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Issue: 2046

Dated: 14 Apr 2007

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Join the protests on 1 May: break Brown’s wage freeze

"Gordon Brown is trying to restrict millions of public sector workers to a 2 percent rise at a time when inflation is 4.6 percent. We need to challenge him.

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Mikey Powell family fury after IPCC verdict

At the end of last month the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) announced, "The IPCC has confirmed that none of the West Midlands police officers acquitted of criminal offences following the death of Michael Powell, 38, in police custody on 7 September 2003 are to face disciplinary charges."

Reports round-up

RMT cleaners demonstration Rail and tube cleaners staged a demonstration outside City Hall in London last week calling for a "living wage" of £7.20 an hour

Student nurses: ‘We work hard to hold NHS together’

"Before becoming a student nurse I spent a lot of time working in bars and cafes," says John Finnegan, who came to Britain from Ireland.

Haringey health cuts campaigners disrupt Patricia Hewitt visit

Vote for left candidates in Unison NEC elections

Voting begins next week in the elections for the Unison national executive. The Unison United Left is calling for support for its own candidates and other candidates of the left.

Raytheon 9 in court

Nine anti-war protesters, including socialist and civil rights campaigner Eamonn McCann, were in court in last week over their occupation of the offices of US arms manufacturer Raytheon in Derry, Northern Ireland, last August.

Unrest hits Scottish voluntary sector

Hundreds of charity workers from a range of organisations are looking to strike as unrest hits the Scottish voluntary sector.

Tesco drivers told - sign new contract or be sacked

Tesco delivery drivers in the Lothians in Scotland claim they have been threatened with the sack unless they agree to controversial new contracts.

Tube maintenance workers overtime ban called off

The RMT rail workers’ union called off a seven-day overtime ban of more than 2,000 London Underground maintenance workers that was due to begin on Monday of this week after talks with management.

Trade unionists protest at Zimbabwe embassy

Prepare for turmoil in Royal Mail

Confrontation in Royal Mail is virtually guaranteed as the public sector pay curbs dictated by the government are combining with bosses’ determination to cut costs in order to compete against TNT and other private mail operators.

Single status chaos cuts Glasgow wages

Hundreds of council workers in Glasgow are poised to take industrial action after their overtime payments were cut under a single status pay deal.

Letter from Beeston residents protests at arrests

On 22 March, three South Asian men were arrested in Beeston. Subsequently it has been reported that they were being held for questioning in relation to bomb attacks in London. Police were given first one week and subsequently another week’s extension to hold the men for questioning in London.

NUT teachers’ conference: ‘At some point you have to make a stand’

NUT teachers’ conference: ‘At some point you have to make a stand’

NUT votes backing for political fund

The NUT conference passed a motion calling for a political fund. The idea of a political fund has caused arguments at previous conferences – but there was general agreement over the issue this year.

Local academies campaigns

Hank Roberts, who has been part of a group occupying the site of a proposed academy on the Wembley Park sports ground in north London for the past two weeks, introduced a motion on Building Schools for the Future (BSF) at the NUT conference.

A rotten welfare deal

It is a dark time for the New Deal scheme, first introduced by Labour in 1998. Despite helping 1.7 million unemployed people into work by providing them with training and subsidised employment, the government has welcomed suggestions that it may no longer be "fit for purpose" and should become more of a "brand name" than a programme.

Swansea Unite hits the streets

Activists took to the streets of Swansea on Saturday afternoon last week to stand united against the fascist BNP. Roughly 50 people attended to help raise awareness of the BNP’s racist policies and encourage the public to use their vote against the fascists on 3 May.

Out to block the BNP Nazis

The fascist British National Party (BNP) is to contest a record number of seats in the elections on 3 May – but a broad coalition of trade unionists and activists has vowed to campaign against the Nazis on the ground.

Respect stands up for council housing

Respect supporters are campaigning across England and Wales to get the biggest possible vote in the upcoming elections.

British sailors had been spying on Iran

The 15 British sailors and Marines captured by the Iranians were involved in gathering intelligence about Iran.

US forces involved in funding Jundullah terror group in Baluchistan

The US has been funding bomb attacks and the seizure of hostages inside Iran.

Iraqis unite in Najaf demonstration to demand US out

Up to a million Iraqis took to the streets of Najaf on Monday to demand an end to the US occupation of their country on the fourth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad.

Activists gear up for day of protest on May Day

Trade unionists around the country are organising to make May Day a day of struggle for workers in Britain.

Aegis mercenaries want Iraq security contract

The US Pentagon was to decide this week whether to renew the Iraq security contract held by Aegis since 2004. The contract is worth a potential $475 million.

STUC to hear anti-war voice

The Scottish TUC conference in Glasgow next week will see its first ever Stop the War Coalition fringe meeting.

NUT affiliates to Stop the War

NUT conference last weekend overwhelmingly voted to affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

NUT leader calls for teachers to join May Day events

Steve Sinnott, the general secretary of the NUT, is calling for joint action over pay following the pay motion vote at last weekend’s conference – including at the upcoming May Day events.

NUT conference: united action is needed to face down pay cuts

The NUT teachers’ union conference last weekend showed the anger at Gordon Brown’s public sector pay freeze, and the desire for unity to break it.


Hosni Mubarak’s crackdown in Egypt fails to dampen strike wave

The Egyptian government has begun a crackdown on trade unionists at the heart of a recent wave of strikes.

Olivier Besancenot is the real alternative in France’s elections

The official campaign for the French presidential elections began on Monday. The first round of voting takes place on 22 April.


This profits boom can’t be sustained

Profits are, of course, what capitalism is all about. The ultimate measure of success for any firm is the rate of profit – that is, its profits compared to the capital it invested to obtain them.


Resisting the corporate takeover of Ireland

The great irony of most modern societies is the enormous disjuncture between their official rhetoric and how actually existing capitalism functions. Nowhere is this irony more evident than in the Irish republic today.

Zimbabwe: from liberation to dictatorship

On 18 April 1980 the Union Jack was pulled down, the Zimbabwean flag raised and Bob Marley and the Wailers played live to thousands. Zimbabwe was independent.

Library cuts threaten working class access to culture

"Reading opens up a world of opportunities, and books are the foundation on which we can build learning. Reading should be a source of pleasure in itself as well as an essential support for increasing the life chances of young people."

Social change can stop climate catastrophe

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released last week makes for stark reading. It examines the consequences of climate change for people and the ecosystems we live in.

Marx and the labour at the heart of capitalism

My last column ended with a question. I find two commodities – a newspaper and a pint of milk – on sale in a shop at the same price.


Birds of War exhibition

This exhibition brings together six artist from Britain and the Middle East. The subject is the Iraq war and the paintings and installations range from the abstract to the overty satirical.

Images from Birds of War

Black Watch | Fallujah

Black WatchWritten by Gregory Burke, Directed by John Tiffanynow touring This play about British soldiers from the Black Watch regiment posted to the south of Iraq was a huge critical hit at last year’s Edinburgh Festival.

Ken Loach’s Kes is a portrait of a boy and an indictment of a system

Any parent or teacher will know that comprehensive education is under attack from New Labour – the emphasis these days is on tests, selection and league tables.

Surreal Things - objects of desire that fuelled consumer culture

Walk down any high street today and the chances are that the adverts you’ll be bombarded with are heavily influenced by a particular modern art movement that took hold in Europe and the US in the first half of the 20th century – Surrealism.

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New Labour offers no hope for young people over crime

New Labour offers no hope for young people over gun and knife crime

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Tim: 'Ways of making you talk'


Our struggle continues Forty seven years ago, on 21 March 1960, South Africa’s police force killed 69 people and injured many peaceful protesters who were struggling against apartheid.

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