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Dated: 02 Sep 2006

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The nightmare of occupation in Afghanistan

There is a full-scale war going on in Afghanistan, shattering British government claims that its troops would act as "peacekeepers".

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Exeter strikers celebrate success

Exeter postal workers voted unanimously to return to work this morning after hearing that they had won a "total victory".

A new movement for solidarity in Scotland

Campaigners and trade unionists from across Scotland are meeting on Sunday for a crucial meeting to discuss the future for the left.

Dura strike wins staff over £3 million more

A strike by around 270 car component workers at Dura Automotive Systems in Llanelli, South Wales, has won an extra £3.2 million from their multinational bosses.

Katsouris Foods workers plan campaign over safety

Workers in the GMB union at Katsouris Fresh Foods, in Wembley, north west London, have organised a mass meeting for Saturday of next week following industrial accidents at the plant.

Strike at Chep UK in Pontefract

Workers at Chep UK in Pontefract struck for three days last week and plan a further five day strike over pay, sackings and the general attitude of management.

Postal workers' massive vote for action to stop new franchises

Post Office workers in Greater Manchester and South West Wales have voted overwhelmingly for strikes against closures and privatisation.

Oxfordshire postal workers set to strike

Around 150 postal workers in Carterton and Witney in Oxfordshire were to strike this week after management refused concessions to avoid a stoppage.

Walkout by Leicester delivery office

Workers at Leicester’s north delivery office walked off shift to hold a CWU union meeting last week after they heard management were demanding the office lose 100 hours worth of jobs from their depot.

DWP workers suspend ballot on offer

The group executive committee of the PCS civil service workers union in the the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) last week voted to suspend the ballot on management’s offer over job cuts.

Adecco union recognition vote

Workers at the Adecco agency staff working for the British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) in Workington, Cumbria, are voting over recognition of the PCS union.

Come to Manchester demonstration and help drive out Blair

The anti-war movement, in all its power and dynamism, is set to converge on Manchester for a national demonstration on 23 September.

27,000 on the streets in Cornwall over NHS cuts

An estimated 27,000 people marched through the Cornish town of Hayle (population 8,317) last Sunday, to protest against hospital closures.

Whipps Cross hospital workers to strike again

Workers at Whipps Cross hospital in Leytonstone, east London, were set to begin a three-day strike on Wednesday of this week.

NHS Logistics ballot for strike

Unison union members at five sites of NHS Logistics, the not for profit agency that supplies hospitals, are balloting for strike action against privatisation.

South West Trains strike against management arrogance

Some 900 members of the Aslef drivers’ union on South West Trains struck on Tuesday over management arrogance.

BMI pilots vote to strike

Pilots in two more divisions of BMI - the third largest airline in Britain - have voted to strike over pay and other issues.

Bolton Evening News workers boycott shift patterns

NUJ journalists’ union members at the Bolton Evening News will boycott later shift patterns from Monday of next week.

Reports round-up

Tesco sacks a Polish union rep A T&G union shop steward has been sacked at a Tesco distribution warehouse in Middleton in north west England.

Deported to torture?

A secret British court ruled last week that an acquitted terrorism suspect can be deported to Algeria, despite continuing evidence of torture in that country.

Merseyside firefighters to walk out for eight days

The struggle against £3.5 million of cuts to the fire service on Merseyside looks set to intensify this week, with firefighters in the FBU union scheduled to go on strike for over a week.

Say no to US-driven sanctions against Iran

The US government has reacted to its humiliation over Lebanon by ratcheting up the pressure on Iran.

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Osama Saeed "The position of the pro-war elements on the foreign policy role in terror is strange. On one hand they tell us that there is a global evil ideology we must confront in a violent way, but on the other they say that the terror threat is the result of the failed policy of multiculturalism at home. The two positions cannot sit with each other."

Artists express anger at Lebanon war

"Are you with Spiderman?" enquires a representative of Hizbollah’s cultural wing.

George Galloway on the streets of Beirut

George Galloway warned last week that plans to use United Nations (UN) troops to disarm Hizbollah and patrol the border with Syria will spell disaster and lead to more conflict.

New Orleans: they used the deluge to 'clean' the city

New Orleans is still broken. There is a "beauty strip" along the river in mainly white neighbourhoods, where "les bon temps" are still celebrated, but the heart of the African-American metropolis, middle class as well as working class neighbourhoods, remains a ghost city. Vast areas of the city are still without power and bodies are still being discovered in the toxic rubble.

Israel targeted farms and homes

An early survey of the destruction in Lebanon shows that Israel deliberately attempted to destroy the Lebanese economy during the month-long war - targeting farms, hospitals and generators.

Lebanon diary: ‘Residential buildings have been hit at random, rubble is everywhere’

Wednesday 23 August: ‘Khiam became a symbol of resistance’ Standing on a hill above the village of Khiam in southern Lebanon lie the ruins of a prison used by the Israelis during the occupation to hold detainees - a place of torture and despair.

Walkout to support Exeter Royal Mail union rep

Postal workers at Exeter mail centre have walked out unofficially and spontaneously to defend their CWU union and their local rep Fran Choules.

Whipps Cross hospital workers begin three-day strike

Domestics, porters and catering staff at Whipps Cross hospital in Leytonstone, east London, began a three-day strike on Wednesday of this week. The workers, employed by Rentokil Initial, are trying to win equal pay and conditions to those employed directly by the NHS.

Exeter postal workers reject management offer

A mass meeting of 300 Exeter postal workers tonight rejected the latest offer from management. Bosses had eventually consented to talk to national CWU officials, but early hopes that this might signal a decent offer were dashed.

Tommy Sheridan at launch of Solidarity in Scotland

Over 600 people crowded into a room in the centre of Glasgow on Sunday afternoon for the launch of Solidarity, a new movement for socialism in Scotland.

Photo of audience at launch of Solidarity in Scotland


Crucial battle in Chile against global mine bosses

The Escondida opencast copper mine is the biggest in the world. The miners work in harsh conditions - at altitudes of 10,000 feet in the Atacama desert, north Chile.

Mexican state clashes with a movement that has taken over the city centre of Oaxaca

Oaxaca, a city in southern Mexico, has become the scene of nightly pitched battles in which striking teachers have been attacked by armed police and paramilitaries.

Marching for jobs and rights in Portugal

The radical Left Bloc party in Portugal is initiating a "Marcha Pelo Emprego" March for jobs this week.


The personality is political

This weekend’s meeting to discuss launching a new party in Scotland provides a great chance for the socialist movement to throw down a challenge to the parties of the political establishment.


A nightmare world of security and paranoia

Much is said these days about jail being too easy, with prisoners apparently living in the lap of luxury and enjoying Sky TV.

The politics of migration

People have always moved from one part of the globe to another. They have moved as settlers, to join family members, to study or to flee persecution. But ever since capitalism began to establish itself as the dominant mode of production, the main type of migration has been labour migration.

Polish migrants can organise

‘I came to Britain in 2000, before Poland joined the European Union (EU). So I had to wait six months before I could get the right papers and was allowed to work.

Migration Watch and Malthusian myth making in the media

We passed a demographic milestone on Thursday of last week, according to the media. "UK Population Passes 60 Million For The First Time", the headlines read, referring to figures produced by the government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Was the beautiful game ever really that pretty?

In John Tennant’s evocative book of black and white photographs, The Golden Age of Football: Extraordinary Images from 1900 to 1985, there is a captured moment from inside the legendary Liverpool boot room, taken in May 1980.

From ‘totalitarianism’ to ‘Islamofascism’

At the beginning of August, at the height of Israel’s brutal military assault on Lebanon, Tony Blair gave a widely reported speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council where he warned of "an arc of extremism now stretching across the Middle East".


Black Watch: telling the truth about soldiers’ experiences in Iraq

Black Watch was the play that took the Edinburgh festival by storm.

Viva Lorca season

YermaAdapted by Frank McGuinnessDirected by Helena Kaut-Howson

What We Think

Ruth Kelly’s prescription for tearing communities apart

Another week, another lurch to the right from New Labour. This time it is the idea of a multicultural society that is under attack from government ministers.

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Leon Kuhn: 'We've cut out the torture'

Tim: Scapegoats


Iraqi resistance growing At the start of August, the press carried reports of a significant decline in US casualties in Iraq. This was combined with announcements from US officials that the military situation was improving.

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