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Issue: 2035

Dated: 27 Jan 2007

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Bush could end poverty - but instead spends $320 million a day on war

From the slums of Kenya to the streets of Washington there is disgust at George Bush and Tony Blair's "war on terror".

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Manchester mental health workers vote to strike for NHS

Health workers at Manchester's mental health and social care trust have voted to strike against a package of cuts that will mean job losses and a worse service for patients.

Keep Our NHS Public activists debate how to step up the pressure on New Labour

More than 250 health workers and campaigners attended the Keep Our NHS Public conference in London last Saturday.

Surrey County Council workers set to walk out over pay

Local government workers across Surrey are set to strike on 6, 7 and 8 February as part of their campaign over pay.

Fight to support key health activist Yunus Bakhsh

Yunus Bakhsh is one of the best known health union activists in Britain.

Local government pensions: Unison must organise action

The ongoing dispute over the local government pension scheme (LGPS) is set to reach another important stage over the next few weeks. Proposals by the government show it has not listened to the unions.

Islington Green anti-academy campaigners will fight on

Campaigners against turning Islington Green School in north London into a city academy have vowed to keep on fighting after the council decided to push ahead with its plans.

Birmingham residents unite against PFI 'super hospital'

Over 200 local residents and health workers in Birmingham met on Wednesday of last week to vent their anger at proposed cuts in services and plans for a "super" hospital that will be built under the Private Finance Initiative.

Firefighters' union hits out at control room closure plan

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has hit out at government plans to close all 46 local fire control rooms in England and amalgamate them into nine regional control fire control rooms.

Reports round-up

Crawley tenants stop sell-off Council tenants in Crawley, Sussex, are celebrating after the Tory-led council climbed down in the battle over stock transfer of their housing.

Everyone must back our strike, say PCS civil service workers

Over 280,000 members of the PCS civil service workers' union are set to strike on Wednesday of next week after they voted to take action against job cuts, privatisation and unfair pay.

Militancy takes off among British Airways workers

Up to 11,000 cabin crew workers with British Airways (BA) are set to strike from Monday to Wednesday of next week. The T&G union has called the strike following a massive 96 percent vote for strike action.

Roger Kline's UCU leadership campaign is gathering steam

The campaign by Roger Kline, the left wing candidate for general secretary of the newly merged University and College Union (UCU), is well under way.

CWU members prepare for national action over the post

A national ballot of postal workers in the CWU union is coming closer. The union is set to discuss calling a national ballot on Wednesday of this week.

Defend Antony Czubkowski

The campaign to defend Antony "Chub" Czubkowski, the senior shop steward for the Amicus union at Central Networks, is continuing.

Fujitsu workers step up their industrial action campaign

A packed meeting of Amicus union members at Fujitsu in Manchester last week decided to step up their campaign to defend agreements on union recognition, redundancy, redeployment and pay. They are also pushing for better pay.

Driving towards strike action on the London Underground

The RMT rail workers' union is set to ballot its 6,500 members on the London Underground for strike action over last year's pay deal. The ballot will close in mid-February.

Nissan workers reject pay offer

Nissan car workers in Sunderland rejected a 2 percent pay offer for the second time last Sunday.

A racist reality check

For a moment reality TV made good on its promise as Celebrity Big Brother showed us a postcard from reality – the banal everyday racism in Britain.

Kurdish soldiers in Iraqi army refuse to fight against Arabs

Kurdish soldiers in the Iraqi army have deserted after they were told they would be deployed to Baghdad as part of George Bush's troop "surge".

US public rails against George Bush's 'troop surge' to Iraq

The majority of ordinary Americans want the US Congress to block George Bush's plans for a "surge" of 21,500 extra troops in Iraq.

Stop the War activists pile on pressure for 24 February demo

Momentum is growing for the national demonstration on Saturday 24 February called by the Stop the War Coalition and CND against the replacement of Trident and calling for troops out of Iraq.

Manchester mental health workers hold picket

Health workers at Manchester's mental health and social care trust Manchester mental health workers picketed their health authority on Thursday against savage cuts in services and jobs.

George Galloway MP's speech to the Commons on Iraq and the Middle East

Parliament held a rare debate on the Iraq war on Wednesday of this week – though Tony Blair refused to attend and government whips refused to allow a vote on the issue. Here is Respect MP George Galloway's forensic demolition of the government's case for war.


Audio reports from the World Social Forum in Nairobi

The World Social Forum 2007 is currently underway in Nairobi, Kenya. Here are three audio reports from the event recorded by Socialist Worker's reporting team.

Italian school students hold anti-US tomato protest

School students in the northern Italian city of Vicenza walked out of class last Thursday and bombarded government buildings with tomatoes.

Portugal to vote on liberalising women's abortion rights

The second national referendum on the issue of abortion will be a major day in Portuguese political and social life.

Indonesia's left comes together

Up to 400 people attended the founding conference of the National Liberation Party of Unity (Papernas) last weekend.

Bolivia: Cochabamba protests against governor continue

There were angry scenes in Cochabamba last week after the left wing central government insisted that a right wing regional governor be allowed to return to the city.

World Social Forum: a rolling carnival of resistance in Kenya

World Social Forum: a rolling carnival of resistance in Kenya

Lebanon: general strike paralyses the country

Workers in Beirut set fire to rubbish bins as a general strike against the US-backed government paralysed the country this week. There are pickets and barricades across most major roads.


Single status pay deal: when equal equals unequal

Bolton council last week held a cheerful public ceremony where it handed out cheques to 400 workers. The cheques were part of the single status deal to sort out unequal pay.


Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and permanent revolution

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez recently announced a shift to the left in his government.

Management by stress

Bosses and neoliberal ideologues tell us modern capitalism has changed our lives and the way that we work.

Sri Lanka: Mark Bracegirdle and the revolt against empire

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Bracegirdle Incident, a crucial event in Sri Lanka's struggle for independence from the British Empire.

Advertising and the working artist today

If an alien wandered down an ordinary British shopping street – just pretend for a second – they would get the impression that this is an amazingly artistic country. Every phone box, bus stop and wall has got pictures on it – adverts.


John Adams: a musical commentary on today's politics

One of the tragedies of what is loosely referred to as classical music is the way in which it has become an ossified museum piece.

Don't let them shut down Battersea Arts Centre

The Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) in south London – one of the country's leading community arts centres – is facing closure after Wandsworth council announced it would axe its £100,000 funding from April this year.

Bauhaus photography in Leeds | Reds | The Good, the Bad and the Queen | Babel

Bauhaus photography in Leeds Joost Schmidt's "Still life with prism and seahorse" (courtesy of the Bauhaus Archive, Berlin) is an example of the pioneering experimental photography produced by the Bauhaus sculpture workshop in the 1920s and 1930s.

What We Think

Blairite fixer Ruth Turner is denied access to breakfast

New Labour minister Tessa Jowell was bewildered at the manner in which a police dawn raid was carried out. David Blunkett accused the police of "theatrics".

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