Some 500 Polish migrant workers protested against exploitation outside the S&A strawberry farm in Leominster, Herefordshire, on Monday of this week. The protest was organised by the T&G union.

‘There is no justice for anyone who dies in police custody’

Brian died on 3 May 1995. He was on the way home from a nightclub with a friend when he was stopped and searched in Clapham, south London.

An unequal conflict - Israel’s war on Lebanon

Reports from Lebanon by Sonia Knox, Christian Henderson, and Jim Quilty

Humanitarian crisis as Gaza Strip siege continues

Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip are continuing, creating a terrible situation for the 1.4 million Palestinians living there.

Media bias for Israel: ‘a diet of undiluted lies’

‘If you only have information from the mainstream media about the Middle East, you won’t understand what is happening. It is a diet of almost undiluted lies. Even the liberal media have bought almost wholly the notion of plucky little Israel going a bit far.

Lebanon’s history of resistance to Zionism

Israel’s assault on Lebanon has revived bitter memories of its previous onslaughts on that nation. In 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon. Some 14,000 Lebanese and Palestinians were killed in the ensuing conflict.

Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa backs Time to go demonstration

Ismail Patel is the chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa, a voluntary organisation working for Palestinian human rights. He spoke to Socialist Worker about why he will be attending the 23 September demonstration in Manchester called by the Stop the War Coalition.

Demonstrate against Israel's attack on Lebanon

London - Saturday 22 July, 12 noon, Embankment, central London (nearest station Embankment).Go to <a href="" target = "_blank"> </a>Organised by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Muslim Association of Britain, British Muslim Initiative, Lebanese organisations. Glasgow - George Square, Glasgow, Saturday 22 July, 12 noon Called by Stop the War Coaltion Manchester - The BBC, Oxford Rd, Manchester, Saturday 22 July, 1pm For info e-mail <a

Signal strikes suspended

The RMT union has suspended the strikes, while a new offer is put to members in a ballot. The ballot result is due on July 28 with RMT's general grades committee recommending acceptance of the offer.

Lebanese demonstration outside Parliament

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Parliament Square last night against Israel's attack on Lebanon and Gaza. The protest started as a candle-lit vigil at 9pm set to coincide with a late sittiing of Parliament. At around 10pm protesters rushed into the road outside Paliament, which they occupied for some time.



George Galloway: Blair is Israel’s ally

Imagine if Lebanon destroyed every bridge in Israel, blew up the international airport, blockaded the ports, severed every arterial road, ordered people to leave their homes and then bombed them to pieces when they did... Do you think any Western leader would utter the words "Lebanon has a right to defend itself"?

Reaching the limits of imperial power

Today in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan we are experiencing a test in the limits of imperial power. On the face of it, the military might that Israel is projecting at Lebanon is overwhelming in its capacity to pulverise solid infrastructure and soft human bodies.


Fighting the fascists, creating a new world in Spain

On 18 July 1936, part of the Spanish army, backed by the upper classes and the Catholic church, rose up with the intention of ending the country’s experiment in democracy and social reform (the Second Republic 1931-6).

The Spanish Revolution 1936 to 1939

Our commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution starts with Fighting the fascists, creating a new world by Andy Durgan, historical advisor on Ken Loach's Land and Freedom, examining the politics of the cilvil war.

Spanish civil war veteran: Sam Lesser

Sam Lesser was among the first group of British volunteers that joined the International Brigade, the world force against the fascist leader Franco. "We did what we had to do," he said. At the age of 91 his voice sounds steady and his memories remain intact.

Spanish civil war veteran: Penny Feiwel

"I didn’t get the sack, I gave them the sack," Penny emphasised proudly. Single and unemployed, she was approached by a "left wing colleague" who explained the situation in Spain.

Spanish civil war veteran: Jack Jones

Jack Jones’s political commitment blossomed at an early age. Working in the docks of Liverpool alongside his father, he became active in the union. He was still a schoolboy when he decided to join the Labour Party and at 25 he was elected to the council. By Angeles Rodenas

Spanish civil war veteran: Alun Menai Williams

Until recent years very few people knew of his involvement, including his own son. Alun decided to remain silent after being called a "liar" and accused of "Communist propaganda" by a fascist supporter at a meeting in Wales about the bombings of Guernica and Barcelona.

Timeline of the Spanish Revolution

September 1923King Alfonso XIII scraps parliamentary monarchy, installs a military dictatorship under General Miguel Primo de Rivera.January 1930Faced with rising opposition, Primo de Rivera is replaced.April 1931The left wins local elections. The king flees Spain. Crowds enthusiastically proclaim the new Republic.October 1934Right wing government takes office. Armed miners rise and create the Asturian Commune.

Barcelona: the culture of revolt

Could you tell us something about why Barcelona has a distinctive culture within Spain?

Spanish civil war veterans: Jack Cummins and Tommy Nicholson

Jack Cummins Like many others I went to fight in Spain. In July 1936 I was 14 years old and unemployed. I had left school—or rather an orphanage—the previous Easter, had my first job and lost it after joining in my first industrial dispute.

How capitalism created modernism

During the 1930s, a series of debates and confrontations emerged among a number of key Marxist intellectuals of the period. These debates raised fundamental questions about the relationship between politics and art and the role played by culture within a capitalist society.

Zionism: Israeli war drive fuelled by murderous doctrine

In less than five days last week, US equipped Israeli war planes wrecked the infrastructure of Lebanon’s society - with Lebanese civilian deaths running at over ten times the number of civilian deaths in Israel.


What We Think

Another 'catastrophe' in the Middle East

The campaign of terror that Israel is waging against the Palestinians in Gaza and against the Lebanese is frighteningly similar to the terror that was used to create the Israeli state in 1948. The Palestinians call the creation of Israel the Nakba - the catastrophe.

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Nuclear neo-liberalism The government’s latest energy review paper, released on Tuesday of last week, leaves us facing an increasingly unsafe future under the control of New Labour.

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