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Issue: 2014

Dated: 19 Aug 2006

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Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq - their blood is on Blair's hands

We want the Labour Party conference, taking place in Manchester next month, to have at its heart the question of the war.

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Untidy end to refuse workers' strike in Haringey, London

"We should have stayed out longer. Who knows what we could have won by next week?"

Post bosses must back off or face workers’ power

The result was due this week from an important strike ballot over transfers of work without agreement. Although it covers only just over 1,000 people, their action could halt the entire Royal Mail operation in Britain.

Strike ballot over franchising Crown Post Offices to WH Smith

Some 500 Post Office staff across 34 offices in Greater Manchester and South West Wales are being balloted for strikes over the franchising out of Crown office services to WH Smith.

PCS civil service workers' meeting recommends deal

An important meeting of PSC civil service workers’ union branch representatives took place in Leeds on Friday of last week.

Job cuts announced at Health and Safety Executive

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) announced last week that between 250 and 350 jobs will go by 2008.

Postal workers round up

Oxfordshire Postal workers in Carterton and Witney are to strike on 24, 25 and 29 August following an overwhelming vote for action over management bullying. Carterton voted 25 to one for a strike and Witney voted 55 to seven. 

Scotland’s movement broadens and radicalises

Around 7,000 protesters took to the streets of Edinburgh last Saturday to show their anger at the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

South Tyneside hospital domestics threaten indefinite strike

Domestics at South Tyneside NHS foundation trust completed a six-day strike on Tuesday of this week. They are now considering indefinite action.

NHS Logistics staff need support

Workers at NHS Logistics, the not for profit agency that supplies hospitals across the country, are set to ballot for strike action in their fight against privatisation.

Striking Merseyside ambulance workers threatened with sack

The chief executive of the North West Ambulance Service has threatened to sack striking ambulance technicians on Merseyside.

Whipps Cross hospital strike

More than 200 domestics, catering staff and porters at Whipps Cross hospital in Leytonstone, east London, struck on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

Support grows for Organising for Fighting Unions conference

Across the country support is rolling in for the Organising for Fighting Unions conference.

Reports round-up

Air force strike grounded A strike which was due to begin at RAF Valley on Anglesey has been postponed for a week to allow more talks.

US empire is rocked by Israel’s defeat

A guerilla army a few thousand strong has humbled the fifth most powerful army on Earth, backed by the world’s strongest superpower.

A new grouping of forces is emerging in Lebanon

Politically things are moving very fast. It’s already clear that we have a historic chance to build a new workers’ movement that transcends sectarian divisions out of the rubble of Lebanon.

Euphoria across the Arab world at Israel's withdrawal

There’s a sense of elation all around Damascus, a mood of victory.

Best Internet coverage of the Middle East

Terror plot: Blair's wars makes us a target

A series of high profile raids, together with claims that a major terrorist plot had been uncovered, dominated the headlines and the news channels last week.

Video of Israeli destruction in south Lebanon and talk on how it was obtained

Lebanese journalist Omar Nachabe's eyewitness video of the destruction of villages in south Lebanon including Bint Jbeil. He was one of a number of journalists who entered Bint Jbeil to discover civilians still living amongst the rubble of their destroyed town.

British soldiers walk away from war

Figures released by the ministry of defence this week show that the number of soldiers deserting the army has more than doubled since the start of the Iraq war.

Against philanthropy

‘If class warfare is being waged in America," Warren Buffett recently suggested, "my class is clearly winning." But, he added, "they shouldn’t be". Buffett is the second richest man in the world, behind only Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

Irish civil rights leader Eamonn McCann arrested at occupation of Raytheon

Nine anti-war protesters, including socialist and civil rights campaigner Eamonn McCann, have been charged under terrorism laws following an occupation of the offices of US arms manufacturer Raytheon in Derry, Northern Ireland. Police claim £350,000 damage was done to computer equipment during the protest.

Anti-war activists take to the streets across Britain

Demonstrations took place across the country last weekend against the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

Socialist Worker Platform statement on Scottish Socialist Party

At a members' meeting held on Sunday in Glasgow, the members of the Socialist Worker Platform of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) unanimously agreed the following motion.

Oval cricket fiasco: Pakistan have cause to complain

When bad light stopped play shortly before tea on the penultimate day of the Fourth Test between England and Pakistan, we were disappointed but not surprised, for clouds had been gathering over the Oval cricket ground in south London for some time. Little did we realise how apt this image would be for the coming (metaphorical) storm.



Myth and reality over knife crime

The start of the British summertime came with a spate of stabbing incidents, reported in lurid detail, and a national police knife amnesty intended to get these weapons off our streets.

The Scottish Socialist Party: this is a key battle for the future of the left

Tommy Sheridan, Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) MSP and the most charismatic and well-known politician in Scotland, won a fantastic victory in his defamation case against the News of the World.

Rosemary Byrne backs Tommy Sheridan and calls for united fight

Rosemary Byrne, MSP for South of Scotland, spoke to Socialist Worker about the future of the SSP.

Loyal grassroots Scottish Socialist Party members debate the way forward

The ten days since the verdict in favour of Tommy Sheridan have been marked by ferocious attack and counterattack within the SSP.

Ilan Pappe on why the Israeli debacle will affect the whole region

It is too early to judge how solid is the ceasefire agreed upon in the second Lebanon war. But it is already possible to draw some initial conclusions - the most important of which is the resounding Israeli military failure.

Who are the true terrorists?

The political fallout from the alleged plot against airliners is a sign of how far the wider debate over the "war on terrorism" has shifted against the government.


Power that came from the rank and file

The upturn in industrial militancy that took place from 1970-4 remains the most intense period of British class struggle since the turbulent years at the end of the First World War when Britain stood on the brink of revolution.

Lebanon: eyewitness to the Israeli attacks

Is an Arab revolution on the agenda?

"The Arab people now consider Hizbollah to be heroes because they are confronting the enemy Israel and protecting their land... Even if Hizbollah were destroyed, another Hizbollah would emerge within a year or two somewhere else - maybe in Jordan, in Syria, in Egypt or in Iraq."

The hidden story of Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli jails

Israel claims its war on Lebanon was triggered by Hizbollah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers, and says it holds only two Lebanese prisoners.


Exhibition of Chartist leaders at the National Portrait Gallery

The Chartist movement of the mid-19th century was the first attempt to build a political party representing the working class. Central to the movement was the radical newspaper the Northern Star. In 1839, the paper sold 50,000 copies a week, rivalling the circulation of the Times.

Brasil Brasileiro: electrifying moves from Brazil in the heart of London

Despite - or perhaps because of - Brazil’s massive levels of poverty, the country has produced some of the most passionate and inspiring music the world has ever heard.

Caucasian Chalk Circle | Confederate States of America | A Scanner Darkly

The Caucasian Chalk Circleby Bertolt BrechtThe Scoop, London Bridge, SE1Until 17 September. Free<a href="" target = "_blank"></a> This is an adaptation of a play written while Brecht was in exile from Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

What We Think

How the war in Lebanon went wrong for the White House

"Hizbollah started the crisis, and Hizbollah suffered a defeat in this crisis." Those were George Bush’s words at the start of this week. He is 100 percent wrong on both counts.

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