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Issue: 2018

Dated: 16 Sep 2006

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Tell Blair to go now

Tony Blair told an audience at a London school last week that he’d like to choose his own time to go.

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Katsouris: the firm with Britain’s worst safety record?

Workers at the Katsouris food processing plants in north west London gathered for a mass meeting at the Brent Indian Association last Saturday.

Coventry council workers go into battle

The result of a strike ballot by council workers in the Unison union in Coventry over a single status deal was expected this week.

Fourth London Schools and the Black Child conference

The fourth London Schools and the Black Child conference was held in central London last Saturday, focusing on the continuing inequalities experienced by children of African and Caribbean heritage in schools.

Wiltshire bin workers work to rule

Refuse collectors in west Wiltshire restarted their work to rule last weekend.

Department for Work and Pensions ballot delayed yet again

The ballot of PCS civil service workers’ union members in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in response to management’s offer in our campaign against job cuts has been delayed yet again.

Reports round-up

Telegraph staff vote for ballot Members of the NUJ journalists’ union at the Telegraph Group have voted overwhelmingly to ballot for industrial action over proposed job cuts of 55 editorial staff.

Post bosses seek revenge after Exeter’s strike victory

Management at Exeter mail centre are trying to claw back their position after a recent unofficial strike by postal workers won an important victory.

Remembering Mikey Powell and battling for justice

The Friends of Mikey Powell campaign held a commemorative event on the third anniversary of his death in police custody. A hundred people heard an update on the campaign from Mikey’s cousin, Tippa Naphtali.

Oxfordshire postal workers set for further strikes

Postal Workers from west Oxfordshire are set to take part in further strikes at the end of this month.

Leeds caretakers win substantial pay rise

Caretakers working for Leeds North West Homes told Socialist Worker that they were "jubilant" after winning substantial pay rises - over 10 percent on their basic hourly rate.

Union victory on London Underground

The threat of strike action has won a victory on London Underground’s Jubilee Line.

Campaign wins union rights for City security guards

Security guards in the T&G union who work at investment bank Goldman Sachs in the City of London have won a groundbreaking union recognition deal. The workers, who are employed by security firm Knightsbridge Guarding, were awarded recognition by the Central Arbitration Committee on Tuesday of last week.

Fighting demolition of historic Tower Hamlets school

Balfour Beatty is planning to demolish a historic school building brick by brick - and then sell the bricks for £1.50 each!

John McDonnell's left wing challenge to Brown launched in Manchester

Over 100 people gathered at the Mechanics Institute in Manchester on Thursday of last week for the launch of John McDonnell’s campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party.

Strike vote to stop NHS Logistics sell-off

Workers facing the biggest ever privatisation of the health service have voted by three to one in favour of strike action.

Holidaying in misery?

According to a recent article in the Guardian travel section, the best place for tourists to visit this autumn are those laid waste by imperialism, such as Lebanon.

Merseyside firefighters: a battle for us all

Firefighters on Merseyside have walked out on strike for another eight days in what is shaping up to be a crucial struggle against neo-liberal cuts in the fire service and management attacks on the Fire Brigades Union (FBU).

Workers in frontline back the Organising for Fighting Unions conference

The striking Merseyside firefighters are the latest group of workers to support the Organising for Fighting Unions conference to be held in London on Saturday 11 November.

Chep UK workers to strike

Workers at Chep UK in Pontefract, South Yorkshire, are to strike for five days from Monday.

TUC delegates angered by warmonger Blair’s speech

Delegates at TUC conference shook Tony Blair during his speech in Brighton on Tuesday. The anger at Blair for his policies of war and privatisation was clear.

Demanding action to defend workers’ pensions

Delegates voted to fight against the government’s attempts to raise the pension age.

Mobilising to make Manchester demo massive

Activists around Britain hit the streets last weekend to make sure there is the biggest possible turnout for the Time To Go demonstration in Manchester on 23 September.

‘Protest on the farewell tour’, says Mark Serwotka

Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the PCS civil service workers’ union, said in the debate on public services, "While the government wants to cut a 100,000 civil servants’ jobs it is spending £32.2 billion on consultants.

Fighting NHS privatisation

The TUC backed the call for a national demonstration in defence of the NHS in the spring of 2007.

TUC voices

"An autopilot foreign policy has tied Britain to the US. Just as worrying is the ideological preference for private sector solutions."TUC leader Brendan Barber, breaks from his usually supportive stance to attack Tony Blair’s policies

School students rage against the horrors of war

Students at Quintin Kynaston school in north west London showed Tony Blair what they think of his warmongering when they protested against his visit to their school.

Socialist Worker appeal: help us raise £200,000

Harold Pinter gives the Socialist Worker appeal his "full support"—will you?

Health service round-up

Whipps Cross fight on Workers at Whipps cross hospital in east London are appealing for support in their ongoing battle for equal pay.

Photos of Blair's reception by TUC

Firefighters hold big rally in Liverpool to support FBU strike

Some 8,000 firefighters and their supporters marched and rallied in Liverpool today in support of Merseyside FBU's strike against cuts to the fire service and management bullying.


Don’t let imperialists hijack Iran's movement from below

The next few months will be decisive ones for the "war on terror" as the US steps up its pressure on Iran. The Iranian nuclear issue is back on the agenda, with the passing of another United Nations (UN) deadline and another "negative report". This external pressure has implications for politics inside Iran.

Tony Blair in Beirut: fury at war criminal’s state visit

‘As I speak thousands of Lebanese people are streaming in from the southern suburbs of Beirut to protest against Blair. The demonstration is very mixed - there are Christians, Shia and Sunni, family groups and flags from all sorts of parties.

Blair’s Beirut press conference disrupted

One protester from the Samidoun network of activists managed to get into Blair’s press conference in Beirut and disrupt it in front of the world’s media.

Zimbabwe braces for action

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has called for nationwide demonstrations for today, Wednesday 13 September in what the union has termed ‘Operation tatambura: usadherere mushandi’ we are suffering: don’t take workers for granted. The ZCTU is demanding salary increments aligned to the poverty line which would currently require more than double what most workers are earning. In addition the union is demanding a reduction of income tax to a maximum of 30% and access to anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV/Aids..


George Galloway: Unite to end disaster of Blairite policies

He who half makes a revolution digs his own grave. Those words from the great French revolutionary Saint-Just don’t appear to have made much of an impression on the well read chancellor of the exchequer, Gordon Brown.

Crises combine to bring down Blair’s regime

"This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper," wrote the poet TS Eliot. And that was how Tony Blair’s premiership in effect came to an end - at a north London school amid a press scrimmage and the jeers of anti-war students.


Mexico’s popular revolt

Mexico was rocked by powerful revolts against neo-liberalism throughout the 1990s, and these struggles have continued into the 21st century. But until now none has succeeded in building a broad political movement that could challenge for power at a national level.

Antisemitism accusations - an attempt to smear anti-Zionists into silence

Last week saw the publication of a report by a group of MPs called the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Antisemitism. It is an important document to confront, because it is part of a Europe-wide attempt to widen the definition of antisemitism to include root and branch criticism of Israel.

Muddying the waters on antisemitism

The report into antisemitism published last week was produced by an All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into Antisemitism, which was set up last November by the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism.

Rehabilitation better than punishment

Over the previous two columns, I have argued that the British prison system is shot through with abuse and oppression and not "fit for purpose".

Why raunch culture can't liberate women

Read our monthly supplement, featuring Judith Orr's interview with Ariel Levy on raunch culture and myths of empowerment.


Lorca - words of desire and words of defiance

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the brutal assassination of Federico Garcia Lorca, widely proclaimed to be Spain’s finest writer. He was murdered at the age of 38 by a fascist militia and thrown into an unmarked grave.

Mandekalou | John Pilger Film Festival | 5.55 - Charlotte Gainsbourg

Mandekalou 2Various artistsOut now This CD is a wonderful collection of some of the greatest artists of West African music.

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New Labour crisis: time for new politics, not just a different face

When Tony Blair is driven away from Downing Street, his policies should go with him. The end of Blair should also mean the end of Blairism.

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Anti-social from birth? The latest strand of Tony Blair’s Respect agenda is to target "troublemakers" before they are even born. He talks of "keeping an eye" on families that look likely to produce "dysfunctional" offspring.

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