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Issue: 2024

Dated: 28 Oct 2006

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You’ve lost in Iraq, Blair: get the troops out now

"There are only bad options for the coalition from now on," said Sir Jeremy Greenstock this week. He was the deputy ruler of Iraq for much of the occupation and has defended British policy down the line.

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New Labour attacks migrants from Bulgaria and Romania

Not content with whipping up Islamophobia, New Labour is now targeting workers from Bulgaria and Romania.

Newham walks out as revolt grows at single status pay cuts

Around 500 refuse workers in the east London borough of Newham walked out spontaneously and unofficially on Thursday of last week over attempts to cut their pay.

Unite against Islamophobia in Glasgow: ‘the government is terrified of our unity’

Around 300 people rallied in Glasgow’s George Square last Saturday to unite against Islamophobia and protest at the wave of racist attacks on Muslims since Jack Straw’s comments about the veil earlier this month.

Union stands up to Daily Star’s bigotry

A revolt by members of the NUJ journalists’ union at the Daily Star forced management to scrap an anti-Muslim page last week. Workers organised to strike a blow against the Islamophobia that has filled the right wing tabloids over the last few weeks.

Reports round-up

The Lost Communities of Industrial Teesside This picture of children on a slag tip in Teesside in 1973 is part of an exhibition, The Lost Communities of Industrial Teesside, by photographer Derek Smith. The exhibition runs till 30 November at Chat’s Palace, 42-44 Brooksby’s Walk, Hackney, east London, E9. Nearest train station is Homerton. For more information go to <a href="" target = "_blank"></a>

National Gallery workers plan more action

Members of the PCS civil service workers’ union at the National Gallery in central London struck on Wednesday of last week.

John McDonnell campaign round-up

Hackney Over 70 people attended a meeting called by Hackney trades council and Leabridge Labour Party on Wednesday of last week to hear left Labour MP John McDonnell appeal for support in his bid to become the next leader of the Labour Party.

UWE students to stay with NUS

Students at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol have voted by 89 percent to continue being part of the National Union of Students (NUS).

Firefighters win court case on paramedic duties

Firefighters have won an important legal victory over attempts by their employers to force them to take on certain emergency paramedic roles as part of their normal duties.

Postal workers ballot for action to defend full-time jobs

More postal workers are to start strike ballots over cuts and attacks on full-time jobs.

Campaign against climate change: remember 4 November

Saturday 4 November is the global day of action against climate change.

Warrington refuse workers strike

Refuse workers, street cleaners and cemetery workers in Warrington, struck on Wednesday of last week.

Cardiff home carers threaten strike over job losses

At a packed emergency mass meeting organised by the GMB and Unison unions last week, 380 home carers agreed unanimously to go on strike if jobs are lost as part of a social services shake-up.

Outsourced workers vote for pay strikes

Some 340 caretakers and cleaning staff in 20 schools across Kirklees, West Yorkshire, may strike.

United action can stop the BNP

The Nazis of the British National Party (BNP) are taking advantage of the racist atmosphere against Muslims to attempt to widen their influence. But Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism are doing everything they can to stop them.

Another housing win

The government’s policy of privatising council housing received another blow last week when tenants in Renfrewshire in Scotland voted against transfer of their homes.

‘Prisons are fast becoming social dustbins’

At the gates of Eastwood Park prison, on Thursday of last week, two rather embarrassed policemen are gently trying to persuade retired school teacher Pauline Campbell to unblock the road and allow a prison van to enter.

Michael Rosen: Britain's rulers live in Miss Havisham land

In Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations the main character, Pip, tells the story of how, as a rural, working class boy, he is invited up to the local Great House of someone called Miss Havisham.

Majority reject break-up and foreign troops

The warmongers who have created the chaos in Iraq are now proposing that the country be broken into three.

US plans a series of military ‘superbases’ in Iraq

As Iraq sinks into chaos, the US military is planning to pull up the drawbridge behind a string of "superbases".

John Pilger: ‘This is Bush’s Vietnam’

The Anglo-American adventure in Iraq is heading for a disaster for Washington as great as the defeat in Vietnam.

Labour’s pay insult to health workers

Health unions have angrily accused chancellor Gordon Brown of intervening in NHS pay talks to force through an effective salary cut.

Strike call over cuts

Over 150 mental health staff in Manchester have voted unanimously to ballot for strike action if a package of cuts is not dropped.

Students march in London and fight for free education

Students will converge on London this Sunday for a national demonstration against Labour’s higher education policies.

Former BNP man faces charges

A former election candidate for the Nazi British National Party (BNP) and a dentist have appeared in court on explosives charges.

Muslims face more attacks

Racist attacks on Muslims continued this week across the country in the wake of the tide of Islamophobia set off by Jack Straw’s comments on the veil earlier this month.

Anger grows as Special Branch spies on students

Staff and students at Dundee university are campaigning against the presence of police officers from Special Branch on the campus.

Trade unionists respond to racist attacks on veiling

Hysteria over Muslims and the veil from the media and politicians has led to debate in many workplaces.

People’s Assembly will challenge Islamophobia

The Stop the War Coalition has called a People’s Assembly on Islamophobia and the "war on terror" on Saturday 18 November. The Muslim community is facing a racist onslaught from politicians and the media.

Pensioners protest outside parliament

Around 1,000 people attended a lobby of parliament this morning over state pensions.

Galloway condemns Commons extradition vote

Respect MP George Galloway has lashed out at the government for overturning a House of Lords amendment to its Police and Crime Bill that would have blocked "fast track" extraditions of British citizens to the US.

Postal workers to vote over London weighting strike

Some 30,000 Royal Mail workers across London will begin a consultative ballot on Tuesday which could lead to major strikes before Christmas.

Emergency Iraq War protest outisde Parliament on Tuesday 31 October

On Tuesday 31 October, Parliament will debate and vote on the Iraq war for the first time since March 18 2003. Alex Salmond, one of the MPs who initiated the debate, says: "This is the first time since the invasion of Iraq that the government can be held to account over this illegal and unwanted war."

Socialist Workers Party women’s dayschool

Over 150 women attended a dayschool on Marxism and Women’s Liberation organised by the Socialist Workers Party on Saturday 28 October.

Protest outside court case of BNP leader Nick Griffin on Wednesday 1 November

Join the anti fascist rally outside Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday 1 November.


People in occupied Iraq slide into poverty

Once it boasted the most advanced health service in the Middle East, an education system that turned out generations of skilled workers and a population that consumed the most books in the Arab world.

Greek teachers fight on into sixth week of strike

Greek primary school teachers protested in Athens last week and began their sixth week on strike this Monday. They are fighting for better pay and for a decent education service. The strike is piling pressure on the Tory government, and linking up with other struggles against its plans for education. Secondary school teachers are striking for three days a week, other unions have taken action so their members could join teachers’ protests, and several universities have been occupied against privatisation plans. A mass rally was set for Athens this week after unions rejected government concessions.


John Pilger: exposing the rotten heart of the empire

In his latest book, the marvellous Freedom Next Time, journalist and film-maker John Pilger presents "an antidote to authorised versions of contemporary history that censor by omission and impose double standards".

The bitter choices for Bush in Iraq

Even George Bush now acknowledges there may be a similarity between the present situation in Iraq and the Tet offensive mounted by Viet Cong guerrillas in South Vietnam in early 1968.


Imperialism and women

‘The repression of women is always and everywhere wrong." Some readers of Socialist Worker may be surprised to learn that the person quoted above is George Bush. Although not known for his radical, egalitarian views - or actions - it’s amazing how different one of our rulers can sound when there are wars to be fought.

Women's oppression is not natural or age-old

Women’s oppression is the most deeply entrenched oppression. It is seen as biological, psychological, universal and age-old.

Hungary 1956: autumn of hope

More than any other event, Hungary’s revolution in 1956 revealed the real nature of the Soviet bloc’s "socialism". What had begun in Russia in 1917 as a genuine workers revolution had, under Joseph Stalin, degenerated into an imperial system imposed by force and defended by tanks.

Hungary's chaotic and magnificent revolution

It is 50 years since the Hungarian people overthrew the Stalinist regime in our country, in a chaotic yet magnificent revolution. Memories of the Second World War were not distant in 1956.


Director Serge Le Péron on 'I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed'

The socialist Mehdi Ben Barka was a leading figure in the national liberation movement which won Morocco independence from France in 1956. While in exile in the 1960s he continued to play a role in the anti-colonial movement internationally.

Food and Liquor - Lupe Fiasco | A Life in the Day of B19 - Soweto Kinch | Mujeres - Estrella Morente

There are two things you need to know about Lupe Fiasco and his new album Food and Liquor.

As Used on the Famous Nelson Mandela - Mark Thomas | Caroline or Change

As Used on the Famous Nelson MandelaMark ThomasOn tour until 14 Dec Taking its title from his latest book, Mark Thomas’s stand-up show exposes the arms industry from the inside.

What We Think

Gordon Brown: making friends with big business

The bosses of British industry are demanding further financial deregulation and want Gordon Brown to cut corporate tax. Or, they warn, they will have to move to where taxes are lower.

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Tim: We'll not walk away


Stop targeting Muslims Muslim communities don’t want to feel separate, we do not want to be ghettoised or live on the sidelines and we do not want to live in a society which is distinctly "us and them".

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