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Issue: 2045

Dated: 07 Apr 2007

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US and Britain’s record of torture, war and robbery in Iran

The capture of 15 Royal Navy personnel by Iran has been used to ratchet up the threats against the country. The US has sent two aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf, with a third battle group on its way this week. All three are nuclear armed.

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Refugees demand end to deportations to Congo

On Wednesday of last week campaigners held lobbies in seven cities around Britain against deportations to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Respect on a roll across the country

With just a month to go until council and regional elections on Thursday 3 May, campaigners for left wing alternative parties have been out in force.

Solidarity's election campaign a hit in Scotland

Solidarity, Scotland’s Socialist Movement, is campaigning hard for the 3 May elections for the Scottish parliament.

Thousands more children living in poverty under New Labour

In a 1999 speech Tony Blair declared, "Our historic aim will be for ours to be the first generation to end child poverty forever, and it will take a generation. It is a 20 year mission, but I believe it can be done."

Construction workers protest against subcontracting

Over 1,000 construction workers walked off their jobs on Wednesday of last week to protest against sub-contracting and agency work undermining their employment rights.

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Bristol home care workers protest against privatisation Home care workers in Bristol protested on Tuesday of last week against the council’s plans to privatise their service

Pay anger could lead to first nationwide action in NHS for 20 years

The prospect of the first mass national industrial action in the NHS for almost 20 years took a big step forward last week as the Unison union agreed to ballot its members over pay.

Workers across the unions get ready to fight Brown’s 2 percent pay cap

Gordon Brown’s 2 percent pay limit for the public sector has outraged millions of workers.

Mark Serwotka: 'Make 1 May 2007 a day of struggle'

The PCS civil service workers’ union has called a national strike of over 250,000 members in its fight against 104,000 job cuts, low pay and privatisation.

Defend Yunus Bakhsh

Pressure on the Unison union to end its victimisation of the leading health activist Yunus Bakhsh continues to grow.

Are cuts at the HSE costing lives in construction?

A construction worker was killed on Thursday of last week in Liverpool’s third fatal crane accident in the last three months.

National Union of Students conference

The annual conference of the National Union of Students (NUS), which took place last week, was undoubtedly a difficult one for the left.

Strike suspended at Grampian foods

The Transport and General Workers Union has suspended its planned 24-hour strike action on Thursday by over 2,600 pork and poultry workers at Grampian Foods. It has agreed to attend Acas, the Arbitration Conciliation and Advisory Service.

Civil service workers are striking against Brown

Civil service workers in the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) struck a blow against Gordon Brown’s public sector pay cuts on Friday of last week.

Crucial stage for Burlsem post strike

The postal strike at Burslem, Stoke, is reaching a crucial point. On Monday over 100 workers at the delivery office finished a three-day strike. They have now struck for 15 days over a sacking of a 62-year-old worker for alleged aggressive behaviour towards a manager.

Hundreds of postal workers march in Coventry

Hundreds of postal workers and their supporters marched through Coventry last Saturday to save the mail centre. Royal Mail wants to close the Bishop Street operation and move the mail centre to Northampton.

Only a third of single status deals implemented on time

Every local authority was supposed to implement the single status pay deal by 1 April, but only about a third of councils have reached agreements.

Stop the school academies - round up of action


Unite teachers with other public sector workers in pay fight

The Government and the School Teachers’ Review Body fixed teachers’ salary increases for September 2006 and September 2007 at 2.5 percent – below inflation.

NUT conference will question New Labour's vision of what schools are for

This weekend’s NUT teachers’ union conference is the last to take place during Tony Blair’s premiership – and looks set to get ready to fight many of his "legacies", from war to academies.

Single status revolt in Greenwich

Greenwich council in south east London has announced plans to slash wages and annual leave under the guise of a single status deal.

Free the Guantanamo Bay hostages

Bisher al-Rawi, a British resident incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay after being detained in Gambia in 2002, finally came home on Monday of this week. Abu Bakr Deghayes, brother of British detainee Omar Deghayes, spoke to Socialist Worker about why the camp should be shut down for good

How French forces helped wipe out Birao in the Central African Republic

A war crime of terrible proportions has been carried out in Africa – and hardly anyone noticed.

Arabs ethnically cleansed in Iraq

The US-backed government in Baghdad has approved the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk – which is home to Arabs, Kurds and other ethnic groups.

‘Surge’ kills Iraqi civilians

The first six weeks of George Bush’s "surge" on Baghdad has greatly increased the number of Iraqi civilian casualties in the Iraqi capital.

NUT teachers' union conference opens: 'Iraq is Blair's legacy'

Baljeet Ghale this year became the first black president of the NUT teachers' union. In her opening address to conference this weekend she attacked the Labour government's record on education.


US multinational Chiquita funded Colombian death squads

The US multinational Chiquita Brands International has admitted funding death squads which unleashed a reign of terror in Colombia.

Bloody history of intervention in Iran

The people of Iran have every reason to be fearful and suspicious of US and British military activity in their region. Both powers have a long history of imperial intervention in Iran – installing dictatorships, fomenting wars and terrorising ordinary people.

Stand by the Iranian people against the US

With typical hypocrisy Tony Blair has complained about "captured personnel being paraded and manipulated" in Iran. George Bush has joined in the attacks.

Zimbabwean strike against Mugabe

Zimbabwean police were mobilised on Tuesday, the first day of a two-day national strike called by the trade unions against growing economic hardship.

Family email reveals the new terror in Somalia

Ayan, a Somali living in London received the following email from her mother last weekend.

Hospital’s director held in Afghanistan

The Afghan secret service has imprisoned Rahamtullah Hanafi, the director of the Italian NGO-funded Lashkar-gah hospital in Afghanistan.


Labour on course to lose Scotland

Fear finally hit home last week among New Labour leaders at Westminster at news that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is maintaining a consistent lead over Labour for the Scottish parliament elections on 3 May. They fear that Labour is on course to lose in one of its historic heartlands.


Bookmarks bookshop battles the giants with solidarity appeal

For decades the names of Charing Cross Road and Bloomsbury in central London have been synonymous with independent bookshops. But in recent years these stores have been squeezed by increasing financial pressures.

Primo Levi and the unquenchable human spirit

More than 60 years after the genocide of between 11 and 12 million people, the Nazi Holocaust remains a critical part of the human experience. The recorded testimony of it by eyewitnesses and victims has been turned into thousands of books – virtually all the literature is moving and important.

Cairo Conference calls for resistance

The 5th Cairo anti-war conference, held in Egypt last week, was a demonstration of the growing resistance in the Middle East and its links to the worldwide anti-war movement.

Wave of struggle shakes Egyptian regime

The Cairo Conference took place after a series of inspiring mass strikes that have spread across Egypt.

Breaking the silence on torture in Egypt

Osama Hussein Nasr, known as Abu Omar, is an Islamic preacher who was kidnapped by the CIA in 2003.

Marx's Capital gets to grips with a mystified system

In 1872 Karl Marx dashed off a letter applauding plans to publish a French edition of his book Capital in serial form.

Exposing Gordon Kerr and Tony Blair’s secret army

Simon Basketter exposes how special British units in Iraq are run by the same man who commanded death squads in Northern Ireland


Ghosts | War Path | The Mark of Cain

GhostsDirected by Nick BroomfieldDVD (Tartan Video) £19.99 This excellent film by the documentary maker Nick Broomfield dramatises events leading up to the tragic drowning of 23 Chinese cockle pickers in Morecambe Bay three years ago.

Jimmy Friell: the Daily Worker cartoonist known as “Gabriel”

A new exhibition of the work of Glaswegian-born Jimmy Friell has just opened in London. Friell was acknowledged, in the 1930s, as one of Fleet Street’s finest cartoonists, and under the pseudonym Gabriel, he put his humour and his brilliant drawing skills to work for the Communist Party newspaper, the Daily Worker.

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What really happened to our pensions?

The Tories and most of the press want you to believe that the reason you’ve lost your pension is because of Gordon Brown’s tax changes in 1997.

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Tim: sailors humiliated

Leon Kuhn: 'If only Iranians were civilised like us'


Radical education change needed The government’s plan to raise the school leaving age from 16 to 18 is, at first glance, a perfectly reasonable proposal.

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