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Issue: 2025

Dated: 04 Nov 2006

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Revealed: how Murdoch press smears Muslims

Two smears, forming part of the barrage of attacks on Britain’s Muslims, fell apart last week. Both were splashed over the pages of the Murdoch press. Both proved to be completely baseless.

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London postal workers prepare for battle

Some 30,000 Royal Mail workers across the London area have started a consultative ballot this week, which could lead to major strikes before Christmas.

UFFC procession: united in anger at deaths in custody

Hundreds of relatives and friends of those who have died in custody held a remembrance procession in central London last Saturday.

‘Tough on crime’ policies create crisis in youth system

The number of young people and children in custody in England and Wales reached a record high last week. Facilities for imprisoning young people are almost entirely full.

Reports round-up

Coventry council single status protest Workers in the Unison union protested on Tuesday lunchtime outside a Coventry council meeting as part of their single staus campaign.

Protest at Scottish parliament to defend refugees

Immigration minister Liam Byrne visited Scotland last week to calm controversy over dawn raids and deportations of refugees in Glasgow.

Roger Kline interview: ‘Our union has to be political’

I asked Roger what he saw as the future of the new union. He said, "We will be the biggest post-16 education union in the world. And we need to, in a number respects, do better than we have managed to do so far.

Students on the march

Thousands of students travelled to London last Sunday to join a National Union of Students (NUS) demonstration over education funding.

RMT national shop stewards conference

UP TO 200 people attended the National Shop Stewards meeting called by the RMT union last Saturday.

Health service round-up

Peterborough and Stamford hospital trust Maintenance workers in Amicus at Peterborough and Stamford hospital trust are being balloted for industrial action over pay.

Dudley unites against the fascist BNP

Some 300 people joined a Unite Against Fascism (UAF) rally in Dudley last Sunday on the site of a proposed new Mosque. It was organised in response to a demonstration held by 30 BNP supporters two weeks earlier on the same site.

'Celebrate & Educate' Black History Month event at Barking College

At least 120 people came to the 'Celebrate & Educate' Black History Month event at Barking College on Saturday.

Communist jibe stirs strike at JJB Sports

GMB union members at the Martland Mill JJB Sports warehouse in Wigan held a 24-hour strike on Tuesday and another on Thursday of this week.

Grampian Foods strike

Some 550 workers at Grampian Foods plants in Sandycroft and Llangefni, both in North Wales, struck on Monday against a pay freeze.

Call for fight in Unison over pensions

A rank and file initiative over local government pensions has proved a startling success.

Court martial hears evidence of torture by British

Five members of the Queen’s Lancashire regiment (now amalgamated into the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment) and two members of the Intelligence Corps are being tried on charges connected with the death of Baha Musa and the abuse of other prisoners in Iraq.

Shocking proof of more devastation in Afghanistan

Recently released pictures of troops desecrating Afghan graves have rocked the "grand coalition" government in Germany.

George Galloway demands Blair held to account for Iraq

‘It’s a very modest motion before the house - a call for a committee of inquiry comprising seven members of the privy council.

Organising for Fighting Unions conference

‘I am attending the Organising for Fighting Unions conference to join in the discussions about political representation.

True picture of NHS redundancies: 21,000 jobs have gone

Campaign group Health Emergency revealed that 21,000 jobs have been lost since February this year, as NHS trusts struggle to claw back financial deficits.

Fat cat bonus or 110 hospitals?

While public services are cut, City bankers are setting even higher records for their bonuses.

PFI costs NHS £45bn

The cost to the NHS of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is £45 billion - enough to reverse all the present cuts and lay a secure basis for the future.

Socialist Worker appeal

Total so far £84,775 Help us raise £200,000. Help us to keep providing a voice for the movement…

Anti-war artwork by Kagan Guner

The anti-war movement is the inspiration for these artworks by Kagan Guner. "When two million people marched against the war in February 2003, I felt we were one. Nobody was a foreigner in that rally," he told Socialist Worker. His work is part of the exhibition Belonging: Voices of London’s Refugees which brings together the experiences and contributions of refugees in the capital.

George Monbiot: 'People’s power can save planet'

‘There is an extraordinary awakening taking place on the issue of climate change. What some of us have been campaigning about for 20 years has suddenly begun to materialise.

Climate change: The Stern report sees the dangers, but not the solutions

The Stern report, which was published this week, is a significant report into the economic effects of climate change. It acknowledges that climate change is happening and calls for immediate action.

Education, class and academies

The central aim of Tony Blair’s education policy is the abolition of the state comprehensive system.Education privatisation was not a New Labour invention. Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government set in motion processes to create a new world of competition between schools.

Anti-fascists protest at BNP leader Nick Griffin's court hearing

Fascist BNP leader Nick Griffin and his sidekick Mark Collett appeared in Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday morning for re-trial on charges of race-hatred. The trial was adjourned until Friday when the prosecution will open their case.

Health Emergency dossier

NHS staff job cuts that will run into more than 20,000 have been announced since February as the NHS struggles to balance the books

Healthworkers lobby parliament

Thousands of health workers descended on parliament on Wednesday of this week for a lobby of MPs.


Uruguay’s workers beat bosses’ lockout

The Uruguayan ruling class made its first big move against Tabare Vazquez’s centre-left government by launching a lockout in the goods transport industry on Monday of last week.

Greek primary schools all-out strike ends as Tories retreat

Primary school teachers in Greece ended their six week all-out strike on Monday of this week over pay and the government’s plans for education.


Another stir of the toxic mix - New Labour and workers from Romania and Bulgaria

Labour’s long anticipated approach to the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union (EU) was announced last week. As expected, Home Secretary John Reid has opted for various restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians working in Britain.

Ruqayyah Collector: ‘Racism is the cause of segregation in society’

‘A climate has been created where Muslim students are worried about their safety.

Muslims are a key part of the future of Britain

‘Politicians have made comments about Muslims in the past few weeks that they should not have made.

Uniting in the unions against Islamophobia

‘We decided unanimously at the branch committee to advertise the assembly among members.

Republicans face voters’ rebellion in US midterm elections

There is a real chance that the Democrats will win both Houses of Congress in the US mid-term elections on Tuesday of next week. This would reverse the historic defeat they suffered in 1994 at the hands of Newt Gingrich’s "Republican revolution".


Sylvia Pankhurst: demanding liberation

One hundred years ago this week, Sylvia Pankhurst found herself in prison for the first time. The crime of the 24 year old? Campaigning for votes for women.

Capitalism and the ‘private family’

I wrote last week that the formation of the family was central to understanding the origins of women’s oppression. This week I will look at how the role of the family changed with the birth of capitalism.

A programme to tackle the threat to the planet

There is now near consensus among climate scientists that, without substantial reductions in emissions of gases that contribute to global warming, the future of the human race is threatened.

Ngugi wa Thiong’o interviewed on his new novel, Wizard of the Crow

One of Africa’s greatest novelists, Ngugi wa Thiong’o, spoke to Ken Olende about his latest work, Wizard Of The Crow, and the state of the continent today


The State Within: a nightmare for neocons

The State Within begins at breakneck pace. It cuts between rapid close ups of shrink wrap, wire and explosives leaving the dizzy impression that we’re in for another imitation of the hit US series 24.

Cosi Fan Tutte: An outrageous opera that challenges women’s roles

Mozart’s opera Cosi Fan Tutte ("all women behave that way") is his exploration of the tangled area of love, desire and sexual politics.

Reel News | Discovering Leicester’s Radical Past | The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Reel NewsDVD out now £6 Powerplay Production has launched a monthly DVD chronicling radical movements.

What We Think

More hot air over climate change, but little sign of action

All the main parties are now in favour of "green taxes" to reduce carbon emissions. Environment secretary David Miliband, for example, wants levies on air flights and more tax on some cars.

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Tim: Tony Blair's career


New wave of xenophobia The possibility of Romanians and Bulgarians being able to travel to seek work when their countries join the European Union (EU) in the new year has been greeted by the usual xenophobic noises.

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