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Issue: 2029

Dated: 02 Dec 2006

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Low paid cleaners: 'Why we invaded world's #1 bank'

Low paid cleaners and their supporters occupied the plush central London offices of the huge global investment bank Goldman Sachs this Tuesday.

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Demonstration scuppers BNP 'conference'

Some 250 protesters gathered in Blackpool last Saturday for a lively and successful demonstration against an "annual conference" held in the town by the fascist British National Party (BNP).

Campaign against educational academies gathers

Over 250 teachers, parents, educationalists and campaigners met in London last Saturday for a one day conference against New Labour’s plans to rip up the comprehensive school system by extending city academies and trust schools across the state sector.

Education round-up

Left gears up for UCU general secretary contest Around 100 lecturers were in Manchester last Saturday for a meeting of the University and College Union (UCU) Left group.

Imperial College rejoins the National Union of Students

Socialist Worker supporters at Imperial College in London took a leading role in a recent campaign to join the National Union of Students (NUS).

Surrey council workers set to strike over pay

Council workers in Surrey were set to strike for one day on Thursday of this week over pay.

Evidence of building bosses' blacklist

New allegations have been raised over employers operating a blacklist in the construction industry.

Exeter postal workers strike, Monday 4 December

Exeter mail centre workers are to strike for 24 hours from 2pm on Monday over attacks on union rights and the failure to implement the back to work agreement after a recent unofficial strike.

Reports round-up

Solidarity with Palestine A successful Palestine solidarity festival organised by the Camden Palestine Campaign was held last Sunday in Somers Town, London.

Defend Yunus Bakhsh

Yunus Bakhsh, a leading health activist in the Unison union, has been suspended from work for eight weeks.

Should Scotland become independent?

Elections for the Scottish Parliament take place next May. Recent opinion polls suggest that 51 percent of Scots support independence and that 36 percent of them would vote for the Scottish National Party (SNP) against 29 percent for Labour.

London cleaners are out to sweep up corporate fat cats

Some of the lowest paid people in Britain are in revolt. The invasion of Goldman Sachs offices on Tuesday (see page one) was just one of a series of loud and angry protests outside the offices of some of the largest financial institutions in the City of London.

Preparing for civil service battle

Over 280,000 members of the PCS civil service workers’ union are gearing up for a major battle in the new year over job cuts, pay restraint and privatisation.

Protesters oppose Surrey hospital cuts

Thousands of health workers and members of the public marched through Sutton to protest against possible hospital closures.

Three pronged attack on public sector workers

Labour declared war on local government workers last week by rushing out new plans for pensions which will mean workers paying more for a worse scheme.

Ministers' contempt over pensions

The intervention in the Local Government Pension Scheme by the minister for local government Phil Woolas was yet another example of New Labour’s contempt for those who support it.

Glasgow workers to strike over single status

Unison union members in Glasgow have voted overwhelmingly for a three-day strike, beginning on Tuesday of next week, to oppose the city council’s single status job evaluation pay review.

Single status disputes round-up

Falkirk staff say no to imposition Workers in Falkirk council are balloting on strike action against the decision of the council to impose a single status deal on staff.

British strategy in Iraq is in tatters as the death toll rises

Tony blair’s plans for Iraq lie in tatters. The headlines earlier this week told us that defence minister Des Browne was promising the withdrawal of "thousands" of British troops by the end of next year.

Anti-war movement plans protest outside airbase

Stop the War and CND activists are set to protest outside the Brize Norton RAF base in Oxfordshire this Saturday, 2 December.

Parliament blocks amendment on Iraq occupation

Michael Martin, the speaker of the House of Commons, refused to accept an amendment to the Queen’s Speech signed by over 100 MPs calling for a debate on an exit strategy from Iraq on Monday of this week.

New research debunks myth of ‘Muslim ghettos’

One of New Labour’s favourite propaganda lines—the idea that there are Muslim "ghettos" that radicalise young Muslims and create terrorists—has been exposed as a myth.

JJB sacks key union activist

Managers at JJB Sports are back to their bullying ways, sacking leading union activist Chris Riley.

Workers plan strikes over threatened blood centre closures

Workers in the NHS Blood Service may strike over Christmas in their fight against the closure of 14 blood centres.

Metroline bus strike suspended

The T&G union suspended a planned strike by bus workers on Monday after Metroline bosses made an improved offer at the last minute.

From Russia with mirth – the media and the poisoned spy

Socialist Worker has been leaked the details of a conversation overheard in the editor’s office at a popular newspaper.


Socialists gain in the Dutch elections

The elections of 23 November resulted in a historic breakthrough for the Socialist Party (SP). For the first time, parties to the left of Labour received a combined vote higher than Labour itself. The SP is now the third biggest party in parliament. All the ruling parties have lost seats and none of their planned coalitions will be able to form a majority government.

Ecuador: banana tycoon slips up as left candidate elected

Left wing candidate Rafael Correa looks set to become Ecuador’s president following elections last Sunday.

Opposition demands real change in Lebanon

The Lebanese opposition movement, led by Hizbollah, the Communist Party and the predominantly Christian Free Patriotic Movement, has called on its supporters to begin a street campaign to oust the US-backed government of Fouad Siniora.


Nato’s plan for continual war

We live in an age of imperialism. The mess into which the US and Britain have got themselves in Iraq is unlikely to change this.


Iraq and the information war

On 19 March 2003, a week before the start of the invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair wrote a furious letter to BBC director-general Greg Dyke and BBC chairman Gavyn Davies. He accused the BBC’s coverage of being biased against the war.

How Iraq media coverage was spun in the government's favour

Media coverage overwhelmingly reflected the Blair government’s spin about a "moral" case for war. Over 80 percent of press and TV stories about the war’s justification reflected the official line, with less than 12 percent challenging it.

Al Jazeera – another view of the conflict

The Iraq war was notable for the prominent presence of a new, non-Western media organisation – the Qatar-based Arabic channel Al Jazeera. What role did it play during the invasion? And did the presence of an alternative Arabic point of view have any substantial effect on the TV coverage in the West?

Criminal intent? – New Labour's justice policy

John Reid’s comments are very much part of the general trajectory of the government’s thinking and policy.

The Chartists: A militant struggle for the rights of workers

Chartism was the world’s first major working class movement. It ran from 1837 to 1860.

Are poor whites the most oppressed people in Britain?

Poor and marginalised people living in Britain have attracted some false friends in recent weeks. The rebranded Tories sent the highly unlikely radical Iain Duncan Smith MP off to look at education, and he came back with the conclusion that the education system lets down white working people.


Politics in store at Cultures of Resistance concert

"I like the idea of artists from different musical traditions and from all corners of the world coming together to oppose racism, to demand world peace and support the Socialist Worker appeal."

What We Think

None of the real issues are on Israel's agenda

Israel’s prime minister Ehud Olmert is being lauded for accepting a ceasefire with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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Robert Altman 1925-2006

Robert Altman, who has died aged 81, was one of the greatest filmmakers of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


Brussels shows the way Some 5,000 Belgian car workers have been taking action against 3,500 job cuts by Volkswagen at the Forest Volkswagen factory in Brussels.

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