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Issue: 2028

Dated: 25 Nov 2006

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Living standards fall – it’s official

Official statistics show that average living standards are falling for the first time since Labour came to office in 1997.

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People’s Assembly on Islamophobia: standing together against racism

Over 650 delegates from across the country gathered in central London last Saturday for the People’s Assembly on Islamophobia and the "war on terror", called by the Stop the War Coalition.

BNP exploits climate of hate

The fascists of the British National Party (BNP) are taking advantage of racism and Islamophobia to build support for their policies of race hatred, anti-fascist campaigners have warned.

NUJ meeting plans way forward in London

Journalists in the NUJ union from a number of national newspapers and magazines met in central London on Tuesday of last week to discuss their battle for better pay and against cuts.

Manchester students’ victory against Islamophobia

On Wednesday of last week, over 500 students attended the Manchester university student union general meeting where they voted for a motion against the BNP, and against an amendment enabling the banning of Muslim groups on campus.

Lambeth conference defends education

Over 100 people attended a Further Education conference in Lambeth on Saturday of last week, with lecturers, students and community campaigners coming together.

Guardian workers force £500,000 out of management

Members of the NUJ journalists’ union at the Guardian celebrated a victory last week after management offered a pay increase of 5.3 percent, which was weighted in favour of website journalists on low pay.

Reports round-up

BBC strike Some 100 Bectu union members working for BBC News in London struck over new working patterns on Tuesday of last week.

Respect blow to Labour Party in Newham

In another blow to New Labour in east London, longstanding Labour Party member Haroon Juneja has joined Respect in Newham.

London postal workers reject paltry offer

London postal workers have voted by a huge majority to reject management’s paltry offer over pay, and to move towards a strike ballot.

Single status around Britain

A forum for our anger What does the present implementation of the single status pay deal – agreed between unions and the government in 1997 – mean for the local government workers affected?

Defend Unison activists

A number of Unison members are facing disciplinary action from the union.

Defend Yunus Bakhsh

Health workers in Tyneside were this week making preparations for an industrial action ballot to defend Yunus Bakhsh, a leading health activist, who has been suspended from work for seven weeks.

Unite the fightbacks to defend our NHS

This Saturday another thousands strong demonstration is set to take place in Surrey to fight against local health cuts.

Fujitsu workers strike in Manchester

Fujitsu workers in Manchester took their first day of strike action on Monday in their campaign to defend union recognition, redundancy and redeployment rights, and for better pay.

JJB workers win their fight over pay and equality

JJB Sports workers were celebrating victory against one of Britain’s most ruthless companies this week.

£113,019 raised so far for SW Appeal

"Socialist Worker is the only paper that reports the struggles that workers are facing across the country.

Local government workers' lobby Parliament to demand decent pensions

Around 1,000 local government workers lobbied parliament yesterday to demand a decent local government pension scheme.

Bishop, Blair & Bush

My reading today comes from the Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali. Here are his words of wisdom written on 15 August of this year. "Whether we like it or not, characteristic British values arise out of the Christian faith and its vision of personal and common good. These were clarified by the Enlightenment and became the bedrock of our modern political arrangements.

Work till you’re 68, says Labour

The government used last week’s Queen’s Speech to underline perhaps the most significant single assault on workers’ conditions for half a century – and yet hardly a voice was raised in opposition.

Fortnight of action demanding union rights for ISS cleaners gets under way

"No union, no peace," was the chant from cleaners and other campaigners demonstrating outside Goldman Sachs investment bank on Tuesday of this week.

British Army command ‘sanctioned prisoner abuse’

The high command of the British Army officially sanctioned the hooding and mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, a court martial has been told.

Defiance on picket lines as workers demand respect

There were large and lively pickets at most of the Metroline bus garages. Around 60 strikers joined the picket lines at Potters Bar and 50 at Holloway.

Striking bus drivers tell of long hours and low wages

Over 2,000 striking Metroline bus drivers brought whole areas of north and central London to a standstill on Monday.


Lebanese leaders face a showdown

A confrontation was looming this week between the US backed Lebanese government of Fouad Siniora and the opposition anti-imperialist bloc.

Assassination of Pierre Gemayel in Lebanon strengthens right

Pierre Gemayel, Lebanon’s minister of industry and a scion of one of the country’s most powerful Christian families, was shot dead in a Beirut suburb on Tuesday 22 November.


Why we should get the troops out now

The arguments for maintaining the occupation of Iraq crumbled a little further this week.

Sir Clive Thompson - a poem

<blockquote> F is for flaunting, what "SIR" Clive is doing    with holidays at such a timeA  is for arrogance, in his appearance    but he hasn't lost, not a dimeR  is for rubbish, that this man is speaking    whenever he speaks to the pressE  is for excrement, just one more word    for excuses he's made for this messP  is for pennies, that customers will get    to "compensate" their loss of cash<

Milton Friedman’s legacy of free market madness

The evil that men do lives after them. Such is the legacy of the economist Milton Friedman, who died last week at the age of 94.

The occupation is breeding violence

The political tide has turned decisively against the war in Iraq. Yet George Bush and Tony Blair show absolutely no sign of bowing to mass pressure. On the contrary, they are redeploying their arguments.


Indian Social Forum: are NGOs enemies of the people?

One of the most striking features of the Indian Social Forum (ISF), which took place in Delhi two weeks ago, was the huge numbers of NGOs – non governmental organisations – involved in the event.

Forty years after Cathy Come Home, homelessness is still a blight

Cathy Come Home is arguably the most important piece of drama ever shown on British television. It was first broadcast 40 years ago on 16 November 1966 in the Wednesday Play primetime slot.

Evicted director Brian Woods on documenting today’s housing catastrophe

As part of the BBC’s No Home series looking at homelessness in Britain today, Brian Woods’s documentary Evicted follows the stories of three young women as their families are made homeless.

Why are women paid less than men?

Over 30 years since the Equal Pay Act outlawed discrimination against women in the workplace, the pay gap between men and women is still staggering. Women in full-time jobs pocket only 78 pence for every pound men earn.


Pan’s Labyrinth: a fantastic exploration of fascism’s horror

Pan’s Labyrinth is the second film in which Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro has confronted the theme of fascism.

They Won’t Kill You - a dystopian Team Britain

This political satire imagines a future where Britain has been rebranded as Team Britain, and a Team Leader has taken the place of the prime minister.

German Film Festival | Blood Wedding | Watership Down

German Film FestivalGoethe-Institut and Curzon Soho, London23 November to 1 December This is a great chance to see a few films that will most likely not make it to general release.

What We Think

Blair offers Afghanistan a future of famine and exile

Tony Blair flew into southern Afghanistan for a photo call with British troops this week telling them, "What happens here is the future of the world’s security in the 21st century."

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Mario Uribe

Mario Uribe recently died suddenly at the age of 59. It was through Chilean solidarity work that I met him, and we remained friends for the next 30 years.

Birgül Dogan 1971-2006

Birgül’s extraordinary will to survive, to remain positive, to look to the future and to accept the present reality meant that although the last few months of her life were stressful, she never allowed the worry about her illness to be uppermost in her mind.

Leon Kuhn: civil liberties thinktank

Tim: another warlord



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